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tips for studyblrs on a budget

While there are a lot of good things about the studyblr community, a lot of people (myself included) have noticed that the goal of many within the community is often having the most perfect, beautiful notes and supplies. For a lot of people, this is just far too expensive to be justified. There’s obviously nothing wrong with if you have the money for the “studyblr best” supplies, or if you just want to treat yo’ self, but here’s some tips to help you get nice study supplies without breaking the bank!:

1. Dollar stores! They generally have a decent selection of office supplies (as well as a lot of other basics), and some stores stick to an “everything is $1″ policy. I tend to buy pens, sharpies, and notecards from dollar stores. Though a tip is to go for the sets of pens/sharpies, because those are likely to be cheaper than buying them somewhere else (individual pens aren’t necessarily cheaper at a dollar store). I also have a nice set of highlighters, and my mom got a set of gel pens that seem to be similar to the Pilot Juice pens.

2. Speaking of pens… if you want to keep a good variety of pens, my general rule of thumb is this: ~4 black pens in two different sizes (My most-used are my Pilot G-2 in the 1.0 size and the Muji 0.38) - this way you have a thicker pen when you want/need that, and a thinner pen when that’s preferred. If you only use one size, more power to ya. I like to use a thicker black pen for headings and use the thinner for details when taking notes.
As for colors, I recommend just having one of each color that you use. If you’re not going to use 5 shades of yellow pen regularly, you don’t need that new set with a cool shade you don’t have yet. Find a brand/type of pen you like, and stick with one or two colored sets at most (I learned this from experience).

3. Highlighters: Don’t get them if you know you don’t use them. Don’t get different varieties if you don’t use them. If you love the look of neon highlighters, you don’t need to splurge for something like the Zebra Mildliners. If you don’t like the neon ones, but think you’d use the Mildliners, go for it. Most of the time, I don’t use highlighters when taking notes, I just write the words I would have highlighted in a different color from the rest of the notes (this works best when you’re taking notes from a textbook or copying notes over).

4. Just get a decent backpack. One that’ll hold up and hold all you need, but don’t feel like you need a specific brand or style of backpack. It’s literally on your back half the time, it doesn’t need to be cute.

5. Cheap notebooks work just as well as expensive notebooks. Get the off-brand notebook on the bottom shelf at target. Don’t feel like you can’t use the remaining pages at the end after your class ends. You can start a new subject in an old notebook. You can practice handwriting in an old notebook. You can use an old notebook as scratch paper or to jot down random things you need to remember. Hell, make a hundred paper cranes with the extra paper if you like to. You don’t need to let the extra paper go to waste.

If you know you’ll only use about half a notebook for one of your classes, get one with less paper or get a 3- or 5- subject notebook for your classes. Each subject generally has less paper than a regular 1-subject notebook, and it helps keep everything together.

If you want to keep a bullet journal, that doesn’t mean you need a fancy notebook for it. You can make the inside look just as good or be just as useful as any Moleskine.

6. Study with a whiteboard. I’m one of those people who has to write something down ten times in order to remember it. Now I could use paper to write it all down, but that’s a lot of paper that I’m wasting over the course of a school year. I decided to get a couple whiteboards instead. I have one small one, about the size of a piece of paper (I don’t exactly remember the cost but I think it was somewhere around $5 maybe? Could have been another dollar store find), and I have a bigger one that I keep on my wall (this one was from Sams Club and cost around $12 and included markers, a tiny eraser, magnets, and a cork board section with push pins - I use this for reminders and holding up my wall calendar, but before exams I take it down and use it to review)

7. Don’t buy the pretty planner if you know you’re not going to use it. If you already have a bullet journal, you probably don’t also need a planner, and vice versa. You can generally use both in the same way, it’s just a matter of finding what works best for you.

9. Don’t fall into the studyblr aesthetic trap. If you know you won’t use something enough to make the purchase worth it, don’t feel like you have to get it.

If you really want to get something, go for it. But don’t feel like you have to have certain supplies to succeed or to be studyblr famous. I’ve been a stationery lover for much longer than studyblrs have been around, and these are just a few things I’ve learned. Now, go tackle that homework!


Beautiful work on @ohwawa_ by @tiyanarobinsonbeauty using @blackopalbeauty 😍 #CocoaSwatches #Repost
Big thanks to makeup artist @tiyanarobinsonbeauty for beating my face so effortlessly using @blackopalbeauty newest products. Make sure to check out the link in my bio for the full video (Details below)
—- Foundation: @blackopalbeauty Mocha" True Color Mineral Matte Creme Powder Foundation on my face, “Rich Caramel” to highlight the center, and on the perimeter used True Pore Perfecting Powder Foundation in “Ebony Brown” —-
—- Lips: Dark burgundy lip liner and @blackopalbeauty Splurge Risqué Creme Lipstick in “Black Currant” —
— Eyes: @blackopalbeauty Boldacious Lengths Mascara —
— Set my face with @dermablendpro Translucent Powder —
— BROWS: @maccosmetics Spiked to fill in the shape and @maccosmetics Clear Brown Gel to set my brows in place ✨ —
— *WHAT ARE SOME OTHER MAKEUP BRANDS YOU LIKE USING WHEN IT COMES TO CREME FOUNDATIONS?“** #blackopalbeauty #blackgirlmagic #blackexcellence #mua #makeuptutorial #isyourmelaninonfleek

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55 by Emilie Desvignes

All the art supplies I use!:

Copic set A & C
Copic SP Multiliners (10A)
Gellyroll gel-pens
Canson sketchbooks/any thick paper I can find
Staedtler/Prismacolor erasers
Staedtler mini tri-graphing ruler
and lastly, any pencil that works!

Please feel free to ask questions about any of these art supplies I use! Thank you all for your support ❤️❤️❤️

A Quiet Morning

Written for @jamilton-central (Because TJ is a gift to the world) and @virusap (Because they seemed upset when I said I write angst while they’re alseep, so I wrote this while I know they’re awake- better?)

If you comment or leave nice things in the tags I’ll die and haunt you and you’ll have a ghost friend so that’s a pretty good deal.

6:04 AM

Alexander did not typically wake up before Thomas. On most days, Thomas would be awake long before he was, in order to get the things done that Alexander was too preoccupied to do. But that day was a warm spring morning, and the sunlight flooding in through the window across the bedroom perfectly lit Thomas’s face. Alexander didn’t particularly mind such a situation. He ran his fingers through Thomas’s dark curls, gently untangling the knots as the taller man’s chest rose and fell with each unconscious breath.

As Thomas’s dark eyes futtered open, Alexander could see a tired smile form on his face. Thomas placed his arms around his boyfriend, holding him closely and pressing a kiss to his forehead. Alexander let out a soft laugh at the movement, lifting his head to kiss the other man firmly on the lips. The kiss was warm and slow, the pace held back by sleepiness but still sweet and soft. After a few moments, Thomas pulled away from the kiss first, smiling at his beloved.

Pulling his arms away, Thomas sat up and left the bed to get into the shower, a sound of rushing water echoing through the room after a little while. Sitting up as well, Alexander reached for his phone to check what meetings and such he had scheduled for the day. Scrolling through the list, one in particular caught his eye. ‘Thomas leaves for business’ was on his calendar, set for later that evening. He supposed that it was just one of those things that came with Thomas’s job, something he’d typed out and forgotten a while back.

Setting his phone back on the nightstand, Alexander left the bed, not paying much attention to the twisted sheets laid across it. The quiet sound of the shower turning off told Alexander that Thomas was done, as did the man in question when he came back into the bedroom, smiling softly at Alexander as he did so. Alexander grabbed a towel from the closet and set off to the shower himself, thankful that Thomas hadn’t used all the hot water when he turned it on.

Stepping in, Alexander nearly laughed-as he always did-at the sight of Thomas’s expensive, brightly colored French hair soap. The Virginian had insisted on buying it because ‘his hair was too gorgeous to use American-grade soaps’. Laughing softly at the memory, Alexander quickly showered before stepping out and turning off the water. The bathmat was still stained a rather vibrant shade of neon green because of an incident involving a party, Peggy Schuyler, and a set of gel pens. They still weren’t allowed to speak of that night.

Quickly walking back to the bedroom and changing into his work clothes, Alexander walked back out and into the kitchen. Standing there was Thomas, already changed into his business clothes and singing to himself in French as he poured coffee into a plain, white mug and a mug with little violets painted on it.

“Je T'aime, mon amour, Je T’aime à la folie, mon cher,” He sang sweetly, too lost in the tune to realize that Alexander was listening in. The curtains were open, a clear view of the bustling city of New York visible dozens of floors below them.

“Je T’aime…” Alexander softly spoke, wrapping his arms around Thomas as he did so. He could feel Thomas relaxing under his touch, and let the other man turn around to face him and kiss him again. This kiss was a simple one, sweet and loving and over far too soon.

“Good morning, love. How did you sleep?” Thomas inquired, pulling away from the embrace and handing Alexander his coffee.

“Perfectly fine with you next to me, Tommy.” Alexander responded, jokingly winking at the other man before sipping on his coffee and turning around towards the table where his briefcase had been placed. “Are you going somewhere today?”

“I will be gone on a business meeting. I should be home fairly late. Don’t stay awake waiting for me.” Thomas told him, grabbing his own briefcase and showing Alexander a faint smile.

“Alright. I’ll miss you,Tommy..” Alexander said, pulling Thomas into another embrace and kissing him again.

“I’ll miss you too, darling.” Thomas replied as soon as the kiss was over, his face still close to Alexander’s own. Alexander stepped away and left for work, shouting a hurried goodbye at Thomas as he ran down the sets of stairs to the ground floor.

When Alexander got home later that night, he could feel his heart shatter as a man in a military uniform handed him a folded flag, saying that he was sorry for Alexander’s loss.

6:10 AM

The soft tugging on his hair was enough to waken Thomas from an uneasy sleep. His eyes slowly opened to show him the sight of Alexander- his sweet, loving Alexander, who had no clue what would happen. Thomas had to resist the urge to tell him, to beg him to take the day off so that they could spend Thomas’s last day with him.

Holding the words back, he wrapped his arms around Alexander, pulling him in for a kiss. Alexander’s lips were soft against his own, moving gently in a tired dance. But Thomas knew that he couldn’t do this to Alexander. He couldn’t make him think today was going to be a good day, that everything would go perfectly. Because this was most likely the last morning he could spend with Alexander in his arms, gently biting at his lower lip through a sleep-hazed kiss.

Pulling away, he smiled at Alexander before leaving the bed and heading to the shower. As soon as he stepped under the flow of the rushing water, he let his tears fall. He had known all along that this would have to happen. That even being in a short-term relationship was a bad idea, with the job he had. But he hadn’t cared, and he’s met Alexander, and fuck, loving Alexander was probably the single most amazing thing he’d ever done.

He didn’t bother turning on the hot water- he knew it would be a waste anyways, if he was just using his shower as an excuse to cry without fearing that Alexander would overhear- oh god, how would Alexander react? He knew of the basics of Thomas’s job, yes, but not the real parts. Not the parts that meant leaving him. Not the parts that meant Thomas’s death.

Trying his best to push away those thoughts, Thomas turned off the shower and wrapped his towel around his waist, leaving the bathroom and heading to his bedroom, where he would change. He saw Alexander in their room, and he could have sworn that if his heart wasn’t already broken, it was most definitely shattered by the sweet smile Alexander gave him as he walked out of the room.

Quickly dressing, Thomas realized that his glasses weren’t where he’d left them. Great, just fucking great. Pulling open the nightstand drawer, he searched through it with no success. Walking over to Alexander’s side of the bed, he searched through the other man’s nightstand, but instead of finding his glasses, his hand rested on a small velvet box tucked away in the back corner of the drawer. Taking it out, he inspected it. It was small, and looked fairly new. It almost reminded him of one of those boxes used for engagement rings- oh. Oh. Thomas felt his heart stop as he opened the box to find a simple gold band with a magenta stone set in the center.

No. Not today. Any day but today. Alexander was going to- Alexander wouldn’t be able to. They weren’t going to get married, and the most certainly weren’t getting engaged, because Thomas was going to die. Closing the box, Thomas shoved it back into the drawer, closing it quickly. He wouldn’t need his reading glasses, anyways.

He walked into the kitchen and began to brew coffee, pulling out their two mugs. Alexander’s had a chip in it from being dropped after he’d fallen asleep holding it. Thomas had always been telling Alexander to sleep more, pulling him away to bed for soft kisses and cuddles- but when he was gone, who would do that? No one. Alexander would work harder than before, throwing himself into his work in grief.

The soft beeping of the coffee machine dragged him out of his thoughts, and he grabbed the coffee pot and began to pour, mindlessly singing a song he’d heard in France. “Je T'aime, mon amour, Je T’aime à la folie, mon cher,” he sang, voice low.

“Je T’aime,” He heard a familiar voice say, the shorter man wrapping his arms around him. He turned around to see Alexander’s smiling face staring up at him and he had to hold back tears once more. He kissed the other man softly, and far too quickly, but he needed to remember what he was doing today. He couldn’t let thoughts of a grief-stricken Alexander plague his mind.

“Good morning, love. How did you sleep?” Thomas inquired, pulling away from the embrace and handing Alexander his coffee. He hoped that Alexander had slept better than he had, his dreams filled with agony words cannot describe.

“Perfectly fine with you next to me, Tommy.” Alexander responded with a humorous wink. It did nothing to lessen the dull pain Thomas felt as his heart broke. “Are you going somewhere today?”

“I will be gone on a business meeting. I should be home fairly late. Don’t stay awake waiting for me.” Thomas told him, grabbing his own briefcase and showing Alexander a faint smile. He needed to stay strong. Alexander couldn’t know. He couldn’t.

“Alright. I’ll miss you,Tommy..” Alexander said, and Thomas felt his beloved’s arms wrap behind his neck as Alexander kissed him once more. Thomas allowed himself to sink into this kiss, his last one before Alexander would never see him again.

“I’ll miss you too, darling.”  He responded, waving a goodbye at Alexander as the shorter man left their apartment for work.

He had accepted the mission years ago, when he had nothing to lose. He had accepted a suicide mission, where he would have time to live before he had to fight. If only he had remembered not to love as well as stay alive while he waited the mission. But he was glad that he could remember the feeling of Alexander’s soft lips on his own as he took his dying breath later that very same day.

The Ultimate Beauty List™

Face: -Moisturizer
-Face Mask
-Night Cream
-Resurfacing Peel
-Acne spot treatment
-Dark spot corrector
-Eye Cream
-Lip scrub
-Lip moisturizer
-Teeth whitening strips
-Face scrub
-Face steam mix
-Eye serum
-Neck serum

-Face Mask
-Night Cream
-Resurfacing Peel
-Acne spot treatment
-Dark spot corrector
-Eye Cream
-Lip scrub
-Lip moisturizer
-Teeth whitening strips
-Face scrub
-Make-up remover wipes
-Face cleanser
-Pore strips
-Blackhead remover

Face: Face primer
-Color corrector
-Translucent powder (NO flashback!)
-Contour Kit
-Beauty blender
-Powder brush
-Full-face brush
-Setting spray
-Powder 2 shades lighter than skin tone
-Powder 2 shades darker than skin tone
-Highlighting kit
-Liquid illuminator
-Oil-blotting sheets
-Pore Minimizer
-BB Cream
-Kabuki brush

Eyes: Eyelid primer
-Underye primer
-Eyeshadow (matte, metalic, cream)
-Eyeliner (liquid, pencil, and gel)
-Eyelash glue
-False eyelashes
-Eye-pencil sharpener
-Clear mascara
-Loose glitter
-Glitter primer
-C brush, blending brush, smudge brush

-Eyebrow pomade
-Eyebrow color
-Eyebrow shapers
-Eyebrow setting gel
-Angled brush

Lips: Lip primer
-Lipstick (nude, pink, and red)
-Lipgloss (clear, sheer pink, red)
-Lip pencils (nude, red, pink)
-Liquid lipstick
-Lip brush

-Nice quality wig (protect your identity!)
- Moisturizing conditioner
-Protein conditioner
-Protein Recontructor (use every six weeks)
-Stripping shampoo
-Liquid moisturizer
-Cream moisturizer
-Sealant (oil, shea butter, ect)
-Hair scissors
-Blow dryer
-Flat Iron
-Wig stand
-Bobby pins
-Hair ties
-Curling iron
-Perm rods
-Leave-in conditioner
-Denman brush
-Comb set (check to make sure they have no seams)

Skin & Body
-Body scrub
-Shaving cream
-Body oil
-Body foundation (for scars, uneven skin-tone, discoloration)
-Neck cream
-Deodorant (aluminum free)
-Shea butter
-Body cream/butter
-Skin brush (for skin brushing)

Hands & Nails:
-Acrylic tips
-Acrylic liquid
-Acrylic powder
-Nail primer
-Acetone polish remover
-Non-acetone polish remover
-Oval nail brush
-Nail polish
-Nail glitter
-Nail designs
-Nail tape
-Orange-wood stick
-Nail slippers
-Acrylic nail clippers
-Nail stencils
-3D nail art
-Base coat
-Top coat
-Lint-free wipes
-Dotting tool
-Hand cream
-Hand lotion
-Hand scrub
-Cuticle oil
-Nail oil
-Nail file
-Fine grit nail buffer
-Soft nail buffer
-Electric nail buffer
-Cotton balls
-Face masks
-Practice hand
-Gel polish
-UV curing lamp
-Nail resin
-Resin activator
-Rhinestone picker

-Foot scrub
-Foot lotion
-Foot cream
-Callous remover
-Hydrating socks

Undeniable Heat Chapter 4: Work Time

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1250 Words

Chapter Summary: It’s your first day of work.

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Originally posted by holy-fucking-damn-shit

You listened to the sound of the clock ticking away each second, waiting for the moment the alarm would go off, and you could get ready for work. It was your first day on the job, and you were strung up, nervous and excited at the same time. You had settled in to your new apartment over the weekend, more than a little disappointed when you hadn’t seen Jensen again.

The alarm beeping, you shot out of bed, heading straight for the bathroom and the shower. Your usual morning routine calmed you, and you felt yourself relaxing as you dressed in a pair of light colored work pants and a blue polo. They had told you to wear whatever, but you wanted to look professional on your first day. Twisting your hair into a quick french twist, you made your way into the kitchen. You weren’t much of a breakfast person, but you did grab a muffin and a cup of coffee along with your purse as you made your way to the door.

Thirty minutes later you were talking to the security guard Chris, waving as he let you inside. You felt your heart pounding, knowing this was important. That a first impression was important. If they didn’t like your work, or how you interacted with your coworkers and the actors, you would be gone before you could say Supernatural.

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wait here’s a thought: 

i feel that my fear of needles is gonna mess with my transition in the future

i know there is the gel option but still

needles make me hyperventilate like, without fail

overdosedxmamii  asked:

How do you make your brows look natural after filling them in ? X

Brows are one of the most important steps in your makeup routine, they frame the face and help the rest of your makeup fall into place. Filling in your brows is a super popular way to define your brows, but even if you’ve got the right shade (ideally one shade darker than your hair colour for blonde hair and one shade lighter for dark hair) filling them in can make them look a little fake…

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We got a gel drying set up recently and dear lord am I fascinated by the ability to basically shrinky dink my protein gels and save them in my notebook instead of taking shit pictures of them with my phone camera, emailing myself the image, annotating the image, and then printing it out and putting it into my notebook


011517- mini stationery haul!

the first set are a few pens and highlighters i got yesterday at Kinokuniya! The other set are the sakura souffle gel pen set i ordered a few days ago on amazon and it arrived today :D I honestly need to stop buying pens but we all know thats not gonna happen lmao


Ad for hair setting gel, c. mid-1960s by Colleen O'Eris

hoodiecladknight  asked:

For the pentagram thing, I'd put a very large ivy plant, a set of gel pens, the silliest stickers I can find at the same store that sells gel pens, my really really really old Alice in wonderland book, a really cool rock, and fireworks. (And this is why I don't conjure things)

Ok but 100% that would conjure me and you know it!