‘M sort of wandering the internet with a begger’s bowl looking for Nakamura matches I haven’t seen lol

Gelcap seems to have taken some edge off the back pain / migraine / every fucking other thing pain but I’m sort of ….daze-y still

I’m still so fucking angry about the doc and the pills though.  I’ll try these bullshit ones for a month and if it isn’t any better I’m going back to beg, I’ll sign a waiver if she wants, I’ll even do it w/o flipping the table which is the only way I know to sign a contract

I jus can’t handle this anymore

DXM Amounts in Products

~3 oz Delsym - 444mg DXM Polistirex
~5 oz Delsym -888mg DXM Polistirex
~4 oz Robitussin 8 hr - 350mg DXM HBr
~30 Robogels 8 hr (15mg per pill)- 450mg DXM HBr
~Coricidin Cough & Cold - 480mg DXM HBr
~Generic Tussin 4oz (15mg per serving) 350mg DXM HBr
~Generic DXM Gelcaps (15mg per serving)- 300mg DXM HBr
~DXM Syrups with 10mg per serving (4oz bottle)- 240mg DXM HBr

~15 Generic DXM Gelcaps (15mg)- 225mg DXM HBr
Disabled Witch Tip #12

This might be TMI for some, so just close your eyes. However, if you suffer from severe PMS symptoms like I do, look into taking evening primrose oil (regularly, not just during your cycle). I’m not suffering nearly as much. I’m still uncomfortable and sleepy but I’m not throwing up or taking narcotics to survive the week. Look into it. I’m really pleasantly surprised. It’s a gelcap pill you can get in vitamin stores. They just take the oil and put it in pill form for easy access. I take 1,000 mg per day, which is a 500 mg pill at lunch and a 500 mg pill at dinner. I filed this under my disabled witch tips because my severe symptoms are related to the fact that I can’t get up and walk around to calm the pain and stuff.