Spectral Apparitions: Ghosts and Spirits of the Magic multiverse

Geist of Saint Traft by Daarken

Obzedat, Ghost Council by Svetlin Velinov

Soulsworn Jury by Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai

Strangleroot Geist by Jason Chan

Belfry Spirit by Daren Bader

Blessed Spirits by Anna Steinbauer

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Magic Easter Eggs

Now and again, Wizards R&D hides an extra bit of flavor in the cards they design. Let’s look at a few.

Just your average spirit, but wait, there’s more..

As an acronym, Geist of Saint Traft becomes G.o.S.T. (Ghost)!

And here is another from Dissension.

Check out that mana cost!

Green / Blue / Blue becomes G/U/U or Goo! Isn’t that fitting?

What other Magic the Gathering easter eggs have you found?

jylichan  asked:

If it's not too soon for another request, please make a Geist of Saint Traft featuring one of those strange, wonderful angels of yours. :)

Here you go!

And here he is in hi-res, to soak in all those lovely details:

His backstory is amazing, he deserves a much cooler pose than just kneeling.

A lot of my weird angel ideas come from Peter Mohrbacher’s project of illustrating all the weird angels he can think of, which I highly encourage you to check out. He’s done some great stuff for Magic too, and I love seeing him get cool, high-profile commissions.

Enjoy beating down with your faithful Avacynian cleric!


#14: Ephara, God of the Polis (f*ck da polis!)
Alright! Sorry I’ve been gone, I had to take a break for various tests and schoolwork but I’m back to start the two color generals! It’s going to be fun featuring all sorts of things you wouldn’t expect! And stay tuned because I’ve heard rumors all over the place about a very interesting possible rule change! So here we go, Ephara! (Warning, there is a card that has been spoiled but not released)
Yay! Card draw! Yay flicker motivation! Ephara is a beautiful God(des? It doesn’t say that on the card so it isn’t sexist.) She inspired me to really change the way I think about playing the game and it’s led to some interesting things. First of all, the Combo of the day is right in this picture set! It is dead-eye navigator (who is not banned, I quadruple checked) and great whale! This allows you to tap seven lands over and over and over! Also it’s in mono-blue (wow, blue doesn’t see any combos I know! (Sarcasm)) because of the nature of our commander the tendency is going to be towards flickering. This allows reliable card draw and other effects that you can mix in such as +1/+1 counters, life gain or whatever! Wheee! Also, white blue is excellent at control so I suggest that you check out a few cards such as detention sphere (not shown) which will eliminate your opponents tokens and is great emergency removal. Also, you’ll notice people in Ephara like Brimaz (not shown) or Geist. This is because they give you a free creature and therefore card draw when you attack! I’d Also definitely recommend Psychosis Crawler (not shown) to turn that card draw into damage! Have fun with Ephara guys! She’s awesome!

Tier: 5
MTG Deck: The Exalted Saint Traft

This is a Geist of Saint Traft EDH deck which has two sub themes: Aura Voltron, and Exalted.

Revised this Commander deck to work faster and hit harder, and lemme tell ya: a Hexproof general on turn 3 is hard to deal with. I’ve been playtesting it against my other EDH decks and I’m not sure if Nekusar is a good matchup because Saint Traft wins every time.