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ah geez cramps are THE WORST!! im so sorry you’re dealin with that rn :c  

but honestly… this is such a cute idea *m* jasper’s got heat cramps and pearl, having been on earth for so long without homeworld help, has figured out a variety of nice ways to soothe them 💕

"I don't like when we fight." (Ethan)

Anonymous: “an imagine where you guys have an argument and he walks out but then something happens and he comes back”


The request didn’t specify which twin, so I wrote it with Ethan. :)



“Ethan, you can’t keep doing this! You’re ruining everything!” (Y/N) shouted.

“Ruining what? The thoughts your parents have of the perfect life with your perfect boyfriend who will eventually be the perfect husband for you? Well, y'know what, I’m not perfect. I’m sorry I’m not rich, and I’m sorry I don’t fit in with the people you’re parents always have around.” I shouted back. I pulled my duffle bag out of the closet and started throwing clothes into it.

“Ethan, stop. What are you doing?” (Y/N) asked.

“I can’t stand it anymore. Your parents treat me like shit, and I’m not going to let them step all over me anymore. I’m leaving.” I said. I finished packing, grabbed my keys from the counter and stormed out to my car.

“You know what, fine. Just leave. You’re real good at leaving when you don’t get your way.” (Y/N) shouted from the porch. I started my car, pulled out of the driveway and sped down the street. I had no idea where I was going, but I knew I couldn’t stay there. Her parents never liked the fact that (Y/N) and I were together, just because my family wasn’t rich like them. And clearly, their feelings about me weren’t going to change any time soon.

I had been driving for thirty minutes when my phone started buzzing in the cup holder. I looked down and saw Grayson’s name flash across the screen.

“Hello?” I said when I answered.

“Why did (Y/N) just call me crying saying you left her?” He asked.

“Because I did. Look, I really don’t want to talk about this over the phone.” I said.

“Well, come over then. I cant have my brother driving around town all night with no place to sleep.” Grayson said.

“Fine. I’ll be there in like ten minutes.” I said. I hung up the phone and drove over to Grayson’s apartment. I knocked and he answered not even five seconds later. “Geez, it’s like you were watching the peep hole to see when I got here.” I said, trying to ease the mood. Grayson let out a small laugh and we went into the living room, an awkward silence between us.

“So…?” He asked.

“So, what?”

“Are you going to tell me why you left (Y/N)?” He asked.

“Fine,” I sighed, “I just, couldn’t take it anymore. Her parents are always talking down on me, and they’re always trying to find someone who comes from money to replace me. They’ve never liked me, and now it’s starting to rub off on (Y/N). She told me the other day that she thought it would be a good idea if I started looking for a better paying job. I’m just tired of them treating me like garbage.” I explained, trying to hold back the tears.

“Ethan, I am so sorry that this is happening. I’m not good at consoling people, but if you need a place to crash, you’re more than welcome to stay here.” Grayson said. I looked up at him and forced a smile.

“Thanks bro, I really appreciate it.” I said. He nodded and led me to the guest room.

“Well, I’m sure you wanna get some sleep, so I’ll leave you be. G'night.” Grayson said. I nodded and he walked off, back to his room. I changed into some sweats and a tshirt and got into bed. I checked my phone and saw that I had a million unread texts and missed calls from (Y/N). I cleared out all of the notifications and just tried to push her out of my mind and sleep.

* * *

It had been a few days since Grayson took me in, and I haven’t heard from (Y/N) in any of that time.

I couldn’t lie, I missed her like crazy, but the breakup was still fresh. I didn’t want to lose her, but at the same time, I wanted her to realize that I wasn’t going to let her family treat me like shit.

I was laying in the bed in the guest room when there was a knock on the door.

“Hey, E, there’s someone here who wants to see you.” Grayson said. He moved out of the doorway and (Y/N) was standing behind him.

“Hey Ethan.” She said quietly.

“I’ll leave you two be.” Grayson said, shutting the door behind him.

“(Y/N). What’re you doing here?” I asked awkwardly.

“I came to talk to you,” she began. “Look, I know that you were upset about the way that my parents were treating you, and I was too.” She said.

“Didn’t seem like you were upset, by the way you were acting that night.” I said.

“Ethan, I know, and I’m sorry for that. But, having you gone were the worst couple of days of my life. You make me happy beyond words, and I will do anything to have you back home.” She said, starting to cry.

“(Y/N), come here.” I said, hugging her. “I love you too, you know that. And I always will. It just hurts, knowing that your family doesn’t want us to be together.”

“I have no doubt that hurts, and I’m really sorry for that. But, you know what. This relationship involves you and me, nobody else. All that matters is what you and I think. Who cares about what anyone else thinks.” She said. God, I loved when she got all preachy.

“You know what, you’re right. I want to be with you, you want to be with me. And we make each other happy.” I agreed.

“Screw what my parents think. They’ve never liked anyone I’ve brought home anyway.” She said with a smile. I kissed her softly, she pulled away and smiled. “Mmm, I’ve missed those.” She said, kissing me again.

Later that night, (Y/N) and I were finally back home, in our own bed, I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. “I really don’t like when we fight. I get scared with the possibility of us not making up, and I hate feeling like that.” I said, kissing her forehead.

“I don’t like fighting either. Let’s not fight anymore. At least, not over small things like this.” She said.

“Agreed.” I said. I turned out the light and felt (Y/N) lay her head against my chest, and her breathing start to slow as she fell asleep. I smiled to myself and thought about how much I truly loved her, and how grateful I was to have someone like her in my life.


Seungcheol: *to Jeonghan* hey!! I was wondering if I could maybe get your number?? ;;))

Jeonghan: *with phone* sorry I don’t have a phone :((

Seungcheol: *confused* but… you’re holding one?

Jeonghan: ffs I just don’t want to talk to you take a hint geez I TRIED to give you a way out

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I'm so sick of the crit///ical and disc///ourse stuff in the OK//K.O. tag. People are claiming that the characters are sexualized (when big hips/legs/breasts are common female body types!!) and doing redesigns and it's like geez, it's fricking SU crit all over again. Some of the people who are critical haven't even watched the show like you should watch it before claiming the characters are "sexualized"??? Can't we just have fun with the characters instead of being nitpicky.

ian jq just cant catch a break. ok ko is such a delightful show too, like you can really tell the people behind it are having a blast making it.


That’s probably not the official ship name, but screw it. I like it.

Anyways, I previously did a Rowaelin wedding headcanon, and someone asked me to do a Lysandra x Aedion one too. There’s not a whole bunch of otp stuffs on them but I’ll try my best to make it good:)

-Lysandra & Aedion sprung for the more extravagant, large, and public wedding so Rowaelin could keep it small

-Winter wedding <3 cold, but  b e a u t i f u l

-Lysandra’s  D R E S S: gorgeous poofy white princess ballgown with sequined accents (since it’s in the winter, Lysandra has a white fur (or faux, whatever floats your goat) leopard coat w a train that she wears over her dress)


-Evangeline getting to be the flower girl again and being so happy

-Aelin as the moh

-first dance in the middle of the ballroom (total Cinderella moment there)

-Aelin and Rowan getting to have their first dance as a married couple/ Queen and King in public

-Aelin and Lysandra realizing they’re practically sisters after the wedding and just bursting into tears and laughing together ive said it before and ill say it again i live for this brotp


-Evangeline standing up on the table and tapping her glass with her knife just like Aunt Aelin taught her to get everyone’s attention

“Um-Excuse me! Um…” Aelin just snaps her fingers and a little a flash of fire just goes up at their table and everyone looks at Evangeline and she gets all flustered and nervous and just goes “I would like to make some toast..?”

And Aelin is just like “It’s ok sweety, just like we practiced” and Evangeline makes an adorable lil toast I cant handle this lil cinnamon roll

-Rowan returning the favor of being the first man

-Aedion being super nervous right before the wedding and catching Rowan and Aelin outside right beforehand and them giving him a pep talk that goes something like:

Aedion: “This was a mistake. I’m not good enough for her. I know it.”

Aelin: ”No you’re really not. She should have married Dorian; I really shipped that.”

Aedion: *startled and confused expression*

Rowan: “Not helping, Fireheart.”

Aelin: “I was kidding! Geeze, you Males and weddings.”

-Aedion & Lysandra having the cutest wedding ever because they are the cutest thing ever

-Lysdion getting prego and everybody getting super exited >that’s another headcanon I will do soon

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hi im new to the fob fandom and ur like the first fob blog i've followed so i was wondering if you could rec some good fob blogs for me please?

oh geez u came at a Busy time….. but to start you with the Basics here are a lot of blogs that update regularly + post a lot of fall out boy. i recommend @disloyalorder @ruberiot @trohmann @maniamp3 @patroh @trohman @vaughnstumph @yngmnc @alwaysfob @trohmoan @aloneyesterday @wentour @dancingmiserable @infinityonhigher @sweaterpawpatrick @crytpozoology @clandestinewentz @saverockanroll @hurleyvxv @paxamdykes @infirity @andmenace @vintagemiserie @ginasfm @toomanychances @weissite and cant forget my Friends @brooklynsaporta @pmvstump

im definitely forgetting so many good ones so please don’t be offended if you’re not here, i follow almost 300 blogs and i just skimmed the list! but im sure thats enough for u to get started nonnie

Oh Great, I'm late! Shuuichi x Fem!Reader

I have noticed you were busy lately and decided to contribute some content to tide everyone over ^^ your fans love you I hope this helps!(Submitted by @twintaileddragon )

Shuuichi woke up very slowly, his eyes just not ready to stay open for longer than a few seconds. He didn’t even remembering falling asleep on his couch, but that certainly where he woke up. He groaned, trying to pick himself up but his body would rather just quit. He allowed himself to relax again, confident that he had all the time in the world.
Without warning, his front door was kicked open and the boy shot to his feet to see his friends Ouma and Kaito dragging a water hose and a long tarp I to his house. They froze, seeing him looking at them from over the couch
“What the hell are you guys doing?”
“I thought you said he wasn’t home!” Ouma complained, looking at Kaito.
“He’s not supposed to be here!”
“Answer my question!” Behind them, Rantarou entered, holding a few wooden boards. He too froze, seeing that the shy boy was home.
“What’s he doing here?”
“Can someone please tell me what the hell you are all doing in my house?”
“What are YOU doing in your house!?” Kaito panicked, dropping the garden hose.
“I live here!”
“We are turning your spiral staircase into a water slide,” Ouma admitted. “Kaito said you’d be out tonight.”
“So you just left S/O at the restaurant!?” Kaito screamed. Shuuichi was confused for a moment until your face popped into his mind. Suddenly he was overwhelmed. Without another word he sprang to his feet, running upstairs to his bedroom.
“So is it cool if we set up the water slide?” Rantarou asked.
“Geez,” Ouma started, setting up the tarp at the bottom of the staircase. “What does she see in you?I hope you’re not late for all your dates.”
“Oh, this is not just a date,” Kaito started, “this is their 6 month anniversary. It’s a very serious milestone.”
“Not really,” Rantarou commented. “Turn the hose on.”
“Please do not turn the hose on!” Shuuichi yelled from his room, buttoning up his shirt and looking around for a matching tie. “My god, I’m almost half an hour late. She’s probably going to leave me for some playboy billionaire philanthropist or something-”
“She’s going to leave you for Batman!” Ouma yelled excitedly.
“If I were her I would,” Rantarou commented “He’s probably a better detective,too.”
“You guys aren’t helping!” Shuuichi ran out of his room, headed downstairs frantically mumbling everything needed to get ready. “Ugh I haven’t showered, brushed my teeth, got her flowers-”
“Dude,” Rantarou said, angling the boards on the stair case. “ you need to chill… also someone pass me the tarp.”
“I will deal with this later,” Shuuichi said, gesturing to the half built water slide. “My better half is waiting for me.”

His first stop was the store. He grabbed the most colorful bundle of flowers he saw and headed for the checkout line. With it being a busy night, the lines were all nearly filled. The detective tapped his foot impatiently, gritting his teeth and trying to imagine the best possible outcome. Maybe you forgot too! That would be fantastic.
“Shuuichi?” He heard. He looked over and saw Kaede with a small basket of groceries. “Hey, nice to see you!”
“Hey, Kaede!”
“Date tonight?” She asked, pointing at the flowers. He laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head
“Yeah.. I’m um… actually late.”
“Oh! Goodness. I hope S/O won’t be upset!”
“Neither do I…” as Shuuichi held his little pity party he heard the intercom call someone to a closed register. Shuuichi immediately picked himself up rushing to the newly opened register and handing the cashier the flowers. Things were looking up. When the cashier gave him the total he reached into his pants pocket and….
“Sir?” The cashier asked, seeing the boys face drop.
“…. I don’t have my wallet.”

Shuuichi ran back home, bursting through the front door and ignoring Kaito setting up a small swimming pool at he end of his stair case. Rantarou was lounging in the half blown up pool.
“Forgot something?” Kaito asked between breathes.
“Have you guys seen my wallet!?”
“You seem oddly unfazed about what we are doing to your house.” Ouma said sweetly.
“Wallet! Now!”
“You left it on the coffee table.”
“Thanks!” Shuuichi jumped over the couch, grabbing his wallet and heading out of the door.

Okay! Nothing is going to slow him down now! Shuuichi was almost to the restaurant, holding an even bigger bouquet than he picked up the first time and rehearsing his ‘I’m sorry please don’t break up with me’ speech. As he rounded a corner, mumbling to himself, the shy boy tripped, battering the flowers a little and staining his shirt. He was also pretty sure he scraped his knee. He did not care. He got back up, sprinting to the restaurant. He was already an hour late! He weaves through foot traffic, running as fast as possible.
Finally. He sees it. At the end of the street he sees the restaurant and waiting just outside it in a short pink dress and furiously checking her watch, was his beautiful S/O. He ran faster, dodging any obstacle but unfortunately, not the couple who just left the target restaurant. Shuuichi gasped, colliding with the couple and running straight into their box of leftovers. Red sauce and pasta flew every which way. The flowers were coated, his shirt was covered and the couple was understandably pissed. As he sat there taking their scolding, you approached the situation to see what was happening and gasped seeing Shuuichi on the ground, looking defeated. He looked up at you, almost expecting you to start yelling too. Instinctively he held the flowers out to you.
“Sorry I’m late…..”

Shuuichi loosened his tie, walking to his house with you so that he could cook something for you. It was the least the could do. He spent most of the walk telling you about his evening and continually apologizing for being late and disheveled. As you both approached his house, you laughed.
“You went through all that for me?”
“Of course. I love you S/O… I understand if you’re angry, though.”
“Shuuichi, so you were late. It’s alright. I think you more than made up for it,” you joked, flicking pasta off his shoulder. As you both approached the front door, neither of you noticed the stream of water escaping the bottom of the front door.
“So… you’re not mad?”
“Absolutely not. I could never be mad at you, you dork.” You hugged him, nuzzling your nose into his. He grew red, noticing how close you were to each other. His hands moved to your hips and he moved in to kiss you….

Before he could the front door burst open, a huge wave of water flooded the front yard. Ouma came out of the house, riding the large wave with Shuuichi’s coffee table. As the water died down, Kaito looked out of the front door, wearing a snorkel. He noticed you and Shuuichi lying in the front yard completely drenched and smirked.
“So. How was your date?”

I hope everyone likes this ❤️ you may need to edit it a little bit because I typed it on my phone and it may have auto correct errors.

(Edit: So amazing!!! Holy shit I love this!!!!!)

The Cage in heaven Part 2

So after a quite long break, due to my finals and stuff, I finally decided to make part 2 , so please enjoy! :)

Read Part1 here  and Part 3 here   and Part 4 here and Part 5 here  Part 6 here and Part 7 here :)

Plot: Before the Apocalypse happend, god/Chuck started to overthink this whole Situation.  To avoid direct contact with his sons he decided to create one last Angel which he let grow up with humans and is actually more like human then Angel.  When she’s 18 god sent her to heaven.  He tells Joshua that she’s Michaels soulmate.  At first everything seemed perfect but then his plans didn’t went as they probably should.


Originally posted by supernaturalwinchesterimpalapie

After the discussion with Michael you were sent to your room with your not-so-well-liked babysitter Zacharriah which was pretty much the last thing you needed right now. At least he didn’t bother to talk to you quite much, so you had plenty of time to settle your plans on leaving heaven. It wouldn`t be easy but if you wanted to save human kind and your soul mate you had to be successful, that much was clear.

You rememberd what Gadreel told you about an archangel who fleed from heaven before. His name was Gabriel and he was the youngest archangel as far as you knew he was the only one to ever flee from heaven and survive. Gadreel also told you about how he probably had done it. You didn’t know much about Michaels youngest brother but you knew enough to hope that he might help you.

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I was so happy they didn't do the breastfeeding Frank moment. I was not a fan of that moment in the book at all. One reason being that is something Jamie had mentioned he wanted to do with Claire and 2 cause well that going on with Frank just made me want to vomit in my mouth when I read it.

That entire scene in the book was TEW TEW MURCH! Just no. To all of it. Fucking in the nursery? With Jamie’s baby RIGHT THERE?You’ve got an entire house full of other rooms, at least take it out into the hall. Geez! I don’t know about all y'all, but I cant even have the cat in the room. Bitch be staring at us like we nasty.

Your perfect to me

Maybe triggering for some so CAUTION- weight shaming, body shaming.. DONT SHAME PEOPLE ON HOW THEY LOOK, ITS NOT NICE!!!!!

You never felt like one of the it girls all skinny and perfect. You had curves and big boobs with stretch marks. You were very self conscious about your body that is until you meet Happy Lowman. That man loved you for who you were. The rambunctious, spunky tom boy.

One day you had forgotten you left clothes at Happys dorm when there was a lock down. You drove up to the clubhouse and all the guys bikes were gone. So you went inside to see Gemma setting at the bar doing paper work.
“Hey Y/N what brings you here”? “The guys went to get some supplies for the up coming run”.

“ Hey Gem, I’m just here to get some clothes that I left here last lock down”.
“ Alright, maybe after your done you can help me with this work. I can’t read half of this chicken scratch they call hand writing”. she laughed
“Yeah I’ll help you, Chibs has really bad handwriting”.
“Oh thank you, I think he writes in his own scottish way where no one can understand a damn thing he says”.
“ Your funny so funny Gemma”. You walked laughing back to his dorm when you heard two croweaters talking so you decided to listen.

Croweater 1" Happys so fucking  sexy “.
Croweater 2 ” Yeah he is, I would tap that so hard".
Croweater 1" But hes with that fat whale Y/N".
Croweater 2 “ She needs to find out hes only with her cause he loves animals.”

They both laughed and giggled about how you look. Saying you should just give up trying to look like them, you didn’t deserve Happy and that you should just crawl in a hole and go away from their man.
You had forgotten about your clothes as you stormed out the bar area. Gemma looking at you confused.

“ Y/N baby what the matter”. she walked over to you her head tilted.
“ Nothing I’m fine, just forgot that I had to do something”, You lied
“ Ok you sure”.
“ Yeah I’m sorry I can’t help you right now”.
“Thats ok sweetheart”.

You walked out of the clubhouse wiping a tear away. Gemma didnt believe you and went back to the dorms  and heard those two croweaters still talking. She walked in and slammed the door.
“What did you two little bitches do to Y/N”?
“Nothing we didnt see her”. Croweater 1 said twirling her hair.
“Your lying and if you dont tell me the fucking truth I’m going to get Tig to rip your fake tits off of you and he will have a great time with your dead bodies now spill”.

“OK we were talking about her and how she doesnt deserve Happy and her weight”. Croweater 2 softly spoke.
“ If anything happens to her your going to deal with Happy and I’m pretty sure you both will be happy faces before you even try to explain”. Gemma pulled out her phone and dialed Happys phone number.
She told him everything the croweaters had said. He was beyond pissed.
He pulled up to his house, he saw your car sitting in the driveway. His mind went to the worst.

“Y/N you home baby”? He called out. No answer.
Thats when he really got scared. Then he heard a noise in the garrage.  You have had enough of those croweaters bullshit. So you got a shovel, saw and garbage bags.
“Y/N what are you doing”? “I heard what happen you ok”?
“Yeah why wouldn’t I be”? The look in your eyes new you had planed something crazy.
“Well you look like your about to bury someone”.
“Maybe I am, whats it to you”?
“ Lets see 1 I dont wanna have to bail my woman out of jail and 2 you have no gloves so finger prints”. He held up his finger.
“ Thats why I have you”. “To tell me what I’m doing wrong”. You walked to the door and Happy stopped you.
“Come on, you cant kill them”. “They mean nothing to you or me”.
“ Hap I’m sick and tired of all the looks and talk about me and you”. “So maybe if I take out two no one will talk again”.
“Thats not going to happen”. The look on your face made him rethink his answer.
“So you don’t like the way I look either”. The anger drained from your face now replaced by sadness.
“Thats not what I met”. “Y/N the way people look is not at you its me the killer thats what i was saying”.
“Baby Girl I love you, forget every single person that hurt you. You and I should be the only ones caring about our relationship. You are the most amazing person that I have ever met. You can get down and dirty and you can look like you just stepped out of heaven. Your perfect to me. Why cant you see that”?  " I would do anything for you to love yourself like I do".
“Oh Lowman, you big solfty”. “ I love you”. Thank you for excepting all of me".
“ Well Little Girl theres alot of you and I wouldn’t trade it for anything”. He pulled you close slipping one hand on your ass and the other squeezing your boob.
“ Geez Hap I think you only like me for my extras”. you slapped his hand away from your chest.
“ Nah thats a bonus”. He kissed you.
“So are you going to help me with those bitches or em I going to do this on my own”.

“ Really, ok let me get some gloves and call Jax to give him an update. He pulled out his phone, you pinched his butt making him growel.
"You know where to bury them at, I dont want this blowing up in our faces”.
“Now woman,  look who your talking too, I know a thousand places to bury a body”. He laughed talking to Jax
You walked into the house ready to take out some trash. You knew this wasnt going to be the end of the looks and talking that people give you. It didnt matter what people thought but those two whores were died.

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Finished? :3




I mean, i get it. Both sides. It wasnt fair for Ellie, but it wasnt fair either for the Fireflies. I mean that last scene with the doctors…just…that felt so real, at least for me it felt so wrong…i guess that’s why the player left the nurse alive (not sure if you can kill her tho). 

And Joel’s lies…just…ok i think im going to watch the trailer since the DLC seems like a flashback to what happened to Ellie in Boston (i havent seen anything but the miniatures so im guessing it’s that) but…geez this felt so wrong…everything….like i cant ever relate to joel here….it’s…too complicated

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47. turn ons & 48. turn offs

oh geez here we go

turn offs:

  • like?? not having good hygiene? why is masculinity so fucking fragile that they cant just fucking ??? take care of themselves
  • if all you do is talk about how you drink and smoke and snort shit like its the crux of your personality im tired already
  •  im sorry im so tired of seeing supreme logos on stuff i thought we were done with this in 2012 its just a personal issue im sorry sorry sorry
  • “not like the other guys” “girls dont like nice guys anymore”
  • outright cockiness / superiority complexes

turn ons:

  • lil smirks and half smiles
  • when u hug n they do the thing where they rub ur back bye
  • crewneck sweaters / just big?? sweaters?? sakdhjldjs
  • good cologne (ive shitposted about this so much its just unfair like perfume aint shit but good cologne & suddenly im fucking dying) / alternatively when ppl just smell good??
  • when theyre passionate abt a thing and then they do it or talk abt it (but not in a “im better than u” way!! just in a “i love this thing” kind of way!!)
SNK 93 - we deserve better

Am I the only one just fucking angry & disappointed about ch 93?

I do not care about any Marley soldiers, I do not care about smug Gabi or Colt or what are their names, I care about Mikasa, Eren, Armin, Levi, Jean, and so on. Since 3 godforsaken month I suffer through that boring Marley bullshit – alright, Reiner is there, at least there is that and that may be the only reason I even read it.

Now Ymir is dead. Just died off screen. Don’t get me wrong, I am not angry about her dying (well, maybe a little) - death and gore and horror are the reasons why I even started reading the manga. Im angry about the bad & uninspired writing surrounding that.

Isayama used that Marley arc to fill in info like an amateur. Oh, whats that? You hit your head? Let me fill you in in the most blatant way so the reader knows it’s for him. Oh, the guy is talking in a foreign language? Let’s not make up a language, just put some dots in the speech bubble… here ya go~

The chapters don’t suck me in anymore. They are like school documents with info I have to read to not fall behind. Every single chapter to me seems uninspired now. I think I really lost trust in Isayama to bring this story home.I cant be the only one, can I?

Furthermore, my dash lacks the latest snk talk. So if you blog about the latest snk chapters and tag it as #spoiler or something like that, then please reblog so I can come and follow you. Geez, I’m so frustrated… 

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High school AU!! How would RFA and V and Unknown ask MC to prom?!

i will now attempt my longest yeah boy,ever



  • be cool Yoosung just bE COOL
  • “Yoosung, you alright? you’re acting kind of weird today”
  • ffffuck, he wasnt cool enough
  • “y-yea MC! i’m fine! i’m like, totally cool. cool as a cucumber”
  • cool as a cucumber?? what the hell is coming out of this kids mouth right now i sWEAR
  • Yoosung was walking MC to their third period like he did everyday
  • side by side, the back of Yoosungs hand brushes MC’s
  • he yanks his hand away, feeling jumpier than normal
  • “okay seriously, whats with you? did my skin sting you or something?” 
  • “NO! no, no i swear”
  • Yoosung wipes his palms off on his pants
  • okay, this was it
  • Yoosung knew that on the board in MC’s classroom it was going to say in big letters
  • it was gonna be GREAT
  • Yoosung opens the door to MC’s classroom, ready for the big reveal
  • “thanks, Yoosung! i’ll catch you at lunch!”
  • wait….the board is totally blank??!?
  • “yea….cya then…”
  • Yoosung takes out his phone and dials Sevens number
  • “hey, tiger! howd the promposal go?”
  • “it didnt! Seven, i told you to write the message on the board for today! what the heck happened?!”
  • “i did, i did! room B-134, right?”
  • Yoosung smacks his forehead with his free hand
  • “no, you idiot. room D-134. D as in dog”
  • “oooooh…..uh-oh….”
  • this is the last time Yoosung trusts Seven with anything
  • Yoosung pokes his head into MC’s classroom, thankfully the bell hasnt rung yet
  • “MC, i need to ask you something”
  • “whats up, Yoosung?”
  • “well ive been wanting to ask you think for awhile now and i had this big plan with a cute message but stupid Seven ruined it and well i-”
  • “Yoosung, you’re rambling again”
  • “right, right. MC, will you go to prom with me?”
  • MC’s face turns bright red at Yoosungs sudden proposal
  • suddenly they’re even more of a nervous wreck than he was
  • “um yea i mean, i’d love to, Yoosung”
  • score


  • thank god Zen had some acting skills under his belt
  • he’s a nervous wreck right now, but thankfully he knows how to hide it
  • unlike a certain smol blonde boy
  • “hey, MC! how about you let me drive you home today?”
  • “are you sure thats alright?”
  • “of course, cutie! it’s on the way to my place anyway”
  • so Zen and MC enjoy a short car ride together, in which MC sings along to all Zen’s favorite songs loudly and out of key
  • in case you were wondering Zens favorite songs are chained up, growl, blood sweat and tears, and sometimes hard carry
  • he just laughs at how adorable they are and tries to refrain from dancing while he drives
  • “thanks for the ride, Zen!”
  • “the pleasure was all mine. i’ll walk you to the door”
  • MC says goodbye to Zen, unlocking their front door and opening it
  • they turn to walk inside and see a pathway of rose petals lit up on either side by rows of small candles
  • it smelled like vanilla…MC’s favorite scent
  • “Zen, did you-”
  • “just follow the petals, sweetheart”
  • Zen was smiling sweetly, his face lit only by the light coming from the candles
  • MC walks along the path of red petals that led to their bedroom
  • their room was lit by dozens of candles
  • and on their bed spelled out in rose petals was the word
  • “PROM?”
  • MC gasps and covers their mouth
  • they turn to Zen, whos still wearing the same sweet smile
  • “oh, Zen…”
  • “what do you say, MC?”
  • “yes!!”
  • Zen probably didnt know this
  • but MC wanted to go to prom with Zen more than anything


  • stabucks study session with MC
  • only this time, Jaehee has a trick up her sleeve
  • she’s doing something when MC walks through the doors
  • “hey, Jaehee! let me just grab a drink and i’ll be there in a sec
  • Jaehee gestures to a mug sitting across from her
  • “i got your drink already, MC! chai latte, right?”
  • “you’re the best, Jaehee”
  • MC pics up the mug and notices some writing on it
  • “I must ask you a question…”
  • they turn the mug around to look at the other side
  • “…drink up!”
  • “whats this, Jaehee? a hidden message?”
  • “why dont you finish your latte and find out?”
  • while MC and Jaehee study, they slowly drain their mug of its contents until it’s finally empty
  • MC moves the cup away from their face, peering into the bottom
  • “prom?”
  • “oh, Jaehee!”
  • Jaehee reaches across the table and grabs MC’s hands
  • “well, what do you say?”
  • “yes! yes, of course i’ll be your date to prom!”
  • Jaehee smiles
  • this is her first time having a real date to prom


  • Jumin was just going to ask MC to prom
  • like just a casual “please be my date to the prom” over lunch or something
  • but when he started talking to Jaehee about it
  • “im thinking of asking MC to prom, Jaehee”
  • “oh, thats so romantic, how? are you going to get flowers? chocolates? presents?”
  • “i’m just….going to ask her?”
  • Jaehee has never been more disappointed
  • “Jumin no…”
  • so thanks to Jaehee, Jumin has a great plan to ask MC to prom that they HAVE to say yes to (according to her)
  • tbh Jaehee and Jumin fought a lot over how he should ask MC to prom before finally coming to a compromise
  • he planned a study session with MC on saturday
  • they came to his door, backpack slung over one shoulder and a couple textbooks held next to their chest
  • “good morning, Jumin!”
  • “good morning”
  • MC waslk past him, throwing their backpack and books on the floor
  • “wheres my cute Elizabeth 3rd on this fine morning?”
  • MC scans the room for their favorite feline friend
  • “last i saw she was resting on the couch. why dont you go greet her?”
  • Jumin smiles
  • he loves the way MC is so good with Elizabeth
  • he stays behind to collect MC’s belongings while they rush to say hello to Elly
  • “oh? whats this?”
  • he hears them say from the other room
  • MC removes a small piece of pink paper that was attached to Elizabeths collar, reading it out loud
  • “MC, i think you would make the puuuuurrfect date for Jumin at prom. dont you agree?”
  • Jumin comes into the room when he hears MC read the note
  • they stroke Elly gently on the head, speaking in a quiet voice
  • “to be honest, Elizabeth, i completely agree!”
  • MC looks up at Jumin
  • “i’d love to be your date!”
  • wow, Jumin kind of cant believe he just pulled off his first…
  • oh, what did Jaehee call it…
  • promposal?


  • “boo!”
  • “gah!”
  • MC was fiddling with their locker combination when Seven decided to scare the shit out of them
  • “geez Seven, why do you do this every damn day?”
  • Seven leans against the locker next to MC’s: the picture of a chill high school boy
  • he really tends to overdo it though
  • he leans closer to MC
  • “cause it’s funny every damn day”
  • MC rolls their eyes, pulling their combination lock down to open their locker
  • “hah-hah. Seven i swear, sometimes you’re just too much-”
  • MC opens their locker door, and are bombarded by
  • a bunch of…giant raisins?
  • the things spill out, it seems like hundreds of them, all over the floor where MC stands
  • alright, what the fuck
  • when all the over sized raisins are done pouring out of MC’s locker, the only thing remaining is a single note card
  •  MC, deciding to ignore all the fruit that just cascaded out of their locker, picks up the note card
  • i mean, when your best friend is 707, you’re kind of used to some crazy shit happening every once in awhile
  • they bring it to their face, reading the small, sloppy lettering
  • “will you be my date to prom?”
  • MC looks down at the scattered fruit on the ground
  • “ooohh….these are….”
  • they look back at Seven whose still leaning against the locker, but now holds a single rose
  • he wears a big smile, cheeks red
  • he doesnt speak, but raises his brows excitedly as if to say
  • get it?
  • MC takes the flower from him
  • “of course i’ll be your date, Seven”
  • his smile gets even bigger
  • “but only because we make such a great pear”
  • suddenly Seven wishes he had asked MC to marry him instead of just be his date to prom


  • V has never really been the best at…puns…
  • or grand gestures…
  • which are both the main elements of a promposal
  • but he wanted to take MC to prom so badly
  • so, with a little help from joke master Seven and romance master Zen
  • V finally had the perfect promposal ready for MC
  • they came home from school one day to find V standing among dozens of colorful balloons
  • like, their living room was stuffed
  • “V, what-”
  • he holds up a sign that reads
  • PROM? it would really BLOW if you said no!
  • MC starts giggling when they read the sign
  • they cant believe V would so something like this for them
  • “V, you dont need to fill my living room with balloons to convince me to go to the dance with you”
  • V’s face turns red
  • “i-i know…i just wanted to do something sweet for you”
  • and it was so incredibly sweet
  • but what are they going to do with all of these balloons?


  • promposals are sappy and lame and the stupid puns people use arent even funny just
  • even prom itself is overrated HONESTLY
  • but according to Yoosung, a good way to let someone know you like them is to ask them to prom
  • so Saeran has to do this shit
  • but honestly, it would be nice to slow dance with MC…
  • aNYWAY,
  • Saeran sits down at lunch and everyone is there except for MC
  • “so, Saeran, i heard you were going to ask MC to prom”
  • Seven smirks at Saeran
  • he glares at Yoosung
  • “sorry, Saeran…you know i’m bad at secrets…”
  • he rolls his eyes
  • “yea. what of it?”
  • “well, how are you gonna do it? a big poster?”
  • “god no. too tacky”
  • “write them a letter sprayed with a little bit of your cologne?”
  • “what the hell, Seven?”
  • “hey man, i’m just spit ballin’ here”
  • “i suggest you both shut up. MC’s about to sit down” Jaehee cuts in
  • MC greets everyone as they approach the table and sit down next to Saeran
  • “so, MC! have a date to the big dace?” Seven immediately says
  • “ not at the moment”
  • “have anyone in mind?”
  • “i thought we were all going as a group…?”
  • “well yea but dont you want to have like a date?”
  • MC tilts their head
  • “Seven, what the hell-”
  • “Seven….” Saeran growls at him
  • Seven quickly shuts his mouth
  • “alright, am i missing something?” MC crosses their arms
  • ……….
  • “i…i wanted to take you to the dance”
  • “what?”
  • “prom. i want to be your date for prom.”
  • “Saeran?”
  • “what?”
  • MC was smiling brightly
  • “i’d love to go to prom with you!”
  • Saeran looks up and starts to smile too
  • they…they really wanted to go to prom with him!
  • i mean prom was totally lame but…
  • nice :)


thank you


i often have a hard time separating my dreams from reality bc my brain does this thing where it makes my dreams relate to stuff that’s happening now in my life or things i’ve seen and stuff (current events y’know) and it’s so real. so detailed.

so i sometimes have dreams where they’re so real, i think it actually happened. and i can’t tell which parts of it were real and which weren’t. unless i think super super hard about it.

which i just did recently, and this dream in particular made me wanna cry because i only just remembered it and how sad it made me:

last night i had a dream where there was this cute video of a girl coming up to one of the bts members and hugging him after they won an award (they were dating and he finally announced that they were happily together)

he kissed her forehead and he looked so happy it was adorable, i felt so happy for him

(i didn’t see what the girl looked like tho lmao)

but there were a bunch of hate comments on the video and like, it all spiraled to bts having a lot of lowkey depressing songs (lowkey meaning you wouldn’t know it was a sad song unless you paid attention to the lyrics) in their newest album abt heartbreak and stuff

and a lot of the album was written by that member

it’s bc he was heartbroken that armys would react that way to someone who made him genuinely happy and put so much pressure on her life and the boys’ career that bighit made them break up “for the greater good”

he was heartbroken and just- not the same guy anymore. EVER.

it was sad i wanted to cry (i woke up in the middle of the night with some tears in my eyes guys, it was a nightmare)

i can’t explain how it felt exactly?? but i could feel his pain. i could feel his hurt and the songs.. OMG THE SONGS-

i cant remember how they went but.. i couldn’t even understand it (cause it was in korean). however, i could still feel how emotional the lyrics were. the feelings behind it. i could still feel the member’s pain and heartbreak and- geez i cried so hard, man.

i think i had this dream bc of all the talk abt joonie being in love and how sOMe people (not armys, lemme tell you-) are being petty abt it.

srsly if the man’s in love, let him be in love. if they make him happy, i’m happy. just- whY WOULDN’T YOU WANT THE BEST FOR HIM??? FOR ALL OF THEM???!

OBVIOUSLY if this is how you react to him being happy then you wouldn’t have had a chance anyway. if you actually love someone you’d want them to be their happiest no matter what - even if that means YOU’RE NOT IN THE PICTURE. (which- if you’re a true army YOU STILL ARE. just because joon is in love with someone doesn’t mean anything else?? like, he still loves army too and armys still make him happy and proud, so in a way, you’re still included in his happiness even if not directly or by being in a relationship with him)

just stop being petty and don’t ever try to bring the baby down. you’re not his parent, you’re not his spouse, you’re not his significant other or anything else like that. you are a fan and that is a privilege that you should cherish. he’s a GROWN ASS MAN. he can make his own decisions AND he can have his own feelings and emotions because HE 👏 IS 👏 HUMAN 👏

no one knows for sure if he’s in love or dating someone!! so none of this confirmed, of course. i know that, don’t worry…and tbh we don’t NEED to know. it’s their lives, they can keep things private if they want. we DO NOT have the rights to try and pry into their personal lives! this may not be happening now, but if it ever does happen:

just support and love them with all you can - to the best of your ability.

don’t let things like this affect you and DO NOT be a shitty human being and try to ruin someone’s happiness.

and also go stream “Her” too, thanks