Last week i have finally finished editing a video which summarises my trip in Japan. Took me a while to go through all the footage and cut it down to this hehe


Tomitsuyu is one of the Maiko we photographed on my recent Japan Photo Tour. The group experienced a banquet with Maiko, Geiko and Jikata attending and agreed to leave cameras behind for the night so that we could fully experience their artistry. The artists themselves were surprised and delighted to be dancing without cameras firing. The next day, however, we had a lengthy shoot arranged so were able to photograph two maiko, inspired by our experience the night before. Tomitsuyu is one of the many Maiko and Geiko I have been photographing over the last few years. It is a pleasure to witness her developing presence as she studies and practices her art. The book is in its final stages now but final publication may well be a year away.

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