geld her

Day 7 - A New World

game: Twilight Princess.

summary: He teaches her what joy is.

“Your Majesty,” Link began.

 “Zelda,” she corrected, barely glancing up from the papers strewn across her desk.

Link rolled his eyes in a way that would get any other member of her court executed.  “Are you really telling me you’ve never had a birthday party?”

Zelda sighed, putting down her quill to look up at him.  “I spent the first eighteen years of my life preparing for my coronation—I learned everything from foreign languages to court etiquette to diplomacy to finance.  Last year my kingdom was conquered and nearly vanquished; this year I have been working day and night to restore it.  There was never time.”

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19 April, 2017

The barn owner sent out a text asking the boarders to start getting their horse acclimated to the fresh spring grass via hand-grazing in approved, non-soaked areas.

Ivy didn’t need to be asked twice. 😉

When I arrived at the barn my friend and her gelding were out grazing, so I hurried to place Ivy’s BoT boots on her hinds and then we hustled outside. The hope was that we might get to explore with a friend for a little while. After about 20min my friend left and so Ivy and I headed back into the barn.

Unfortunately, a storm rolled in and we didn’t get much work done as the indoor arena was deafeningly loud.

Ivy got her grazing in, though, and that’s what really matters! 😄


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 1/10 characters ~ johanna lannister (née westerling)

In 134, Lady Johanna Lannister took her revenge for all that the Red Kraken had inflicted on her and hers. With her own fleets destroyed, she persuaded Ser Leo Costayne, the aged lord admiral of the Reach, to deliver her swordsmen to the Iron Islands. Embroiled in their own war of succession, the ironborn were taken unawares. Thousands of men, women, and children were put to the sword, scores of villages and hundreds of longships put to the torch. Ultimately Costayne was slain in battle, his host largely scattered and destroyed. Only a portion of his fleet (laden with the spoils of war, including many tons of grain and salt fish) returned to Lannisport… but amongst the highborn captives they brought back to Casterly Rock was one of the Red Kraken’s salt sons. Lady Johanna had him gelded and made him her son’s fool. // merve boluğur as johanna lannister


The note has been delivered shortly after breakfast by one of the messengers who spent their day delivering missives from one point in Skyhold to another. It was not written on one of Janna’s perfumed sheets of paper and was certainly more court then she usually was when addressing anything that was not strictly personal. Please see me in the courtyard in an hour. Janna.

Deciding that she could afford skipping a few hours of exercise in favour of a ride, she had decided that she would prefer to spend some time with someone who was not as cumbersome as other people here. The young woman did not only saddle up her chestnut gelding, but also Valrys’ black mare, convinced that he would follow her invitation. She knew that the advisors would not like seeing her leave alone… but neither did she want to be around all too many people right now. 

Starter for @evermoreabeast

Clicking her tongue as Philippe nibbled the carrot in her hand, she heard footsteps on the gravel. Turned her head and smiled at the sight of Adam approaching, gaze falling back to her gelding. “Oh, look who it is? It’s the handsome Prince.” Rubbed her hand over his snout.

Carrot gone she turned to look at him again, waving for him to come over. “What are you up to? I figured you’d be busy all day today.”

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I used to have a job taking care of horses and the owner bought new blankets for them because they were on sale at the tack shop but they only had pink left so she bought them anyway because horses are colorblind so they won't care but she still felt bad about putting her geldings in pink blankets (a gelding is a castrated male horse fyi)


There are times I really miss book!Dany.

Mero tossed down his wine straight away, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and leered at Dany. “I believe I fucked your twin sister in a pleasure house back home. Or was it you?”

“I think not. I would remember a man of such magnificence, I have no doubt.”

“If you bring the Second Sons over to my side, I might not have you gelded.”

“Little girl, another woman once tried to geld me with her teeth. She has no teeth now, but my sword is as long and thick as ever. Shall I take it out and show you?”

“No need. After my eunuchs cut it off, I can examine it at my leisure.”

I would have loved to see that person’s response to Euron Greyjoy “and his huge cock.” I suspect that unless he found a way to sail a troop of her Unsullied plus provisions to Westeros aboard his cock, she would have no use for it, and say so.


More pics from HITS! These are some photos of Alex and her gelding Cash (such a cutie!). I wish I had been able to get some better shots of these two - especially their jumps. I was able to get three decent shots of them jumping, and all of them were just… either blurry or just looked off. Those two were awesome, though. Alex and Cash placed third in their hunter class! Congrats you two! You can follow Alex on instagram, her name is inthesaddle_thruthelense. 

Ein syrisches Kind in seiner verlassenen Schule.

Und ich frage mich:

Ihr habt Angst vor diesem Kind?

Ihr denkt, “es ist ja alles nicht so schlimm da”?

Ihr sagt, “die kommen nur wegen dem Geld hier her”?

Was seid ihr nur für Menschen? Ihr abartiges Asylkritikerpack! Ich wünsche euch alles Schlechte auf der Welt, auf das ihr an eurem eigenen Wohlstand verreckt und eure schmierige Deutschlandflagge in Flammen aufgeht. 

A True Love Story

Let me tell you a Valentine’s story that happened to me this morning.

We got a call this morning from a gentleman who had a pony with a problem. The vets he had been working with told him it was time to put her down. “She’s older than dirt,” he said to me, “but she ain’t ready to die yet.”

So we told him to come on then and bring her in, we’d see what we could do. After all, miracles for Doc are as common as the sunrise. What is someone else’s train wreck for him is usually routine.

When the trailer pulled up, off hobbled an ancient but matronly grey pony. Her winter coat was so shaggy and curled she looked more like a bear, the feathers on her feet so thick she could have been a Clydesdale. Her eyes were rheumy but alert, and she held her head proud as she gamely made her way to us, unable to use one foot. When she came to a stop, rather than fuss or complain, she merely stood still, dozing in the sunlight.  

No, I thought to myself, this little pony wasn’t ready to die yet. That was for sure.

But she did have a problem. That foot was causing her a lot of pain, and the x-rays didn’t offer a lot of solutions. But, as my boss likes to say, he doesn’t like giving up on something without seeing if he can do something about it first.

Her owner held onto her lead rope, occasionally rubbing her head. “Well, if the only other option is to give up, we might as well do something.”

So we do.

And as Doc works, the owner tells me about this little pony. You see, about ten years ago they had a 33 year old gelding. He was a gentle soul who liked company, and they took to turning him out with their weanlings, young horses just separated from their mothers. While they ran frantically around the field looking for their mama he looked after them, calmed them down, provided some wisdom and company. He was good at his job. He was great at his job. But every year, the owners of those weanlings would come and take them home, leaving him alone. He’d spend those lonely days in his stall, head in the corner, and stop eating.

So they brought him a friend. A little grey pony. Someone small, who would never grow up, and it was love at first sight. They followed each other everywhere. Looked out for one another. Provided just the right company when the kids went on to find out what the world had waiting for them.

Until age caught up with the gelding. He became ataxic. Couldn’t keep his balance. Started walking in circles because he couldn’t stop himself. But he didn’t give up. And his little friend, this gracious little pony, said, ‘you know what? You aren’t in this alone.’ And when they went into their stall that night she backed up to him, gave him something to lean on, and he stayed standing all night.

Soon the gelding went to a place where the grass is always green and the sun always shines on his back. But the pony was still here. Because she wasn’t ready to die just yet. Still isn’t.

By the time the procedure was done, she walked happily into the stall we had ready for her and stuck her nose right into a hot mash. Her owner smiled. “She’s never missed a meal in her whole life.”

Time will tell if we get our miracle. But I’m pretty sure that this time, her gelding friend was returning the favor.

And of all the love stories I’ve ever heard, that one might be the greatest. 

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Ohhhhh God fem!Ereri give me life!! Bless u child. How about... Fem!Ereri ranch hands AU? Boots and dirt and cutoff jeans and riding bareback in the field ahhhhhh

Eren was horrible with horses. 

It was almost a cosmic joke, considering she lived on a farm with thirty-six of the things, along with a pony that seemed to only hate her, and a single alpaca (yeah she didn’t understand that one either). 

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