Every since I got back from Paris….

I can’t get the romantic imagine of planning a wedding there. From a nice lunch out with Jackson Wang as we plan, him looking at me lovingly, to the small little jokes he’d make, to walking around the Effiel Tower, exploring The Louvre, to walking the beautiful streets, to him buying a dozen roses….I could seriously go on for days about this 💕🌹🇫🇷🍷

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I’ve figured out where Steven Universe takes place!

As we know, the show takes place in Beach City. So I was determied to figure out where exactally that is!
My first clue was from the episode “Keystone Motel” Where they go to the Keystone state whic looks like this

What state does that look like?

So, I took a look at the states around there, since they say that its the “next state over”

That takes our possible states down to Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Delaware,  Maryland, and West Virginia. If we take out States with no boarder on the ocean, I can eliminate Ohio, and West Virginia (im not counting great lakes). 
It was now i thought to myself wondering how i could possbly figure out which of these he could live in, when suddenly i zoomed in a little more and saw this

Right there in maryland! Surly that must be the inspiration for Beach city!!! 
But wait. Theres more.
when zooming in to look at my discovery, I chose to look for the other places Steven mentions ito Lapis, when i saw this a bit to the north.

I didnt believe it until i zoomed in more to see this!

Its Funland. A real place. Just north of Dewey Beach.
Which may i add, has some simmilarities with Beach City’s Funland!

So there we have it! Steven lives in Delaware in Dewey Beach, North of Ocean City, Which may be the Ocean Town Steven mentions!
I hope you enjoyed this! I sure did!!


AAAA HOW CUTE!!!!! just stuff her in a beach bag when theyre walkin down the boardwalk lol

I hate those new features to prove that you’re “not a robot”, where you have to clicked on pictures featuring “cars” or “road signs” or whatever. I never get them right. I never know what they’re really expecting me to click on.

Like “Oh, I can see a tiny bit of a car in the left corner of this picture. Should I click on it ?” and then I do and I have to redo it again because, apparently, I wasn’t supposed to click on it (or I missed a car or whatever).

I’m not a robot, I just want to talk with my friends on Discord, please !

Can you just, for once, think of us who are disabled/mentally ill and don’t perceive things the same way as you do ?

Accessibility should be a right, not an afterthought or something you’re just forgetting for the sake of neurotypicals/abled users.


a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Three - Part 2

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I mean, ya’ll were asking me if he had any hobbies.

Sewing is a hobby :D

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  • Lance: Keith, what word has the most letters in it?
  • Keith: The longest word in any of the major English language dictionaries is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, a word that refers to a lung disease contracted from the inhalation of very fine silica particles, specifically from a volcano. Medically, it is the same as silicosis.
  • Lance: . . . It was mailbox