geist the sin eater

World of Darkness fans please reblog and comment with your preferred supernatural, including all among New and Old World.


White Wolf/Onyx Path have a weirdly specific fetish

Vampire (either): the curse comes with the Beast, an animalistic animating principle to the vampiric soul that is generated by the curse

Changeling: the Dreaming: fey souls engage in symbiotic relationships with human souls to reincarnate and continue living in our world after Arcadia gets locked away

Mummy: the Resurrection: mummy souls graft themselves to the spiritually weak and go on a journey to make an immortal spiritual amalgam

Mage: the Ascension: the avatar is the source of ascension potential and is treated as a distinct spiritual entity or component of your soul. Probably reincarnates with you.

Wraith: the Oblivion: not a soul graft, but your spectre does act as its own individual and quasi-independent being that can be split off into its own existence that is all tied up in your soul

Geist: the Sin Eaters: you die, come back when a spooky ghost latches onto your soul and pulls you back into life, and will continue to do so for a while if you fuck up and die again

Beast: the Primordial: nightmare monsters splice into your soul and give you sick powers

“Oh but geo, that’s just the world of darkness-”

Exalted: you play as one of 10+ flavors of people empowered by a reincarnating divine soul-weapon grafted to your hu