What do they think of the heroes (players)

For a lovable anon

Varian: “…They are good…. Well, not exactly babysitters. Anduin likes them. That’s important.”

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: “All I am saying is that around them more secrets are revealed within one hour than on regular base in thousand years.”
“They are either clever enough to not let us know how clever they are… Or very very dumb.”
Falstad: “They are particularly good finders.”

Tyrande: “I think they lack respect. Someone should teach them about it.”

Mekkatorque: “I think they are extremely lucky! Odds always in their favour.”

Velen: “They are nice and all but… Where do they stuff all of those things? And how? I have never seen them with a purse or anything else but they keep pulling out two-hand swords out of literal nowhere!

Genn: “How in the name of Light could those cretins survive all the things they’ve gone thorough and get so far?”

Aysa: “They can learn to ride any mount there is. I wish I could do that. A horse wouldn’t carry me, not even speaking about rams… I want a ram.”

Thrall: “Well, I think they are needed. And they are kind enough to help.”

Vol'jin: “Dey be a bunch o’ troubles with legs ‘nd blades. Or spells. I can relate to dat.”

Baine: “I find them too haste and rushed.”

Sylvanas: “I think they are… useful. They do not question me.”

Lor'themar: “I think they are annoying. But they are annoying somewhere else. So I don’t really mind.”

Gallywix: “I actually don’t know. I haven’t seen them…”

Ji: “They do all the fun stuff and adventures. Nothing is left for me, and even worse - I have to clean afterwards the mess they left behind.”

What would be their character in Overwatch

As demanded by @madmadameem. I spent the whole day on Overwatch wiki thanks to you. I have to point out I’ve never played Overwatch.
This is actually the second version of this list, because on the first try Alliance was nearly offense/support only, while Horde was defense/tank. Now each fraction has 3 offense players, 3 defense players, 1 tank and 2 supporters. Because of this the Horde needs to fill two empty spaces, they have 2 guest players :)

Varian: McCree. Cowboys are classy and there is nothing classier than Varian.

Varian: It’s high noon!

Anduin: (in the next room) No it’s not! It’s 3 AM and I am TRYING TO SLEEP!

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: Torbjörn. It was a choice of wisdom, because he knew otherwise the High Tinker would chose him and blew up literally everyone.
Zarya. Strong Russian fighters are just as badass as strong dwarven mother-queens. Here is a living proof (with buns, hun!).
Falstad: Lúcio. Songs, wall gliding, boomsticks and cool looks. It feels like home.

Tyrande: Pharah. She is noble, she is grace. When she loses, she’ll grimace.

Tyrande: Occasionally ‘Fury plays too as Pharah.

Malfurion: You may notice that in that case Pharah is less healing and more kicking asses…

Mekkatorque: Tracer. When some fucker [read: Muradin] takes your aggressive mine-inventor, you go for the time traveler who goes “Wheee!”.

Velen: Mercy. He didn’t care about anything else than the name. The name was very important to him. So far he hasn’t a single kill… But his team is constantly alive.

Genn: Hanzo. Fights with rage and honor. And also, he has wolves and dragons. And a bow. Hanzo is great.

Aysa: Widowmaker. She like the skin and the French. But now she kind of regrets she didn’t choose Symmetra…

Thrall: Zenyatta. He feels with her on a spiritual level. He also wants balance and peace. And Robots are problematic and no one understands them, so he tries…

Vol'jin: Reaper. You have to understand he didn’t (and still doesn’t) want to play Overwatch, but his fellow Horde leaders talked him into it and they agreed that he should play Reaper. He likes the abilities, but not Reaper as person.

Baine: Bastion. He got him at the beep beep.

Baine: Also the portrait picture comes with a small bird.

Sylvanas: Symmetra. She wanted to try a different style of playing… And also it is a revenge on Aysa who stole her Widowmaker.

Lor'themar: Soldier:76, because if you are playing war, you have to be a soldier. Not some hero maniac or a balance-syndrome robot.

Gallywix: Junkrat. C’mon, this one was meant to happen. Blow it up!

Ji: Mei. Because if you are a panda and don’t play a chubby Chinese, you are doing it wrong. And also she is “cool” and cool.

+ Rexxar: Winston. The power of wild, here we go! Winston is almost as cool as Misha. But only almost.

+ Koltira: Genji. Everyone has to admit he is one of the best assassins there ever were playing. Kicks up Greymane’s ass every time. Because Koltira is a roleplay freak.



  • Atreus Melchor ( Original Multifandom Character)
  • Remiel Dawnmist ( Original World of Warcraft Character)


  • Anders ( Dragon Age 2 )
  • Loghain Mac Tir ( Dragon Age Origins/Inquisition)
  • Earth 928 Tony Stark ( Marvel ) < - Might Bring Back
  • Judge Claude Frollo ( Hunchback of Notre Dame )
  • Anduin Wrynn ( World of Warcraft )  < - Might Bring Back
  • Gelbin Mekkatorque ( World of Warcraft )
  • Tywin Lannister ( Game of Thrones )
  • Thorin Oakenshield ( The Hobbit )
  • Various OCs
  • Erik Lehnsherr ( Marvel )


  • Jack Randall (Outlander)
  • Davy Jones ( Pirates of the Caribbean )
  • Milo Thatch ( Atlantis: The Lost Empire )
  • Zenyatta ( Overwatch )
  • Albedo ( Overlord )
  • Nathan Drake ( Uncharted )
  • Mr Gold ( Once Upon a Time )
  • Remus Lupin ( Harry Potter )
  • Asgore ( Undertale )

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If they were locked in a room together

For a lovable anon. Today we are having a different order here - it is chronological, how it would happen in time.
With this list my to-write-list is all empty. I am going to need suggestions from you all what to write next :)

Ji: Tries to open the door with a force. Doesn’t work, and now his hands hurt. He is sad.

Genn:  Has the mighty need to start fighting Sylvanas. He submits to it.

Varian: Knocks out his fellow king before he can do some actual damage. Doesn’t apologize to Sylvanas for neither of them.

Sylvanas: Sits in the corner and feels offended. Curses in such a manner no lady should even know it exists.

Gallywix: Says: “I know a lot of things are my fault, but this time it isn’t that case!”

Thrall: Immediately feels like it is his fault and sits in the corner (not next to Sylvanas) and tries not to cry.

Aysa: Goes and comforts Thrall. Tickling involved. It doesn’t work.

Falstad: .Starts a drinking contest. Where did he get all the booze from remains a mystery.

Vol'jin: Joins the drinking contest. Where did he get all the booze from is also a mystery.

Muradin: Sits in another corner and is amused by everything what is happening. Starts polishing his hammer (again) to pass the time.

Tyrande: Wants to join the drinking contest but finds out her hidden lasks of rice wine are gone (where she kept them is a mystery). It stops being a mystery where did Vol’jin get ‘his’ alcohol.

Baine: Prevents Vol’jin and Tyrande from getting into a fight with each other by sitting on them both.

Lor'themar: Considers everyone acting like a stupid small children, sits in the last free corner and takes a well-deserved nap.

Moira: Takes advantage of the Lord Regent sleeping and braids his hair into dwarven buns.

Velen: Asks Moira to braid his beard as well. Is sent to hell by Moira.

Mekkatorque: After two hours he got bored and picked the lock on the door. Everyone out, because the High Tinker is getting a headache from you all.