• blackpinesprospecting Fun day measuring the radiation levels of the #wcu #geology department minerals.
    This sample went trip to 9.10 (µSv/h)
    Highest so far was 250.6 (µSv/h)
    Remember that normal background radiation is between 0.03-0.30 (µSv/h)
One Pure Thought - 2


a/n: i started just writing smut and then got carried away and made a story….

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warnings: it gets frisky towards the end

Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy

word count:  4,409

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Awakened by the persistent knocking, Eric groaned and climbed out from under the covers. Crossing his apartment, he had a good idea who it was causing the racket.

“What do you want, Abs?” Eric snapped, opening the door a crack to find Abernathy, as he had suspected.

“Missed you in the gym this morning,” his friend spoke in a cheery voice, obviously much more awake than he was.

“I got my workout last night.” Eric shifted, adjusting the door so Abernathy was able see over his shoulder and spy the sleeping body underneath the sheets of Eric’s bed.

“Nice,” he nodded, accepting Eric’s alabi. “I’ll catch you later then.”

“Yeah, later,” Eric grumbled, shutting the door and shuffling back to his bed.

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