Long time no see… I’m spending time with my dear Strat! ❤ 🎸 I really can’t play much anything, but neither did my idol, when he first started playing. I can make some cool noise or “masturbate” like my idol did and that with just touching this beautiful instrument is enough for me. Just like my idol, I have never cared much about techniques or being able to play music properly. I play piano, but I really cannot much read notes. I play mostly by ear. I don’t know even the basic chords on guitar, but it doesn’t stop me from playing. I’m feeling a bit down at the moment and making some noises with my geetar helps a little. Although… the headphones are starting to hurt my ears… yes, I use headphones, because I live in a apartment building and I’m too embarrashed to play without them. It’s stupid, I know… but I cannot help it. Well… anyways…  I can pretend to be a punk rocker if feel like it. ☺ 


during spring break my junior year of college, i sold my flute and bought my first electric guitar, a fender stratocaster. while i miss my flute, i don’t regret selling it because at the time it was 100% the right thing to do. i needed the money, and didn’t want to wait to be who i wanted to be!

to celebrate my four year anniversary of owning an electric guitar, i decided to buy another one. it’s a kay vanguard. i’ve had my eye on it for a while but was hesitant to take the plunge because i already had my stratocaster, which still works perfectly after i’ve banged it around the country on moves and tours. this guitar isn’t quite so perfect (it goes out of tune pretty easily, even after being set-up, and there’s no way to put a whammy bar in), but it’s light and sounds bright and… special. super excited to record new tracks with it. even if i didn’t “need” to buy it, i think it’s important and fun (!) to mix up your gear and set-up every now and then. so go buy that guitar/keyboard/etc from craigslist (and then let me borrow it)

  • Classmate: Oh hey don't you 'ship' Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.
  • Me: uhh..Harr-, Loui-, who??
  • Classmate: These two *shows pic of larrie*
  • Me: OH you mean frog boy and hedgehog child!! Ya they are in love and they are a big ship and the ships captains are blender boi, david backham and red headed geetar player.