Yard Sales

In Radiation Springs Yard Sales are the backbone of the local economy.  Ya see, when you’ve got a bunch of people that spend most of their days scavenging for anything they can eat, they’re bound to come across stuff they won’t eat. That’s where the Yard Sale comes in. Anything to make some scratch.

Now this ain’t your Grandpappy’s Yard Sale neither.  You’ll find things for sale in Radiation Springs you’re probably not apt to find down at the local Flea Market or Thrift store.  I’m talkin’ weird things, like really weird things.  But who am I to judge. One Wastelander’s trash is a nuther’s next meal.  Just be sure keep your Geiger Counter and CDC Test Kits handy if you intend to do any binge shopping round here.


Christmas Wishes - Ski Jumping Edition


Trinitite: this piece of green glass was produced by the heat of the very first atomic explosion. Trinitite is the name given to the fused sand from the Alamagordo NM fission bomb test on July 16, 1945- code named Trinity. The 20 kiloton explosion melted the top few centimeter think layer of the desert sand out to a radius of a kilometer. Still mildly radioactive (as seen with this vintage Civil Defense Geiger Counter) but safe to handle. A piece of physics history! ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for info and on where to get this and many more of the amazing items featured here on @physicsfun


Part II

“Meh” aka “When you know it wasn’t enough” or in Markus’ case “When you know you fucked up” Oberstdorf Edition (04/05.02.17)

(with a double appearance by Domen Prevc, who never seems to be satisfied, and a very, very pissed Markus Eisenbichler)

Part I (x)