Masaki’s erikae photos!!!!

She is so priceless! I have no words… I do love how she is dressing this obi is so nice!!! And how my gosh how happy she seems! I find that the katsura feet better on her face that the maiko hairstyle…I’m so proud of her because since her first year she has so “I want to be a geiko one day” and here it’s as a dream come true for her *_* But anyway she is a jewel! Congratulations Masaki-san!!!

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Geisha with a white cat, 1905 by Blue_Ruin1 on Flickr

“Our house has a cat… and we always play with him before the ozashiki [party rooms] start… A lot of okiya [geisha houses] keep dogs or cats. Since we live together we become like a family, and I guess the pets become kind of like substitute children – it sometimes seems as if they are more important than the maiko [apprentices] and geiko [geisha]!”

From “A geisha’s journey: my life as a Kyoto apprentice” by Komomo, first published in 2008, page 70.


Scan from the Miyako Odori 2015 book. Hope that you will like it :D (With Mamekiku, Ayako, Mamemaru, Shouko, Katsugiku, Katsuhina, Masaki, Katsutomo, Mamehiro, Mameya, Koai, Fukue, Koman, Kokimi, Ichiyuri, Mameroku, Tsuruha, Fukuha, Kogiku, Sakiko)

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