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What’s up everyone! I’m launching a new show on my channel called “Randome”! The way it works is me (and sometimes friends) click the “Random” button on Crunchyroll and watch the first episode of whatever comes up! Let me know if you all enjoy it and if I should make more!

This first episode features @jaymonoto and I watching a way too cute slice of life show about art called “GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class”! We hope you enjoy!

Icon by @brugchu

If the anime looks like something you’d enjoy watching yourself, you can find it here on Crunchyroll! (not sponsored) (yet)

i still feel pretty melancholic after reading the last volume

Alright I finished it!!
Chihiro Fujisaki (DR), Hiyoko Saionji (SDR2), Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon), Kisaragi (GA Geijutsuka Art Design class)
Row Above:
Genocider Syo (DR), Hajime (Gatchaman Crowds), Sugane (G. crowds), Yu Narukami (p4), Nanako Dojima (p4)
Ruby Rose (RWBY), Penny (RWBY), Kuriyama Mirai (KnK)
Aradia Megido (Homestuck), John Egbert (Homestuck), Casey (Homestuck)
Left Side:
Zelda (LoZ), Link (LoZ)
Right Side:
Female Villager (Animal Crossing), Isabelle (ACNL), Eirika (Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones)
Upside-down Row:
Leaf (Pokemon LG/FR), Ava Ire (Ava’s Demon), Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece), Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece), Igniculus (Child of Light), Aurora (Child of Light), Bee (Bee & Puppycat)

anonymous asked:

this could have been asked before, but how did you go about getting to your style? i know style comes with time, practice and when you're not expecting it, but stuff like who were your major influences, what general things did you practice and polish (if that makes sense), general advice on what to not do, etc.

a million years late on the reply, but better than never [owo ]

i just draw and it kind of goes that-a-ways [owo;]

it all boils down to… uh, ‘sense’? i’m not sure how to translate this term out from japanese, so i’ll keep using it. loosely speaking, it means aesthetic sense and the way you see things - ergo, i make things look this way because it’s what feels ‘right’ to me as i’m drawing it.

(it’s gotta look ‘cool’. ‘cute’ is a bonus.)

the second half is ‘touch’, another odd japanese term i’m not sure how to translate. i suppose you could call it ‘technique’? it basically means how you approach drawing - ergo, i draw my lines and apply color this way because that’s what feels ‘right’ to me.

(gotta have lines that look ‘sharp’, it’s got to be ‘clean’ enough yet somewhat ‘messy’, etc.)

i’m not making very much sense, am i. [owo;;]

in terms of influences, i think most people would expect me to say someone like Yuji Himukai (Etrian Odyssey series) or Miwa Shirow (DOGS, 7th Dragon 2020)… but that’s not quite right.

the biggest influence on my stuff was probably Satoko Kiyuduki (better known for illustrating for the Dept. Heaven series from Sting, as well as the author of Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro and GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class). the detail and atmosphere she puts into her works is absolutely amazing, and something i hope to be able to get close to some day.

maybe the storytelling as well. i don’t think i’ll ever get anywhere on that one, though.

i think i’ve gone off course, though. um. [owo;;;]

regarding things i practiced or worked on: it was all by feel, i guess? whatever i feel needs fixing, or i find troublesome or difficult to draw, i practice. whatever i feel should look nicer or better, i put more work into. does that make sense? um.

there are no real ‘not-to-do’s regarding this, i believe. just follow what you feel is right, and you’ll develop something resembling a style as you go along.

people might disagree with me on this, but i think copying styles is fine. after all, when you ‘copy’ someone’s style, you’re basically trying to get into their head and understand their aesthetic sense (and, with enough work, to internalize it). some will be easier than others, for various reasons.

well, and their techniques. that’s kinda important as well.

the only advice i can give is to never stop and be satisfied (this is not very likely to happen, anyway) or try to curb your style from changing (which, on the other hand, sometimes happens). just as it comes naturally from your sense, your style will evolve over time as your sense does.