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is shiro the tallest?? like, in the pic where hunk's got the geiger counter, he looks like he's standing at the same perspective place as everyone else, but he's like hella tall: cdn. collider. com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/voltron-legendary-defender-image-4. jpg

oh yeah, a couple days ago, i’ve stumbled upon this… 

…which seems like the best reference for now. 

(P. S. if you stare long enough at keith’s shoulder pads you will notice that they’re lower than lance’s one but their helmets are at the same level? help.)

entire height issue is impossible to resolve because someone have already leaked model sheets and height seemed the last important thing, besides, different animators board the same episode so… inconsistence with heights is very possible since you have 2 follow only a simple formula.

which is probably – pidge is the shortest; shiro is the tallest; keith, lance & hunk are around the same height. 

ah, and for the last. 

it seems animators are very, very, very nonchalant about making them the same height. are they the same height? are they not? what a grand mystery. 


Dear Tyler: I am sending your tweet to the US Marine Corps. You can thank me later. BTW, how is the School of Infantry at Camp Geiger treating you these days? Let’s find out, shall we? Oh poo-poo. You shut down your Twitter when I told you I posted your tweet onto the USMC Camp Geiger Facebook page. Poor thing! You are even changing your Facebook page. Good thing I archived it first.

Why can’t these racists own their words? If you speak it, own that shit muhfuggah.

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A Pop of Yellow

Bringing some colour to the over pass!
LeighLoves saying hello to the Spring months with this bright yellow stand out over coat.
Stand out from the crowd in bold, bright colours this spring.

Over Coat- River island
Top- Top Shop
Trousers- River Island
Shoes- Kurt Geiger
Sunglasses- Chanel