In 4th grade I heard the term geisha for the first time and asked what it was. My teacher told me it was a Japanese woman who entertained men. Naturally in my head I pictured a beautiful woman wearing kimono and make up riding a unicycle and juggling while a group of men cheered her on. I later realized she meant someone more like a stripper or prostitute. I even later learned that she was wrong and that geishas are in fact entertainers. Just that they sing, dance and play instruments rather than ride unicycles.


Graffiti Geisha by HUSH

HUSH is originally from the UK, but worked in Japan for several years as a toy designer enabling him to draw upon Japanese culture as an outsider with an objective eye. Considered one of the most technically gifted urban artists, Hush’s contemporary paintings, limited edition prints, street art & murals explore themes of sexuality & pornography, contrasting the representation of women in traditional & modern eras.  |  Previously on XC
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via: Kumi Contemporary

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Posted by Yellowmenace

I wanted to ink it all first but having colour in the areas I know I wanted it to be will help me plan out the rest of the painting better. #arthasnorules 🎨✨👍🏻 Also! Thank you everyone for your amazing comments, they are so uplifting. You guys make my day everyday. 🍕💕 #art #arte #artsy #artist #artwork #painting #watercolor #watercolour #myart #audraauclair #japan #japanart #japaneseart #geisha #witch #surrealism #surreal #drawing #instaart #instaartist #artoftheday

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