Just noticed that I’ve completly forgot to post the full version of this one here !
This is a drawing I made for a contest.
EDIT : I corrected a few details ^^
//PLEASE DO NOT USE WITHOUT CREDIT  this illustration is really important to me… I’ve been stolen  several times so now I have no choice but to put this ugly wattermarkt//


Shared with permission from a friend who took these images.

These are detail shots of Ichitomi’s beautiful erikae ensemble. Her kimono features a rare and gorgeous peacock motif with added peonies (on the opposite side) and pine trees and her juban has gold and silver pine needles to match. The hanao on her senryō geta are a very chic silver and pink, which contrasts well well the greens and blues on her kimono. Her golden obi features kikkō (tortoise shell) and hanabishi (flower diamonds) patterns that are meant to mimic the shell of a tortoise, an animal that is associated with long life and endurance.

( 私の名前はナファです )