More Dates For a Busy Week!

As of today we finally have a confirmed date for the two Tama (多麻) minarai!

Yuriha (ゆり葉) and Tatsuha (多都葉) will be having their misedashi on January 21st!
 They are both the imoto of the legendary Takeha (竹葉)!

I was very surprised to see that it would be Takeha taking them on as she hasn’t taken any in a few decades, but what an amazing choice for Yuriha and Tatsuha! Takeha is the most senior geiko in Gion Kobu with 67 (!) years experience.

Someone anonymously asked me about the weight of a Maiko’s kimono, but when I posted it it just disappeared, so I’m just going to answer it this way.

A Maiko’s kimono is very heavy, it can way up to twenty kilograms (44 lbs)!

The kimono’s are lighter in summer and heavier in winter, because winter kimono are made of heavier, lined fabric.

The special darari obi Maiko wear is especially heavy; it’s made of heavy silk brocade and is about seven metres long.

This means that some Maiko who are on the short and dainty side wear an outfit that is about half of their weight on a daily basis.

Mineko Iwasaki talked about this in her book “Geisha of Gion”. She is quite small and has always been skinny and when she had just started out as a Maiko at age 15, she was even smaller and weighed a little bit over 40 kilograms.

She really had to train and get used to wearing and moving in such a heavy, elobrate outfit and also wearing the high wooden okobo-shoes with it.

Maiko are generally very fit and strong, mainly because of their daily training, but also because they wear such heavy clothing.

Weekend Update 15/1

Beginning on Saturday we’re going to see a very large increase in karyukai activity, so expect the next few days to be filled with announcements!

Karyukai News
-Mameroku (豆六) of Arai (新井) in Gion Kobu now has a known erikae date. It will be on January 23rd.
-Minarai Yuriha (ゆり葉) and Tatsuha (多都葉) of Tama (多麻) in Gion Kobu will be having their misedashi on January 21st (Saturday). They are both the imōto of Takeha (竹葉).
-Hisamomo (久桃) of Tanmika (丹美賀) in Pontocho is now wearing sakkō! Her erikae will be on January 24th.

Blog News
-Due to multiple requests I made a Random PSA on The Differences Between Geiko Shimada and Taka Shimada.
-I did some number crunching and made a post called Thinking About Statistics on the retention rate of the karyukai over a 15 year period.
-Mylo’s Pick of The Week went to Kohana (小花) of Masuume (桝梅) in Gion Kobu.
-The Random Fact of The Week looked at the many layers of clothing an accessories that maiko and geiko wear.
-A friend graciously shared some images of a recent ozashiki with Danyū (だん祐), Terutoyo (照豊), Takazuru (孝鶴), Tsuruha (つる葉), Eriha (恵里葉), and Chiyoko (知余子) of Gion Kobu.
-Some people ignore the obvious in front of them to make their own erroneous conclusions. Thankfully, I fixed it for them.
-Feel free to keep voting on a time slot for a live stream!
-Once again you’ve sent me so many questions and comments! Thank you for deeming me worthy to answer them and please don’t hesitate to continue to send them in at anytime!


Shared with permission from a friend who took these images.

These are detail shots of Ichitomi’s beautiful erikae ensemble. Her kimono features a rare and gorgeous peacock motif with added peonies (on the opposite side) and pine trees and her juban has gold and silver pine needles to match. The hanao on her senryō geta are a very chic silver and pink, which contrasts well well the greens and blues on her kimono. Her golden obi features kikkō (tortoise shell) and hanabishi (flower diamonds) patterns that are meant to mimic the shell of a tortoise, an animal that is associated with long life and endurance.