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hellooo 2017 !!! 10 days into the new year and i’m finally updating , holy shit! Dino skulls i drew while watching Walking With Dinosaurs for what probably was 50th time in my life, available to be tattooed by yours truly if you find yourself in Helsinki, Finland. ♥

this year kicked off real well for me, i’ve already got to do some pretty cool tattoo stuff, which you can check out here, on my insta !! can’t wait to do more ! for regular art WIPs i’ll be using my super ancient twitter, come hang out with me there (2011 me was a fucking dweeb, but i’m keeping the tweets for posterity)!

YEAhhhhh !!! hope this year is a good one for all of y’all! !

cheap back to school amazon finds

hello everyone! i compiled a looong list of cute and aesthetic supplies to help you guys pick out things for your back to school shopping. most of this stuff is not neccisarry at all for having a studyblr, or a succesful school year, but is a lot of fun to have. this list is very long so feel free to do what im going to and pick out a few favorites!! at the end i will link the amazon wish list so you can see it all in one place. 

the “amazon finds” are sectioned into the categories, “writing, highlighting, and coloring”, “supplies” which includes everything from notebooks to stickers and washi tape to pencil cases, “backpacks”. “lunch and snack supplies” and “daily carry” which has cute stuff to have at your desk, stuff to make your life easier and cute self care goods. 

have a great year!!

writing, highlighting, and coloring:

pilot soft color highlighters $6.18

pastel mechanical pencil set $8.99

primacolor 48 pencil set (great deal i spent much more on these a few years back) $24.50

sakura stardust galaxy 6-piece gelly roll pens $7.88

zebra mildliners all colors set $14.25

pilot G2 metallic gel roller ball pen set $9.98

zebra eco zebrite double ended highlighter set $7.65

staedtlr textsurfer highlighter set $11.95

black pilot juice gel pen set of 10 $10.70

pilot juice pastel gel pen set of 6 $8.39

zebra sasura ball point pen set of 8 $8.48

sakura brush pen set  $13.33

tombow double sided brush tip markers $13.29


pusheen “take notes take naps” notebook $6.29

set of 5 muji a5 spiral bound notebooks $13.21

strawberry washi tape $4.33

floral, raspberry and cactus washi tape set $8.95

happy animals washi tape $1.59

woodland floral washi tape set $9.95

silver winter washi tape set $6.95

van gogh washi tape and sticker set $12.99

van gogh almond blossoms washi tape $2.98

woodland, books and newsprint washi tape set of 12 $12.99

washi tape set of 24 $13.99

cheap as heck washi tapes of the whole rainbow $1.38

bullet journal stencil set $9.98

a different bullet journal stencil set $8.99

retro aesthetic sticker set $8.99

pig and cat planner sticker 12 pack $6.59

6 pack planner sticker set $5.50

cute girl 6 pack planner sticker set $6.95

pusheen puffy sticker sheet $6.99

vintage style copper bent scissors $8.00

kikerland toucan scissors $12.13

clear acrylic and rose gold stapler $10.99

cute banner pendant sticky note set $9.95

ramen stickey notes with resealable pouch $8.00

star trek sticky notes set $8.95

geometry and watercolor sticky note set $9.36

cat paw sticky note set $12.99

cute animal page flags $1.59

mermaid zipper pouch $7.56

vintage style “art supplies” zipper pouch $6.57

jumbo “raw materials” zipper pouch $11.90

cute bear zipper pencil box $9.66


earthy canvas and leather hiking backpack $37.99

jansport hatchet hiking backpack (I have it, its wonderful)  $45.97

pusheen backpack $39.99

lunch and snack supplies:

bicycle print lunch bag $27.99

sriracha water bottle $8.95

pusheen print tumbler $13.85

“ocean sea and wave” print lunch bag $19.97

“ocean sea and wave” print reusable sandwich and snack bags $19.97

white reusable sandwich and snack bags $11.95

mermaid scale lunch bag $19.97

mermaid scale print sandwich and snack bags $19.97

daily carry:

baby pink foldable on ear headphones $16.95

mint and lavender on ear headphones $19.95

mint smart phone stick on wallet $9.95

mint external battery $14.95

mini iphone fan $7.59

nikon camera and lens usb flash drive $5.02

kikerland cat pomodoro timer $4.99

cafe latte candle $9.99

pusheen sleep mask $6.59

pusheen sock set $12.99

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions $10.53

thanks for reading my long post! here is the amazon wishlist link

i have it enabled so that people may send me something from the list if they really want to, but my no means should you feel like you have too! make sure when you put something in your cart you are sending it to yourself and not me by accident! 


Welcome to a Tumblr devoted totally to my #CriticalRole fan art. I have but one fandom. And the art has piled up.
This one is called “The Casino” Done in 2016.

Pentel pocket brush pen, microns and Faber Castells. With gel rollers and presto correction pens for hilights.


Year 12 // Senior Year Edition!!

•Super cute coffee-spill-proof (necessary) pencil case from target ❤️
•Sharpie highlighters (good for bright, sharp highlighting) & Stabilo highlighters (good for the cute colours but not as sharp)
•Faber-Castell textas ($4 from Coles but have lasted me ages!)
•Papermate gel roller pens (write so nicely but run out too quick)
•Bic Atlantis pens (best non-gel black pens I’ve used)
- black permanent marker
- random gold pen from Christmas
- mini sticky notes from Kmart
- note tabs for textbooks, from Kmart
- correction tape, Kmart
- glue stick, Kmart (surprise!)
- Bic 4-colour pens (not aesthetically pleasing but practical and efficient in exams)


Here’s a thorough breakdown of the traditional drawing tools along with handy tips on erasable pens and unconventional erasing tools, interesting effects and how to get the most out of your ballpoint and fountain pens.


Tools used in this video:




(Brown, Black & Orange ink)

- obtainable at many stationery stores and eBay


  • ZICO LIG179 Butane Lighter

- Cigar & Smoke Shops, some convenience stores

  • MAX WAX battery-powered wax sculpting pen

- eBay



- Stationery stores, eBay

  • LETRASET TRIA BRUSH PEN (Loaded with water)

- Art stores, eBay


- you can get these at restaurants

NB: If you plan on visiting a store to buy these tools, always call them to see if they have what you need in stock to save yourself the hassle of getting there only to find they don’t have what you want.

24.12.15 {2/100}


I am in love with writing with these Pilot G-2 0.7 colored pens!! They are amazing and I’d totally recommend them if you are looking for great quality roller gel pens 🖊

An Amazon Indian in my Geo textbook photo bombed my pic! #stoptryingtobefunny