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Holy FRICK, it's youuu. I've seen your art all over and never realized it was one person who created all these amazing pieces? How did I not? They're all so good? Anyways I'm here now. Subscribed and all!

Excuse my reaction but ‘all over’ sounds like … everywhere but tumblr? D:  (Which, if that’s the case, makes me really unhappy because my art should only be on this site.. with some exceptions)

But yeah… Well .. I am glad that you found me? o_o .. and yes all these shitty little jokes are mine. They’re bad :’D .. and the art is just sketches but yes. That’s all mine. When you see a bad joke with seijou 3rd years involved, it’s probably mine because that’s been all I did lately :’D… I’m very sorry for it, I just can’t stop. But I am very happy that you seem to enjoy all my dumb art.
And I guess I need to get a bit more continuity in my style. I realize some pieces look very different in style from others. I’m still not where I actually want to be so, yeah. :D
Thank you <3

More AA+ Localization
  • *Maya/Mayoi says something silly*
  • Naruhodo: (Good grief...)
  • Phoenix: (Geez, Maya, what the heck. That doesn't even make sense! How does it have anything to do with dolphins!?)
  • --
  • *in court, prosecutor rubs evidence and testimony in his face*
  • Naruhodo: (Ugh... this is really bad...)
  • Phoenix: (That's it, I'm screwed. Goodbye, cruel world...)
  • --
  • *after acquittal*
  • Naruhodo: *tears up* (Yes! It's finally over!)
  • Phoenix: *to the CSI Miami theme* (Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!)

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I wanted to tell you that your blog is really a godsend for my bad days. Seeing you interact with you followers and seeing your posts makes me feel a lot better. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way, and I wanted to tell you that even though we never really talk, I kinda see you as a friend. We love you lots, Lumi <3

Aaww geez, scoob…T-that really means a lot to me, y’know that? <3

A lot of the times I feel like I’m annoying and stuff but knowing that my blog is, by some miracle, able to help at least one person feel better? That’s more than enough for me. Thank you for being here and for dealing with me!

And…Believe me when I say that I see you as a friend, too. :)

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Hey Mama. So, I have an important math test this Wednesday, and I've worked very hard and know the stuff we have to do, but my math teacher hates me and always tries to humiliate me even though my work is usually done right. I'm really scared of him! He once even hit the flower crown I was wearing off my head (he didn't hurt me of course, but still, it was scary) Can I have some incouragement from Hanji? I could really use that! Thank you💜

Oh, ditch that jerk! Don’t let a bad teacher destroy your passion and your fun in learning! You’re learning for yourself! You hear? Only yourself and your future! Concentrate on the topics, the books and maybe get a backup tutor to help you, so you don’t start disliking math! That’s be a shame, wouldn’t it? Geez, I can’t believe someone would ruin a young person’s fun in learning like this! I can’t believe this guy!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! 

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Since I'm in the US right now my world is going up in flames. How peaceful is it in CA right now?

Well geez, I wouldn’t really know how California is doing, but I assume pretty bad too.

X’D I’m just bein a smartass.

From what I can tell, most Canadians are not fans of Drumpf. Our economies are pretty intertwined, so we’re pretty worried. The rest of the world appears to be havin a bit of a freakout over the stocks too, which are apparently on actual fire.

I’m kinda hoping this’ll end up being one of those… hitting rock bottom to facilitate the need for genuine change…things…? Know what I mean?

Anyway. Politics annoy me, so here’s a chibi Farz and fatbird to help you feel better.

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You'll regret giving me permission. There are millions of things I can show you. They'll shatter your innocence and destroy your brain cells until you're mourning Harambe 24/7. For now, I'm sending you two links. Enjoy. 👌

Oh geez are memes really that bad?! *sighs* alright… what is it you have to show me?

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I follow you for portal, I stay because you post even more things I enjoy

Oh geez ily anon! I’m sorry I don’t post Portal much anymore…but if I see fan art or Caroline I’ll reblog it from time to time. I feel bad though because Julia and I hog portal URLs and we don’t really reblog it

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Hi! I got this idea after reading your hcs- I hope you don't mind.How would Starish and QN react if their S/O has a habit of cracking their joints. Like they stand up after sitting down for a long while and CRACK- I'm sorry this is long- *runs away*

The habit of the s/o is also a really bad habit of mine. I get questioned for it all the time. So, I’m gonna respond to this using what people have actually said to me if it works for certain characters. Lol. I hope that’s fine.

Natsuki: “___-chan, you’re going to hurt your little bones if you do that all the time!”

Tokiya: *shudders* “Please stop doing that!”

Cecil: “Doesn’t that hurt?” *tries to crack his knuckles* “Ow!”

Ren: *blinks at the sound but says nothing*

Otoya: “Geez, I didn’t even know you could crack your back like that!”

Syo does it too. So he doesn’t even notice

Masato: “That’s very dangerous. You’re going to give yourself arthritis if you keep cracking your knuckles.” 

Reiji: “Snap, crackle, pop!”

Ranmaru: *also does it *“Wow, I can’t pop that one. Help me do mine.”

Ai: “I would appreciate if you didn’t do that around me.”

Camus: “Ugh, you should see a chiropractor.”

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Hey Shelia, I hope you don't mind me asking, but I applied to RISD last week and I'm really worried about my portfolio. Is there any chance that the portfolio you used to apply is still lying around? I'd just like to see what an accepted portfolio looks like. Thanks a lot, and have a nice day.

OH GEEZ. Dude, my portfolio was so bad. I always felt that the RISD essay and the 3 required drawings were so much more important when it came to admission. Those are the ways they really test you. 

But I do know that some of these pieces were in my portfolio. 

Below are the three RISD required assignment I had to do too. One was ‘draw a bike’ another was 'distorted paper’ and the third was 'use both side of the paper’

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My boyfriend bought me a cute pink gun! I love it it's like super adorable. It's funny when I accidentally pointed it at him and he like screamed at me! Like geez >.> I'm super responsible and stuff. Anyway buy her something cute :D

I really hope you’re trying to be funny, but this is bad. Don’t point guns at anything you don’t want holes in.

also I still like Naruto

the series and the character, and I know there are problems with it but I mean geez, it’s not just popular because it’s some kind of mystic weaboo magnet, do you know how hard kishi worked to get a successful series?  And it’s so obvious that he studied art for a long time and it’s really paid off!  

I think people think its popularity is unwarranted but I dunno, that level of popularity doesn’t happen by coincidence.

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I used to be a terrible person; when I was younger I traced/copied art all the time. It became a bad habit. I finally stopped and haven't done it in years, but I still feel so guilty and ashamed. I also worry people will find out about my past, and I'll never be trusted to work anywhere. I've been really depressed for the past two years over this, and I'm not even trying to get a job or sell my own original art any more. I feel like giving up and I hate myself so much

oh geeze , forgive yourself a little !

Even when I started to draw I copied a lot of anime pictures from books I liked , we all started somewhere. Nowadays with being online its easier to see if things are traced/copied and as an artist that has had their stuff traced and copied I can say..YEAH its a little frustrating but the first thing i think about is what i did when i was younger , and i did the same thing until I learned about referencing etiquette. I was lucky to avoid a lot of the online stuff so my mistakes wernt as documented but they were still there. 

theres nothing wrong with referencing stuff to learn , and yes those refs should be properly sourced but honestly no one is necessarily BORN with this knowledge - it takes some trail and error and yes …maybe some finger waggles in private message form if someone sees it. Now if you did know you should have done this and didnt well guess what..

you still dont deserve the mental stress you’re putting on yourself 

its not going to ruin your life , no ones going to look back on your old traced art and never trust you again. Thats like them looking back on my old anime lens flare art and thinking thats all im defined by that too. Give yourself a little leeway to learn and grow. Its ok ! your’re not a terrible person , you’re just a person. The only way to leave that phase in the past is to continue creating :)  so dont let it stop you .