Meet Mametama!

The first pictures of her arrived last week, but now we have a name to go along with the face! The new Ninben minarai’s name is Mametama (豆珠), which means “Jewel Bean” or “Treasured Bean.”

You can see her in a new picture with another Ninben shikomi here.

As posted earlier, her misedashi will be in November. With her debut it’s likely that Mamesumi (豆純) will be switching to ofuku shortly afterwards. Her onesan is still unknown but it will likely be Mamehiro (豆弘).

Jidai Matsuri 2016: Famous Geiko Toshimana (Komaya Okiya) of Miyagawacho dressed as Tomoe Gozen, a famous female warrior.

The Jidai Matsuri, held every year on the 22nd October, is one of the three biggest festivals of Kyoto.

It commemorates the move of the imperial capital from Kyoto to Tokyo in 1868 and was first held in 1895.

Over 2,000 citizens dress up in historical costumes and as important historical figures going back to the early Heian period (794-1185) and parade though the inner city.

The main role of this parade is Tomoe Gozen, a famous female warrior who lived in the 12th and 13th century.
It is a great honor to play her and the role is always given to one of the most famous Geiko of Kyoto.

Two of Kyoto’s hanamachi take part in the parade every year; this year, it was Gion Kobu’s and Miyagawacho’s turn.

Source: Naeyes - Blog