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There are so many hijab vs non-hijabi issues I am appalled by. The first one- the whole hijab and non-hijab issue. Like come on, we’re all Muslims. That is all that should matter. Anon, I apologize on behalf of everyone who has made u feel that way.

I absolutely agree. We are all brothers and sisters working towards a better relationship with Allah SWT, we’re all struggling so we should all just encourage each other, ugh. :/ 

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Well I’m becoming a garbage-woman now haha. On a serious note, you are right. I’ve looked into this before. What do you want to be?

well im kinda mid level in my career right now. I used to do remodeling/ steel construction but its kind of seasonal work here in Seattle. I would love to get on with UPS but you have to start from the bottom. :(

gelaadactyl said: what are those called and what do they taste like? i’ve seen these before and always wondered!

its called Durian dear. it taste sweet, soft, and melted in your mouth so yummy! the problem is, it smells not really good for some people hehee but u gonna luv it u shud try ;)