geez baby look at you

“…what’s with that ridiculous outfit?”

“you’re one to talk, senpai”

My Parents React to Snk Characters Part 2

~~~~~This is NOT spoiler free!!!~~~~~

Anka Rheinberger

  • Dad: Where’s his nose? Oh, that’s a girl?Why is there a belt on her chest?
  • Mom: She looks way too serious. What’s on her chest? *I explain it.* Does she have a pocket protector too?

Carla Jaeger

  • Dad: Sad. She looks sad.
  • Mom: Oh…wow she’s another crazy person.

Smiling Titan

  • Dad: *bursts out laughing* This is what a dog would look like if it smiled.
  • Mom: Ew. Disgusting. Why? 


  • Dad: What the…Is that a vibrator? Oh. OH! It’s a sword?? Ah shit. Looks like a vibrator…sorry
  • Mom: ……..What the heck is THIS? *points to his arm* It lookslike he’s pumping gas. And then he lit a cigarette that’s way his face looks like that. 

Characters under read more are: Dita, Eld, Ellie, Farlan, Franz, Grisha, Gunther, Hannah, Head Grab Titan, Hitch, Isabel, Jean’s Mother, Kawaii/Moe Titan, Lord Balto, Marlo, Mikasa’s Mother, Mike, Nile, Oluo, Prancing Titan, Santa/Old Man Titan, Ilse’s Talking Titan and the Wall Titan. [Also, my parents favorite characters included at very end.]

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