A serene photo of Gion Higashi maiko Hinayû 雛佑 by ta_ta99. Fans of the old ways believe the sublime beauty of geiko and their arts is best appreciated by candlelight… If you’re interested in traditional culture and the Japanese aesthetic of darkness, I highly recommend Tanizaki Junichirô’s classic essay, In Praise of Shadows. You can buy it as a book or easily find free to read online.

May 2016: Stunning Geiko Suzume of the the Shinbashi district of Tokyo.

Suzume is the former Maiko Fukuho of the Shigemori Okiya of Miyagawacho.

She retired as a Maiko, moved to Shinbashi in 2013 and debuted there as a Geiko under a new name.

Source: saorin_y on Instagram

Well, i looked nice yesterday:)
Hard to believe that this person on this pic is actually a lazy unproductive aging disgrace to human race who lives in imaginary world while reality kicks their ass. I should look like this all the time and live in sakura orchard, living just of the sweet smells of the trees in bloom, like a ghost, and disappearing every year when spring is gone. It is funny that depressed face is something valued in models. Fake it or sell your real unhappiness, whatever, the good picture is the goal.

I’m actually feeling better today. Just need to move and pack my stuff and not just sit idly on the internet.