gel set


011517- mini stationery haul!

the first set are a few pens and highlighters i got yesterday at Kinokuniya! The other set are the sakura souffle gel pen set i ordered a few days ago on amazon and it arrived today :D I honestly need to stop buying pens but we all know thats not gonna happen lmao


etsyfindoftheday 4 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 11.18.16

gel pen sets by alicemolds

i’m a pen hoarder with a special love of gel pens … so i’m definitely treating myself to one or more of these multi-packs!! yeah buddy.

imagine your otp: retail edition

  • i work in the pickup area of walmart and you come in every day to ask me pointless questions will you just ask me out already
  • i just started working at target and walked into the break room and watched as you chugged one of those massive cans of monster in like 5 seconds 
  • we work together and even though i’ve said no more than two words to you we seem to have a soul connection as every time on of us has an annoying customer we share a look
  • you and your shitty friends tried to prank one of the managers and now i’m cackling as i watch them lecture you 
  • you came through my line and purchased condoms, garbage bags, KY gel and a set of knives what the fu c k
  • it’s black friday and i’m on the floor trying to pick up stray merchandise. i find one of those hatchimal things and pick it up, only to have your grandma punch me in the face
  • your sweet old grandpa comes in and talks to my coworkers and i every night and talks nonstop about you. one night he brings you and holy shit you’re cute
  • we work in pickup together and one night you’re outside in the trailers and i decide to scare you and oh my god you scream like a little girl

[20/05/2016] MUJI HAUL NO.2!!!!

As usual I was so incredibly excited to shop at Muji…

  • 0.5 Gel Ink Set - 12 Pack
  • 0.7 Gel Ink Pens - Black





The cheapskate’s art supplies!!

I always get asked what I use to  to draw and all, and I always feel ashamed when replying, because it’s truly nothing fancy. I don’t have money to spend on the good stuff…
Now I’ll share my misery with all of you!

1. Brush pens from Tiger
2. Fountain pen I got at a bookshop in Romania
3. Set of gel pens I found at Ikea (Not waterproof)
4. UniPin fine liners (pretty good and also relatively cheap!)
5. Pelikan blue ink (it’s literally the only ink the sell in my town, I can’t even compare it to something else)
6. Dip pen I got on Ebay 

1. No idea where I got these. (Probably stole them from my sisters)
2. Mala markers I got at Ikea. The colors are very bright and vibrant (perfect if you draw like a preschooler)
3. Giotto colored pencils. (I use these A LOT)

1. Pebeo pocket watercolors (Pretty good, especially if you are broke and just looking at the price of other watercolors makes you cry)
2. Sakura Koi waterbrush I got on Ebay. (I suggest ordering more than one size at once, or you’ll have to wait a month for each brush to arrive at your house and that sucks)

My most precious possessions. My life has led to the moment where I’d have a box full of stationery. My greatest accomplishment. Always have something like this near your desk.

Anyways. I just wanna end with a little note to all you people who just wanna draw and have a good time: you don’t need to buy super expensive stuff to draw. Just learn how to use what’s around you wisely! You are not worth any less of someone who has the possibility to use more expensive tools!

Magickal Lads

Magickal Mickeys,
an Oak Carved Wand
Micky D’s,
the river that runs through my soul

  • yakult

that yoghurt drink
Yum yum Yum

nothing more magicakal
painting is over
its with O’Leary
in the grave
Denis O’Lear,
from ryanair
he’s managing my life and not just a poor persons airline

ryan-0 air
gotta bitta flair
On the tear,

(Ryan Tubridy

Tib Ruddy

Tip Rugby)

Buy your own Goddamn Biros
justice for cadmium yelloe
justice for enda
whatta benda

No no, he’s a sound lad.
medium is the massage; massage cushion,
foot spa,
lynx shower gel set for christmas

I’m currently curating a show in which I am doing a performance with a real-live practicing Wiccan

That’s right,

    I’m not a poseur,

real life
nothing But it.

chicken nugget,

Jus’ got accepted in2 Goldsmithwicks College of Witchkraft, Wizardwrey, and Painting

i’m re-presenting a papier on a visionary theorie,
only ppl in goldsmithwicks will truly get it,
it’s all about a wicca, cadmium yelloe and the strange Uncanny link between ghosts and    playstations

Sum people say i’m just a random,
but i fight like me da
and I cook like me mum
May come as a suprise 2 sum
i’m engaging with stuff u have no idea about
, Man
used to have a lidl now i hav a lot.

Doing a public sculpture in an abandoned parking lot.
Doing an exhibition in the ghost train in funderland

  • ur body is a wunderland
  • when we’re on the ghost train in funderland
  • but u dun understand
  • what it means 2 be a man

all I want is a can
and a lidl bitta san

‘nly going to work my Man Magick for another year or so,
and then run for election,
the thought gives me an erection
they say art ‘n’ politics dun mix, but thats just a trick
to keep all d thicks,
at bay
in bray

twin peaks is mine,
dun touch