How do I stay clean when I'm not sober??

Its easy actually.. I have no want or need to get high. How you might ask?? That’s complicated actually but it has a simple answer.. I’m high on life.

Ever since I got clean 69 days ago.. oh yeah baby.. 69!! Anyways.. since I got clean, I have changed my attitude towards life, and since then things got very amazing.

I started seeing amazing things around me.. everywhere.. people, situations, me, places, animals, things, attitudes, EVERYTHING!!! It is enough to fuel my sobriety and keep me going.

How do you smoke weed and get drunk without doing meth? You may ask me.. Its easy.. I don’t want to anymore. Its a waste of my time and energy and things are going so well that I don’t want to fuck them up. I get stoned and drunk and yes.. there are nights that my super human ass wants to get geetered but I don’t because I truly do not want to.

How do I stay clean without meetings and treatment?? That’s simple.. I’m the opposite of most people.. that shit makes me WANT to get high. I only ever did it because I had no reason to quit or I only wanted to quit because I had to. Now I want to. There’s a difference there. See it.

How am I feeling about being clean now? I’m feeling pretty fucking good about it. Life is amazing.. running at 200% most days but yes.. I have my bad days too. Every experience is a life learning lesson. If I’m not learning then I’m not doing it right.

So am I really in love??? Yes the fuck I am.. Is it just something other than love that may be fueling it?? Absolutely not. I love tragic from the bottom of my heart and some day she WILL be my wife. More than anything in the world do I want that. She is amazing, loving, caring, compassionate, angelic, beautiful in every way, kind, empathetic, trustworthy, trusting, honest, true, respectful, she has morals and values, and is an all around perfectly imperfect human being. What’s not to love. The thought of making her smile and being in her life AND making her happy AANNNNND being hers is yet another (one of many reasons) reason to stay clean.

Those are some answers to questions I’ve heard. A little insight about me. I am 69 days clean now and I plan on a lifetime of that. Fuck METH and fuck anyone that thinks I can’t do it. I’ve only got room for positive support in my life.

I want to thank each and every person that has liked or commented on anything I have ever posted.. you are also a positive force and drive in my life and I appreciate you greatly. Thank you so much.

- Eue