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Soo let's say I'm a muse of light with bowkind and axekind, and I just so happen to convince the royalty to give me both the kings sceptres and Queens rings, so I can keep the horrorterrors from eating the session (significance shenanigans, infertile skaia etc etc...) And I just maybe want to make some pimping weapons before they are gone forever. Can you recommend a bow or axe using one or a few of these ingredients? (I also have a Geiger counter and some prisms if it makes your life easier.)

I must recommend the Bow of Sburb.

This ultimate weapon is not meant to be used in game, nor can it be used in a normal session.

To create this bow requires you to sacrifice any hope you had at creating a new universe, for even after alchemizing it, it requires a sacrifice to be used.

After alchemizing this bow (ingredients include both a queen’s ring and a king’s sceptre, as well as a Sburb Game Disk, a Horrorterror Tentacle and Plasma Bow) to give it ammunition, you have to sacrifice a Genesis Tadpole.

By doing this, you feed the energy that would’ve gone into sustaining a new universe into the Bow, and this is what allows it to tear through the Incipisphere into other sessions.

This bow is a session conquerer’s bow.

The session you’ve described to me is unwinnable, unbeatable, infertile. So you have to get to other sessions to do anything.

Once in another session, this bow gains a new effect.

It can infect players with any negative effect from any prototyping ever used.

Remember how when Jack used the black queen’s ring he lost an arm?

This bow can force effects like that onto a player.

If anyone in any session ever prototyped a Petrified Log for instance, a shot from this bow could petrify the victim.

By using this bow to conquer sessions, you could gain an infinite amount of potential universes in the form of other session’s Genesis Tadpoles, and by using alchemy, you could combine all of these unique Tadpoles into other, more varied (and more unstable) Genesis creatures, such as a Genesis Whale.

All in all, this is the perfect tool for a Session Conquerer, or someone doomed in an Infertile Session such as yourself.

O’ mighty Muse of Light, use this bow well, for you will not meet its match in a thousand million sessions of Sburb.

~Weapons Master Blu

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