The geckos were printed using a 3D Systems ZPrinter 650, which is a powder-based 3D print process where gypsum powder - what drywall is made of - is bonded with glue layer by layer following a 3D geometry. The geometry is loaded into the printer as a WRML file. As the material binds ink is jetted out and essentially paints the model layer by layer as it prints. ZPrinters are the only technology that offers full color 3D printing.


The way we listen to music has come a long way in the last two decades. Technology has provided some serious gear for taking at-home acoustics to the next level—from surround sound to noise-canceling headphones. Whether I’m having my tea in a café with my computer or soaking up some sun in the park, headphones are the one gadget I can’t do without. But my current pair was seriously lacking. I decided it was time to find a serious pair to help me become a serious Digital Gentleman.

Like with all good decisions, it’s all about doing your research, whether it’s 15 minutes that helps you save 15% or more finding the company that can save you the moston your car insurance or finding the very best pair of headphones. I started by narrowing down what I was looking for. These days, you can even get a really great pair of ultra-stashable earbuds that do the job. But, what I really wanted: a stylish pair with pro quality that you can only get from the classics.

I did some poking around online and then decided to head to a small DJ shop in my neighborhood. I knew I could trust them about sound—and style. After about a half hour of testing out different models with their turntable setups—and several of my favorite records—I found a pair that had the perfect balance. I really started to appreciate the leather accents and chrome as well as the unbelievably sharp sound and noise-cancelling features. It was music to my Digital Gentleman ears. Take a look at how the folks at 3DS Cubify recreated the scene with my latest 3D replica.

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–The GEICO Gecko