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OTP’S: 1. Banghim (Bap) 2. Leobin (Vixx) 3. Eunhae (Super Junior) 4. Markson (Got7) 5. Yunjae (Tvxq)

1. Do you remember episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping #5? 
This ship is actually a big part of why igot into kpop, i don´t remember exactly how i started shipping them, i just saw someone on tumblr taslk about this ship so i went to youtube search for some videos of them and before i knew it i was in love with yunjae.There is one specific video that made me go “ok, this can actually be real”, and it´s one where all 5 of them are in a interview and it cuts to a video and when it get´s back to them they don´t realize they are already beinf showed and it looks like yunjae are holding hands under the table. It wouldn´t be a big dead tho if junsu didn´t nudge them as if to warn they were already on camera. Then they stop holding hands. I died watching that (x)

2. Have you ever read fanfiction about #2? Oh hell yeah! Unfortunatly there aren´t a lot of leobin fics, now that vixx is getting more popular i think the quantity is increasing. I can´t wait to find a new good one!  

3. Has a picture of #4 ever been your background/Tumblr icon? No, my pic is Suga and i would only change it for N or Himchan. Maybe i´ll make markson my wallpaper on kakao tho hahaahh 

4. If #3 were to suddenly break up, what would your reaction be? I would cry. A lot. A LOT!! I love eunhae so much t.t But in the end of they day we know nothing and i just want them to be happy, so whoever they end up with i´ll be always supporting them (but i do hope they end up together because EUNHAE)

5. Why is #1 so important? Because they just are. I don´t know how or when i started shipping them but banghim just completely took over my life. First of all: the name. All i can say is that it was meant to be. Then maybe it´s also because bap is one of my favourite groups ever and Himchan is my god and ultimate bias and I love Yongguk so much too. There´s also somethng about how bap doesn´t do skinship a lot and yongguk definetly doesn´t do it either but with himchan is just different??? The way he looks at him, the way he pays attentions to everything he says, The Q (x), Deahyun saying yongguk´s smile is because of himchan, and so many other things. I could go on and on because i just really love those two.

6. Is #4 a funny or serious ship? It´s a funny ship, those boys are insane.

7. Out of all the ships, which ones have the most chemistry?
 All of them have chemistry in my opinion, but probably eunhae. They are literally an old married couple.

8. Of all the ships, which ship has the strongest bond?
 I think all??? It´s so hard to tell those things, they have all been though so much together and they are all unique individuals so it´s not something easy to compare, especially because we don´t know it all, we don´t even know 10% of their real story.

9.How many times have you read/watched #2’s fandom? Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Way too many times, that´s for sure. Vixx is my favourite kpop group and when i created this tumblr my obsession over them got even worse. I don´t think i go one day without at least a little vixx. It´s a problem i know.

10. Which ship lasted the longest? Well yunjae was the first and i still ship them, but this is a very painfull ship because of the whole tvxq spliting up thing, so i tend to not look for a lot of yunjae things.

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive? I think Markson because they are the most athelic?? I feel like yongguk wound figure out a way to stay alive too so maybe banghim as well. Leobin and eunhae would definetly die, i mean come on. Yunjae wouldn´t last very long either. 

13. Did #4 have to hide their relationship for any reason? Well they are all ral péople so we don´t know, but if they really are together then they are hiding it right now, and it´s probably because they want to be idols and we all know how homophobic korea is t.t

15. Is #1 canon? In my head they are hahaah

16. If all 5 ships were put into a couple’s Hunger Games, which couple do you think would win? I fell like it would probably be banghim. Himchan is good at a lot of things and he would probably be abe to form alliences, while yongguk would probably be good at making strategies. Also, bap is known for never taking breaks and having really hard dances, so we know they are used to working hard. However i also think eunahe could surprise everyone and win, because they have been working together for so long and they know each other inside out so their team work would be the best. 

17. Has anyone tried to sabotage #5’s relationship? Again, we don´t know, but probably Sm.

18. Which ship(s) would you defend to death and beyond? Definetly eunhae, for me there´s no question they are dating. Also yunjae and banghim. The way yunjae acted, how different it was from the way they acted with everyone else, i feel like there was/is something there, this was not just a strong friendship. Now banghim, i do confess there´s times i myself question if they are real but all i knew to do is remeber The Q, yongguk wrote the song when himchan couldn´t perform with them because he broke his fingers. Himchan got a lot of hate in that time, people said bap could go on as 5, himchan wasn´t needed, he was talentless, so it´s expected he would be upset. The song talks about yonggulk wanting to comfort a lover, but he couldn´t do much for that person, when he got home at night, after telling lies all day and pretending everything was ok, and saw his meserable loved one, he could do nothing but wait for his lover to take the pills on his left hand (himchan broke the right arm) and hold him as he fell asleep. For me this song is so obviouly about himchan, it leaves no question in my mind that they do feel something for each other. If they are together or not we may never know, but i do believe there´s a special feeling there.

19. Have you ever spent hours a day going through #3’s Tumblr Page? Oh yes, many many times.

20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you that you had to pick one of the 5 ships to break up forever, which ship would you sink? What kind of horrible question is that??!! Probably markson tho. Partially because they are my newst ship in those 5 so i have less time of accumulated feels about them, but also because i can easy see them with other people, even in got7 itself.

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1. Evanescence - Snow White Queen

2. MBLAQ - Oh  Yeah

3. Shinee - Why So Serious?

4. Super Junior - Hero

5. 2ne1 - Fire

6. Tokio Hotel - Final Day

7. Super Junior M - Blue Tomorrow

8. TVXQ - Catch Me

9. Taeyang - Wedding Dress

10. VIXX - G.R.8.U

11. Infinite - Be Mine

12. Super Junior - U

13. Taeyang - Prayers

14. 2pm - Hands Up

15. Cl - The Baddest Female

16. Henry -  Trap

17. The Beatles - Lei It Go

18. Pearl Jam - Even Flow

19. JYJ - Ayyy Girl

20. 2ne1 - I Love You

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1. Harry Potter - J.K Rowling (that book that turned me into a reader)2. Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer (my childhood)3. Dom Casmurro - Machado de Assis4. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen5. Emma - Jane Austen (Favorite book)6. Espumas Flutuantes - Castro Alves (one of my fave brazilian poets)7. The mediator - Meg Cabot (i was obsessed with this for so long)8.  Corazón Amarillo - Pablo Neruda9. Can you keep a secret - Sophie Kinsella (adorable)10. A rosa do Povo - Carlos Drummond de Andrade (he is a genious, so good)I tag: coffee-taekwoongodwangityongxings, geleiadegoiaba

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