THE REAL HAIR OF A REAL GEISHA – A Raven-Haired Rapunzel of Japan Shows What Happens When You Wash Out the Famous Geisha Hair-do ! (by Okinawa Soba)

Ca.1905 image from a half-stereoview by Herbert G. Ponting. This scan taken from a 1910 half-tone print. See the photographer enjoying the company of Geisha Girls in this old photo:


Aichi Geisha (via  『一駒』 裏方人?のブログ)

From left to right: Ichiha, Komako, Ibu - from Ichikoma Okiya, Anjo (Aichi prefecture)

  • The Geisha on the right is Eve (Ibu/一舞), a real blonde geisha. Her onesan is Ichiha. Eve is originally from the Ukraine and, according to her okaa-san, is quite dedicated to learning the arts. (text source)

(image sources: 1-2-3-4)

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A new video by Rachel & Jun: How to hire a geisha, as explained by geisha Kimicho and Nanoha.

Tokyo Geisha with an Uchiwa 1911 by Blue Ruin1 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Uchiwa (round fans) were introduced to Japan from China many centuries ago. They are made by stretching paper or silk, often decorated with calligraphy or ukiyo-e (floating world) scenes, over a radiating bamboo skeleton. Uchiwa is a kigo (seasonal word) for summer in Japanese poetry.

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