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Any headcanons on bokuroo arguing with each other? Like maybe they get into a BIG argument?

(why do people want to see them argue?? You’re the second person to ask me that. :’D)

To be honest i don’t see them argueing much. Although Kuroo could seem like the person to get into fights sometimes due to his provocative nature, I think Bokuto is way too nonconfrontional and happy-go-lucky for this. I don’t see Bokuto actually wanting to argue. He’s more like.. pouting and grumping? But not really fighting I guess.

Worst case scenario they do have a big argument, in my mind Bokuto would just leave the apartment or something to let Kuroo cool off. Just to avoid the fighting because he just doesn’t want to. Ofc he lets his bf know that he’ll come back once his temper cooled off.

I can’t decide who is best with Dipper. He’s so shippable it’s ridiculous.

But yes, reverse Dip blushing and Pacifica leading ASDFJDJ *DIES*
While she says, “Just shut up and dance with me!” And reverse Dipper just thinking, “Oh man, this girl’s my destiny.”