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As someone with anxiety, and a High School music teacher who gets to deal with performance anxieties; I've been seeing those spinners used by the non ADD/ADHD/anxious kids. I have two gel bracelets on my wrist that I pull on when the anxiety creeps in. Many of my students I've taught to use breathing techniques or other distraction methods. During lunch today I overheard a bunch of kids talking about how unhelpful the spinners are.



I keep making TEW-inspired jewelry, slightly different from my last post. If anyone’s interested they are up for sale! :) Just send an ask my way. I added a different kind of necklace and some new bracelets. I accept paypal.


  • TEW themed necklace: $20 (charms are as follows: sunflower, revolver, green gel, handcuffs, glasses).
  • Small gel on rope cord with sunflower: $9
  •  Large gel on rope cord with sunflower $12 (worth at least 1000 goop points for your nifty brain chair)
  • Shipping bracelets: $7 (made upon request but these ones are of course up for grabs! I can do any format… “I♥character,” “I♥ship,” “character♥character,” ship name, etc).
  • Joseph Oda bracelets $9 (these are kind of silly but my GF found these Canadian themed beads and I couldn’t resist. The beads were a bit more expensive, hence the higher price).

All of these prices are without shipping and handling, because I go by location. Of course if you’d like something custom, I have no problem with going on a shopping excursion and making something just for you!

Gel comparison: