Zettai Shouri da! VRV

Still one of the most catchiest mecha songs ever.

Haruhi was that one character I really liked to the point that I wanted to cosplay most of her costumes.

Sadly, I couldn’t spend as much time or money on cosplay back then - so I only managed up to 4 versions.

Recently found a character who has an array of amazing costumes, and whom I love to bits - so maybe this time I’ll be able to cosplay more versions of the same character! (And yay for wig-recycling!)

Me as Suzumiya Haruhi (Gekisou version)
Photo by NaNeee? Photography

6.39: Parts and Parcel
  • 6.39: Parts and Parcel
  • 20-Somethings with Attitude
  • 2SwA: Power Rangers Turbo

In this episode: It’s the penultimate episode of Turbo and we…didn’t..hate it..? In fact, we actually quite liked it?

ALSO: It’s NOT another joke about how Bulk and Skull always f***, it’s a team thing except when it isn’t, Dapp has a secret cameo straight from Carranger, and everyone believes the Power Rangers because actual facts and evidence are for people with drive and ambition.

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