gel eye shadow

I remember in middle school, this girl tried to insult me by calling me “Miss Glitter Over Her Eyes” because of the glitter gel I used as eye shadow. She legit thought that was an insult that other kids would laugh at me for. Then in high school I went through a red eye shadow phase and the guy I had a major thing for at the time told me it was “ugly” and I shouldn’t wear it, so I wore red eye shadow for a week straight just to piss him off. Even when it came to guys I was romantically interested in, I didn’t change myself or what I liked. I expected people to change and like me for who I am and not the other way around. A few did, but most people didn’t.

Here I am, almost 30, still rocking red eye shadow and glitter over my eyes, and still getting looked at like I’m an attention whore, immature, or something’s wrong with me. I don’t get why the concept of looking a certain way to please yourself is so foreign to so many people. In an MBTI group I used to belong to, I remember discussing this issue with a few people there and I managed to phrase my feelings on the matter in a great way - I like for people to notice that I’m different from a distance. I don’t want accolades or people fawning over me for being color-coordinated. Most of the time I want to be left alone. Notice I’m different and then go on about your business, in other words.

When things happen to me like what happened in class last night, where people make an example out of me for looking the way I do when my style isn’t that outlandish, it’s just frustrating and embarrassing. Maybe it’s a symptom of where I live, being in the south where people aren’t supposed to stand out that much or goth fashion is still thought of as being connected to “the devil”. Maybe they think I’m too old to wear what I wear, even though my style is mature and I dress appropriately for my age. I don’t get it. I have a 98 average in that class. I’m there for every meeting and actively contribute to conversations, but nah, let’s make a big deal about my personal style. That’s totally what class conversation should devolve down to…

When was that pic of JM created? Also she has way too much makeup on

Makeup foundation is on pretty thick
Too much shimmer
Primer way too much
Too much lipstick
Too much bronzer
Too much shadowing contour lines
Too much mascara
Too much eye liner
Too much highlighting around the eyes and face
Too much brow definer
Too much brow gel
Too much eye shadow

Just way too much going on. I don’t know why she has to copy another woman and same goes with Meghan Markle, why oh why they copy another woman but apply heavy makeup on when other women don’t wear heavy makeup like that. Being honest and not judging but she and Meghan both look like hookers or prostitutes. Also what’s with the facial expression? Or is she trying to intimidate someone? I mean really that is super shallow. Every woman in the world are all very beautiful and should all shine with their unique beauty. I bet we will see Meghan Markle step out soon trying to prove her beauty with heavy make up. I’ll be surprised if she wears it on minimumly

Exactly anon. You don’t need Botox and heavy makeup to look beautiful but for these 2 they do think that and especially for JM as you see in that shot she is heavily applied makeup and looks plastic.

thanks anon😊👍  

babydreamland  asked:

hi! you guys rule! my friend recently gave me a 20% discount card for sephora and im hoping to do a $200 ish haul. i checked the sephora tag but didnt get too many results. do you have product suggestions? im currently in need of: eye makeup remover, chemical exfoliant, eye shadow palette, and a contouring kit but i honestly need to upgrade my whole face routine~~

Ya we don’t tag things by retailer usually. Here are my suggestions!

  • Makeup Remover: i honestly think the drugstore version by Target and Neutrogena is totally fine and great (and it’s what I use most of the time) but Lancome’s BI-FACIL is great. In terms of cleansing wipes — Simple (drugstore) is my preferred, but for true luxury and the most moisturizing wipe ever, Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Spa Water Cloths are phenomenal. 
  • Chemical Exfoliant: Go for the AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel. 
  • Eye Shadow Palette: Really depends on what you want out of a palette! I’ve been using and loving the Urban Decay Vice3 more than any other palette I own lately. (It’s also Limited Edition, so.) I think the Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette is great, too. Plus, it’s already on sale for $41 and it’s Limited Edition. I think Stila’s In the Moment Palette is a beautiful palette too, and something that works for every day use and more formal looks, too.
  • Contouring Kit: My #1 fave is the Anastasia one but it’s sold out forever. :( But I think the MUFE Sculpting Kit is great, too, and comes in a few different shades. I like that it’s not too orange. I had my friend switch from her favorite bronzer to this because she was using something very orangey and now her contour game instantly ascended. I still think NYX Taupe Blush is an amazing contour regardless of pricepoint, tho. ;) It’s probably my favorite. I’ve hit pan on it completely — and this has happened maybe twice, ever. 

Hope that helps!




Foundation: Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous

Concealer: Maybelline FitMe

Powder: Rimmel StayMatte

Blush: Benefit Rockateur

Bronzer: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

Highlight: ELF Golden Bronzer


Pencil: NYC Eye Pencil in “Taupe”

Powder: Too Faced Brow Envy

Gel: ELF Wet Gloss


Shadow: Too Faced Everything Nice palette

Inner Corner: “Turtle Dove”; First Half of the Lid: “Honey Pot”; 2nd Half of the Lid: “Don’t Settle”; Crease/Lower Lashline: “Knockout”; Outer V:  “Secret Lovers”

Liner: L'Oreal Lineur Intense

Mascara: Too Faced Better than Sex

Lashes: ELF “Natural” falsies


Lipstick: NYX Butter lipstick in “Sugar Wafer”