September 2016: Maiko Konami (Nakagishi Okiya) of Gion Kobu surrounded by very colorful and skillfully crafted temari balls.

Historically, temari balls were made from the remnants of old kimono to give children as a toy. Pieces of silk were wadded up until they fromed a ball and then strips of silk would be wrapped around it to keep it in shape.

Over time, making temari became an art, and the once solely functional stitching became very detailed and decorative.

Today, temari are mostly seen as art, not as toys. They make very valuable gifts, as they symbolize loyalty, friendship and the wish for a long and happy life.

Source: Kinmokusei on Instagram

In 4th grade I heard the term geisha for the first time and asked what it was. My teacher told me it was a Japanese woman who entertained men. Naturally in my head I pictured a beautiful woman wearing kimono and make up riding a unicycle and juggling while a group of men cheered her on. I later realized she meant someone more like a stripper or prostitute. I even later learned that she was wrong and that geishas are in fact entertainers. Just that they sing, dance and play instruments rather than ride unicycles.

New Tab!

While working on the kanzashi tab I was alerted to a few things that I found a bit unsettling:

-No accurate list exists of the types of kanzashi worn by maiko and/or geiko
-No accurate diagrams exist of the kanzashi and their placement when worn by maiko and/or geiko
-No accurate lists exist of the components of a maiko and/or geiko’s outfit
-No accurate diagrams exist of the components of a maiko and/or geiko’s outfit.

I did actually try to find these from other sources, but they were either of very poor quality, had multiple parts wrong, or both.So, with the generous help of people on the forums I’ve been hard at work to correct these issues. You can find it all on the new tab called:

Anatomy of Maiko and Geiko

Since there’s so much information to be organized only the maiko section is up so far (and is still not fully complete). I hope to rectify this situation soon, but I really wanted to get this information out there for people to see as I was very disappointed by what I had managed to find. I hope that this proves to be useful to everyone’s studies in the future ^^

Also, due to the influx of new terms from the new tab the glossary has been updated to reflect these changes. A new version of the glossary has also been posted to Facebook as well.


Graffiti Geisha by HUSH

HUSH is originally from the UK, but worked in Japan for several years as a toy designer enabling him to draw upon Japanese culture as an outsider with an objective eye. Considered one of the most technically gifted urban artists, Hush’s contemporary paintings, limited edition prints, street art & murals explore themes of sexuality & pornography, contrasting the representation of women in traditional & modern eras.  |  Previously on XC
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via: Kumi Contemporary

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