Draco Or Harry

Hi, I really hope you like this, it took me a so much editing.

Words: 1522

Warnings: Dead Parents.

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Your parents are dead. They had been found by the ministry of magic, Voldemort murdered them. You had no reason to fear his name, it was just a name.

Dumbledore removed you from lessons. You stayed in Snape’s office most of the time, quietly crying when he left the room or reading a book.

It was weeks before Dumbledore allowed you to begin collecting work. You wanted to throw yourself into work the minute you heard about it, but he wouldn’t let you. Snape wouldn’t let you. Everyone monitored you closely.

Your first lesson was potions, you slipped in, grabbed a book and made notes in Snape’s office. Slowly you began to attend your lessons again.

It took you three days to go collect work from Professor McGonagall, you walked to the front. She spoke to you in hushed tones, giving your upper arm a rub and smiling, “no rush my dear. Take your time…” you nod and smile, grateful everyone seemed to understand.

Even then you felt Draco’s eyes burning into your back, he’d try and talk to you later.

That night you sat in an arch reading, the last of the sun warmed you and covered your pages in the light.

The book pulled out your hands and snapped shut before Draco examined the front. “Really now Y/N, a muggle book, explains a lot…” tossing it back into your lap before leaning against the column. “I shouldn’t have expected more from a mud blood…where have you been these last few weeks, skipping lessons?”

You gave your best smile, “have you been missing me Draco? The infamous Draco Malfoy has missed me!” That made him Scowl and grit his teeth. “I’ve had to return to picking on Potter…” he corrected.

You stood holding your book, eyeing him carefully. Smiling, no matter how horrible Draco was to you, you never rebelled, you responded with love. That’s agapé love. It’s a choice you choose to make every day.

“You look good in this…” looking at his dark jumper, straightening it and knocking some of his hair off his shoulder. “You should break dress code more.” Your eyes meeting his face, examining his hair, “if you’re going for a change of style, use less hair gel, let it go a bit wild.” You remove your hands from his chest. Straightening your own robe and walking back to Gryffindor common room.

Draco was left staring at where you had been stood. How could you? No matter how horrible he was to you, you always found a way to be nice. He pushed you down the stairs in the second year, broke your ankle and you congratulated him on getting 92% on his test.

Harry found you sat reading. Snuggled into the sofa he sat next to you. “Everything okay Y/N? You haven’t been in lessons…” you confess, Harry could relate.

“You’re going to be okay, I know it hurts, you have to be strong…he could attack while you’re weak…” Harry lead you to the room of requirements.

“So I do what?” Harry pushed you towards the wall. “Think about what you need…” your hand against the stone wall, it began to form and change. Entering through the small wooden door, you stood in a room full of mirrors. Harry was holding your hand. But in the mirror, when you looked in them, it wasn’t Harry it was Draco.

“Harry, can you see it?” Harry was staring at the mirrors in shock, “Draco? They think you need Draco…” Harry gave your hand a squeeze, “I can try and get him if you want…” Harry and Draco were on hex terms.

“No, no…I’m fine, I’m just surprised, he’s never shown signs of compassion…” Harry stood in front of you. Music was slowly playing from a source you couldn’t find.

“Dance with me, please?” His hands already on you. “When I feel sad, Hermione and Ron dance with me at random points.” You just nod.

Gentle rocking, head in his neck, he was talking, not that you were fully listening.

“That’s why Ron can dance so well…” you have a hum and Harry rested his head on top of yours.

“Y/N, do you love him?”

You frowned “who?” Harry laced his fingers with yours, pulling back slightly.

“Do you love Draco?” You gave him a frown and shrugged, “I don’t know okay, I don’t anything anymore Harry…”

“Ask him out…” pressing his lips against your forehead, “ask him, you deserve happiness…”

-The next day-

You slept on Harry’s words. Overslept more like.

But down a corridor, Harry held Draco against a wall, “make her God damn happy! You deserved to be happy! She picked you over me! You break her heart and I’ll unleash hell on you!” Pulling away, he tried not to be angry, that’s hard, he always got the girl.

Draco was confused, in his lesson debating what Potter could possibly have been on about.

You sat quietly in lessons, McGonagall giving you extra support when she could. Draco was watching you carefully. He watched how you caught your lip in your teeth, how you puzzle over to question with such care and compassion.

McGonagall kept you before after it all, chatted with you about your emotions, questioned you about how you’d been holding up. You made a passing comment about Draco.

“Draco has been a big help…”

“Draco Malfoy has been helping you?” She sounded shocked and confused. “He can help people?”

You felt your cheeks heat up, “well, he hasn’t changed his attitude towards me, I don’t know if he knows or not…but he hasn’t stopped bullying me, and I kinda need it, it’s the only thing that hasn’t changed…”

McGonagall got a smile that could be described as suspicious, “that’s good, why don’t you hurry off…” it was two days before your next lesson with McGonagall.

You walked in later than the rest and your seat was taken by Neville. “Miss Y/L/N you will say next to Draco, we have had a change of seating…” Draco was in his black clothing causing his white skin to appear whiter. His cheeks a splash of pink, slumping into the seat next to Draco.

He was just staring into space, elbowing him when he ignores McGonagall. “Draco, you should be taking notes…” He pouts and frowns. “I’ll just use your notes…” He doodles on his page. Dipping his quill in the ink and continuing doodling, his arm between you and him, you couldn’t see what he was writing.

“When will you copy my notes?” Packing up your bag. He was lazily throwing his books and paper in his bag. “You have a study session next right?” You nod slowly, “I’ll go with you to the library…”

So Draco did, starked after you down the hallway following you in the library. Sitting opposite you and flicking through your notes and scribbling some information. “I won’t fail now…” he pushed your book back over to you. “Draco, have you been in the room of requirements?” He frowns, and looks at you, “once why?” You shrugged, ‍”I went in last night…” he nods, “okay…” you continued to scribble, “me and Harry did some dancing…” Draco nearly slammed his fist onto the table.

“Come on…” pushing your books into your bag, stomping off with your bag. “I said come on!” You chased after him. “Draco comes back, I want my bag…”

He marched down the corridor leading to the room of requirement, he stood in front of it. The small door appeared and you were dragged inside, he dumped your bags by the door and held your hands. “Dance with me…”

You went to complain, “Draco, you can’t just take my stuff…” you held your waist and your hand, beginning to Waltz, you danced together in quick circles as he held you close. “You never told me why you where slipping lessons…” his mouth next to your ear, whispering, his lips moved against the shell of your ear.

You found the angle to touch against his neck and snuggle in. Your eyes close as you two waltz together, your nose brushing past his Adam’s apple. “They were killed, my parents…Voldemort killed them…” He pulled you in closer till you were nearly swallowed in his cloak. “I’m sorry…”

Draco knows the word sorry, that was an interesting fact.

“I didn’t think that was part of your vocabulary…” he ignored your stab, moving his head so his lips met your forehead. He spun you two again, “I know lots of things Y/N…” his hand travelling from hip to lower back. “I can care for you better than Potter…”

You didn’t want a war, you just wanted some support. “I don’t want conflict Draco…” he nods, “I’m not going to start any, I just ask you love me.”

“I can do that…” Draco cracks a smile before turning you again, the mirrors showing you and Draco at every angle, he peeks your cheek at you brought your head up to face him. Pecking his pale lips.

“I will protect you, I promise…”

Immortal!Alec head-canons w blueberry Max (because a girl can dream GDI)

//cries// this got way too long (4k+) but oh well

  • so imagine all warlocks have a distinctive power that they identify the most with, e.g. Magnus identifies with fire the most which is why he instinctively burned his father to death, also why his magic often manifests in sparks and flames
  • that’s not to say that it’s the only power they can do or even what they’ll be best at. But it’s especially noticeable especially when warlocks are younger or whenever they lose control of their magic. 
  • Max’s power is earth, so when he’s in a particularly bad tantrum or anything and Magnus isn’t there to keep his power in check the whole room kinda starts shaking like its in an earthquake. 
  • things fall, they get used to it, Max gets better at controlling it, but no one ever gets hurt, and it’s not like anyone outside the room feels it
  • the talk about death comes earlier than they expect with max when he’s 7 and they randomly get him a goldfish or smt from a carnival and it dies as most pets do in the Lightwood-Bane household because they always forget to feed it- chairman is an exception, and a menace and also tiny maybe because Magnus sometimes forgets to feed it though that situation improved when Alec arrived and then fixed itself when clary told them they could buy an automated feeder thingy. 
  • -so they have to explain death to max like:

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Hi! Sorry for the delay! My fic prompt is: Steven complaining about the weight he’s gain from all the food they eat and Andrew inviting Steven to work out with him.


Andrew startles, sputtering as the water he had been casually sipping runs down his chin. Half of the bottle’s contents (which really wasn’t much) is not glistening on the floor in a puddle, and Andrew stares at it, devastated, before turning to glare at the source of his surprise.

Ashly stares back at him, unimpressed. “You,” she says, pointing an accusing finger at him. “You are a pervert.”

Andrew blinks. “Excuse me?”

“Don’t ’excuse me’ me, Ilnyckyj, I see right through you.” Her eyes narrow at him in an exaggerated expression of distrust. “I see what you’re trying to do.”

“Ok,” He quirks an eyebrow before crossing his arms across his chest. “Exactly what am I trying to do?”

Then, Ashly does something completely out of character. She rolls her eyes. “Inviting Steven to come to the gym with us? C’mon, Andrew, we all know you’re just trying to get into Steven’s pants.”

Again, Andrew sputters. This time, however, half the content of his circulatory system has somehow migrated to his face, turning his cheeks a flaming red. Ashly smirks, another thing that is uncharacteristic of her, and Andrew scans his brain for a list a people he could blame for this sudden change of personality. Adam and Chantel come to mind–

“Hey, Drew, can you spot me?” comes Steven’s request. Andrew chokes on his own spit before turning to answer, and is only greeted by the image of Steven, with his back to him, doing squats, his perfectly round behind framed by his impossibly tight gym shorts. He’s on the last leg of his set, his arms glistening, coated with sweat muscles pumping a pair of 20kg dumbells with ease, and Andrew is so thankful Steven can’t actually see him because he’s sure the other half of his circulatory system has gone somewhere down south as well.

Ashly laughs, “Gaaaaaayyyy–”

“Oh my god,” Andrew groans, tearing his eyes away from a blessing to glare at her. “Go away.”

She opens her mouth to retort, but before she can get a word out, Steven calls again, “Andrew?”

Andrew turns without preamble, as if his body were fully attuned to Steven’s voice (let’s be honest here, it most definitely is) and almost immediately regrets it.

Because Steven is shirtless, sitting by the bench, head bowed, toweling his gel-less hair to submission. Against Andrew’s will, his eyes drop to his bare chest and– oh fuck Adam wasn’t joking, Steven does have a nipple piercing, oh Jesus Christ almighty

Somewhere behind him, Ashly giggles, “Good luck.” and Andrew isn’t even mad. He doesn’t think he has anymore brain capacity to be mad.

“Thanks,” he manages to say. Ashly laughs again, before reaching out to gently click his jaw shut.

“You’re welcome.”

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april bless u. forever bitter & in mourning about the disappearance of aaron's arms :(

Listen Rachel! I am a weak ass bitch when it comes to Aaron Dingle’s arms! When most people think 2014 Aaron they think clean shaven, maybe a little trimmer, less hair gel. I think AARON DINGLE HAD AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (gif credit to the amazing @sugdone)

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But now we know they look like this and yet they still deny us???????????? Why ED why have you forsaken us??????? WE HAVE NEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“Please hold still,” Akaashi requests for the seventh time in five minutes.

Bokuto does not hold still. He’s shifting from foot to foot, hunching his shoulders and cracking his knuckles, and occasionally – and far more of an inconvenience – shaking his head, like a dog trying to throw off water. Since Akaashi currently has his fingers buried in the sticky tangle of Bokuto’s hair as he works shampoo into the strands, this generally results in a hiss of pain from Bokuto and suds being flung in arcs around them to stick and cling to the shower walls.

Akaashi doesn’t protest, other than to offer his level request at a steadily increasing frequency. He knows Bokuto well enough by now to know that the other’s energy is a force of nature, and he knows better than to try to withstand those. This time he sees the movement coming, telegraphed in the dip of Bokuto’s shoulder and the slant of his chin, and manages to extricate his fingers from the remnants of the gel standing Bokuto’s hair on end as the other pivots on a heel to blink wide gold eyes down at Akaashi.

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ian loves seeing mickey in his clothes and he really just loves his tiny adorable boyfriend padding around barefoot in his sweatshirt, but it’s the first thing mickey grabbed when he woke up and it covered enough of him to stop his siblings from screaming

and ian comes up behind him where he’s making coffee and slips his arms around his waist and kisses the side of his face and buries his nose in mickey’s soft unkempt hair and says “you look so cute in my clothes mick”

and mickey scoffs and elbows him like he wants to get away but ian holds on tighter and laughs and peppers kisses across the side of his face and neck until mickey relaxes against him, his hands (covered by the sleeves btw) reaching back to ruffle up ian’s hair (^♥ᴗ♥)>

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Kwb looks really differant than choi young do days. Clearly he changed eyebrows but i think there is sth more :/what do you think?

Ehhh… I don’t think it’s anything beyond grooming and weight gain / loss. He has that body type where he has to work out and eat a lot to keep weight on, or it just falls off. 

and he went through a couple phases during Heirs, early Young Do was at a heavier weight because he had put a bit on during filming of Friend 2, and then during the middle of Heirs, say around episode 11, they were deep into the live shoot, he hadn’t slept for like 4 days, he was attending midnight screenings of Friend 2 in theaters, and he had mc responsibilities at M Countdown mixed in on top of that,.. basically he was so exhausted he couldn’t stand up. He shed some serious weight from there on out.

Frankly, I think he’s only now just finally getting back to closer appearance of early Young Do. the brows still have the point shaved off, but they’re less shaped than in 2014. And the hair has been darker & shorter it was than last year, tho styled with far less hair gel than the Young Do era.