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Hell YEAH, deeply in love xx 

Gelaxy (:

So I tried this Gelaxy Gel Polish, I literally thought that it was going to be like SHIT. But apparently not, a week and 3 days no nails have chipped or cracked like the Shellac, and OPI gel colors…And honestly they have SUCH a huge variety of colors its not even funny..Like over 200+. Im a nail tech, and usually I go with acrylics cause the polish would never chip, but now in those pictures those are my NATURAL nails, and shiny as ever. My webcam sucks butttt I think all you girls out there that want nice nails, try it (: Its literally the best thing evvvverrr :D. Most salon dont have it yet, but I carry it (: spread the worddd. And message me if you ever want more details on where you can get them if your a nail tech like me! or just want to do Gel ((:!/profile.php?id=1290175507