I can’t sleep, even if I tried….. Even if I wanted to. My bed, my bed, my bed, it keeps me warm…. It keeps me warm…. It keeps me too warm and I still can’t sleep. -.-’ #icantsleep #sohotinWA #why?!?! #keeprainingplease retake on #marylambert’s #shekeepsmewarm #kanjitattoo #geijutsuka #rathermakemusicthansleep #nightowlproblems

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the professor from GA geijutsuka art design class. don't know why, you seem like the kind of person who would randomly have a cold drink in your pockets almost like you were the dispenser

I… I don’t blame you for assuming that.

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RULES: Name ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms, then, tag ten people and repost.
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  1. Yuuri (Yugioh Arc-v)
  2. Gordon (Thunderbirds Are Go!)
  3. Mettaton (Undertale)
  4. Peridot (Steven Universe)
  5. Judai (Yugioh GX)
  6. Shiki (Dance with Devils)
  7. Joseph (JJBA)
  8. Kuro (Shoulder a Coffin Kuro)
  9. Noda (GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class)
  10. Keroro (Sgt Frog)

I have too many feelings for Satoko Kiyuduki’s work

Like GA basically convinced me to pick up art again as a proper subject in school which led me to be where I am today in my current job.

And I found SAC Kuro when I was in a really bad time of my life and it’s such a wonderful story like I could cry if it ever became an anime adaption.