Three Maiko 1928 by Blue Ruin 1

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<br />Three maiko (apprentice geisha), Takewaka on the left, Tomeko in the centre and Satogiku on the right.

Gion Matsuri 2016: Geiko of Pontocho dancing the “Kabuki Odori”.

The Gion Matsuri was introduced in 869, when Kyoto’s citizens were plagued by several natural disasters.

This was thought to be happening due to the angry rampage of the deity Gozu Tennō, so Emperor Seiwa odered that the people pray to the God of the Yasaka Shrine, Susanoo-no-mikoto, and ask him to stop Gozu Tennō.

This was repeated every year if there were natural disasters or plagues ailing Kyoto’s residents and in 970, it was officially made an annual event.

The Maiko and Geiko of Gion Kobu, Gion Higashi, Miyagawacho and Pontocho also participe in the Gion Matsuri; they are paraded through the inner city on a big wooden float and then put on a special dance to appease to Susanoo-no-mikoto.

Only Kamishichiken is not directly involved, because it lays nearer to the Kitano Tenmagu Shrine than to the Yasaka Shrine.

I decided to take part in the Character Design Challenge for the very first time (the theme for the month of July 2016 being “Samurai & Geisha”). For the occasion, I tried to depict a character made out of paper, and used my very own handmade recycled paper as a texture. ;D I’m not sure how well I conveyed the idea, but here you go!
J’ai pour la première fois décidé de participer au Character Design Challenge (le thème du mois de juillet 2016 étant “Samurai & Geisha”). Pour l’occasion, j’ai cherché à représenter un personnage fait de papier en utilisant mon propre papier recyclé à la main en tant que texture. ;D Je n’suis pas tout à fait certaine d’avoir bien retranscrit le concept, mais le voilà !

A few weeks ago, I got this beautiful lady tattooed on my forearm. SO happy with how it turned out, the detail is amazing considering it isn’t that large an area and I love the fact that there is only certain parts of colour too.

This was done by Davie at Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio in Glasgow who has done all my tattoos - he is a brilliant artist and will always makes you feel at ease which is always a bonus. He’s so helpful with showing you what will work/how to make the best out of any ideas you have.

If you’re looking for a professional tattoo studio in Glasgow and unsure where to go, I would highly recommend!! You can check out some of the work over at Archangel’s facebook page!

Natalie :) xox