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I hope my writing wasn’t too hard to read (I promise, it is neater on papers). So I finally got the chance to put together a list of supplies I use for my bullet journal as requested by whatthehallbob! If anyone has further questions about bullet journals, please don’t hesitate to ask! :)







Just a quick reminder that all you really need for a bullet journal is a pen and a notebook. Don’t feel pressured to spend money on popular brands, decorative tapes, or colorful pens because the most important thing is creating a system that works for you. The bullet journal can’t help you no matter how beautiful it looks if you spend most of your time decorating it instead of working on the tasks written in it. However, if you believe that decorating and color-coding your bullet journal will improve your system and your overall experience (I personally find it fun and relaxing), then you should absolutely go for it! :)


Laneige Sparkling Party Holiday Set

If you’re looking for a nice gift for a BFF or someone who is into Asian/Korean beauty brands, check out Laneige’s Xmas 2014 collection. 

One of the nice mid-range priced items is this neat little kit, the Sparkling Party Holiday Set, which retails for $45 in Singapore, and is filled with 2 sparkle shadows that you can use on their own, or over existing shadows as an over-coat. (I love the pink one.)

There are also 2 Water Drops Lip Tints in 2 of my favorite shades, Neon Pink and Raspberry Pink (which I own in the full-size, but wish came in these cute metallic tubes instead).

Then there’s also something rarer. 2 glitter polishes, Pink Wine (holographic translucent glitter) and Golden Bubble (gold micro-glitter with larger pink and fuchsia flecks).

Like the shadows, you can build these up and wear them on their own or apply them over other polishes. I had expected to like Golden Bubble more but I was VERY pleasantly surprised by Pink Wine and just how much glitter it could apply in a single coat! You can get by with 1-2 coats of Pink Wine while Golden Bubble takes about 3 coats unless you apply a gold shimmer polish as a base first.

There are many other gift sets in the range, including a limited edition pearl gold BB cushion case with gold rose rims which I am very tempted to get (even though I have 4 regular cases already)…

Gel Set - All of the Pleasure

It’s going to be difficult to refrain from comparing Chicago artist Laura Callier’s darkwave minimal electro project to Grimes… but see what I did there? 

Microsoftcore XXXCell EP from Lillerne Tapes on - what else - pro-dubbed, edition of 100 cassette tape.

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