#fujimusume is a famous #kabuki character. Her name translates roughly to “wisteria maiden” so her character represents the spirit of the wisteria trees. To exemplify this portrayal her physical appearance, like the tree itself, is reserved an d mature with her hair styled in the traditional taka shimada, a hairstyle traditionally worn by mature women and still worn by #geisha and #geiko. Her makeup is also very reserved, sticking to very little lip coloring and no pink or red around her eyes or eyebrows. She looks like a woman well into her thirties. On the other hand, like the flowers that come into bloom, her outfit is very youthful. Her #kimono is a #furisode which is worn by unmarried girls and her obi is tied in the long dangling darari fashion which is worn by #maiko to show their youth. Her kimono is also painted with a wisteria motif and she carries a branch of wisteria flowers (traditionally purple but because of the age of this #doll the flowers have faded) to show what she represents more clearly. While normally, being kabuki, this character is often played by men, for special performances put on by maiko and geiko she is played by a woman. This #traditional #Japanese doll is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen and is incredibly accurate in all it’s details which I’m sure I’ll post later ^^ the kimono is made of real silk which has been hand painted. The under collar and obi she wears are all embroidered and she’s held up incredibly well considering she is probably about 100 years old (the craftsmanship looks like it’s from the 20s) I hope you enjoy~