Listen out of all Rappapa’s leaders Yuko. is still the best one. listen:

When shit went down:

  • Sakura and Otabe went and got their asses killed. The End.
  • Salt went to fight Yakuza and basically gave them her business card like
    “lmao bitch this is my address come for me fuck u all” and died.  Even after DEATH binch came back and she was all like “yas bitches all of u come with me to the afterlife we’ll pose. Yankii Aesthetic. and shit”
  • Maeda… well u know that bitch don’t care. That bitch rather eat flowers. Kudos to her tho. At least she went to fight Yakuza out there and didn’t give em the school address or bring her people down with her. 

NOW YUKO. sweet angel of mercy that was Yuko. May she rest in peace from her ambiguous pale skin soap opera disease: 

that bitch d i e d and when SHIT went down. still she came back from the DEATH and was like I ain’t letting my people die. That bitch was like “listen Gekikara. Go back and live I aint got time for this.” and she saved her.

What I’m saying here is Yuko was jesus and your fave will never,

Majisuka Gakuen Refresh Challenge

5. Best Fight Scene(s) - Maeda vs. Gekikara; Salt vs Sakura

Maeda (and Friends) vs. Gekikara - This fight turned out to be exactly how Gekikara was: frantic, brutal, and bloody. She bit ears, smashed heads, stabbed people… and did it so with such a creepy laugh and a maniacal look on her face. The initial flash of terror on Maeda’s face says it all. Gekikara was beaten up, but not defeated. She ended up walking away out of boredom.

 Salt vs. Sakura - Sleek and stylish, but more than that, never have I seen a lead character dealt with such complete and utter defeat. Every kick was deflected, every punch was countered and returned three-fold. Sakura was simply outclassed by the Rappapa leader, never landing anything other than that one hit. And for which Salt made sure Sakura got well-acquainted with the floor. Over and over again.