(TBH I saw this and all I could think about was Telly from Sesame Street! He’s president of the triangle club after all! Lol!)


We have been rated higher than AAA, and other roadside assistance companies.
We offer customers a motor club membership experience like no other that is provided by a trusted and respected company since 1926.

Our members receive Unlimited Emergency Roadside Assistance for: RV’s, Motorcycles, Boats, Livestock Trailers, Dually Pickups Over 1 Ton and Cars *Services Include*
•Battery Jump Starts
•Flat Tire Change
•Vehicle Lock-Out Service
•Fuel Delivery •Unlimited Towing
All included With the membership and no out of pocket expenses.. #roadsideassistance #businessgoals #friendship #friends #towinglife #towing #life #roadtrippin #vegan #venezuela #vegas #services #service #jumpstart #flattire #fueldelivery #geico

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only coming back for like a day so don’t get too hyped 

i need y’all to name my gecko 

he’s a pretty chill dude. his OG name is Kevin which i think is dumb because animals shouldn’t have person names. luckily the girl I bought him from named him Fribble, but she said i can name him whatever i want if i don’t like Fribble. 

i might do a vote on the best ones if any of y’all actually respond lol 

Corporate Espionage

Interrogator: Unt now, Mister Smith, you vill tell us vere zee microfilm is…

Secret Agent: O-okay… the truth is… switching to Geico will save you 15% or more on your car insurance.

Interrogator: …

Secret Agent: …

Interrogator: *Pulls out gun & shoots him in both knees*

Interrogator: I switched to Progressive. Now vere is zee fucking microfilm?

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okay so @sassytimemachine (who, btw, is extremely pretty,,??) tagged me to post a recent selfie but I’m not that comfortable posting pictures of myself on the internet? so here’s me with the Geico gecko photoshopped onto my face. or maybe i just AM the geico gecko. anyway thanks for tagging me x

i don’t know who of my followers/friends want to do this/feel comfortable doing it, so if you follow me and you see this and want to do it, consider yourself tagged. :)


I just drank wine from the bottle AND saved a buncha money by switching to @Geico #Geico 🍷💰 (at Camelback East, Phoenix)

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You have to admit, she pretty much is.

Could switching to GEICO save you 15% or more on car insurance?…is Lady Jaye well endowed?

(Cut to Lady Jaye sneaking about a COBRA base, just as The Baroness manages to sneak up and grab her from behind…but manages to grab her by her breasts.)

L. Jaye: Uhhh…
Baroness: Were you always this big? And why can I feel your nipples through this uniform?
L. Jaye: That doesn’t explain why you’re squeezing them. (Destro walks in)
Destro: …Ladies, don’t stop on my account.