Fare You Well Mary Ann
  • Fare You Well Mary Ann
  • Jinx

The wonderful thing about folk music is that there is no one “original” or “correct” version of any song. Everybody has their own version that they learned from hearing somebody else sing it. You can’t necessarily find a recording of it anywhere, not even online.

For posterity’s sake, this is my performance of the traditional song “Fare You Well, Mary Ann” as I learned it. It can be found in popular song collections published in the mid-1800s, but I heard a story that it was first sung by a Canadian sailor to someone who remembered it and wrote it down. Verses vary, depending on who you ask.

I came up with these words and chords from my notoriously faulty memory, so they may not sound like what you know, if you know the song. I hope you like this version anyway. :)

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anonymous asked:

When recording, wat instrument did nirvana record first : drums? Geetar? Vocal?

usually vocals were last.

depends on how the studio was miked up.  butch vig did the basic tracks…guitar, drums, bass….and then the vocals…and then the double tracks.

the drums were last on lithium.

You Light Up My World
  • You Light Up My World
  • Ellie Noble

I won’t be posting anything too personal about my kids on this blog however I wanted to share something from my dear daughter, Ellie, who wrote and sang this song.  It’s been a fun hobby we can do together.

She came up with the words and melody line (mostly). But as with most music collaboration, all of the other suggestions and additions made it into the song it is today.  Special thank you to Steffen {} for amazing Engineering and Production; Alberto {Victor_HP} for the Disney-esque music backing track; Angie (iBlue) for sweetheart vocals; Robert {RockLobster63} for perfect glove drumming, Till {spookyoblomov} for ‘kewl’-sounding ‘geetars’; and Greg {g4greg} for woo-ing us all with his French!  :) :)

Hope you enjoy listening as much as Team Ellie (affectionately named by Angie) had putting it together!  :) :)

PS__Hoping to put a video together at one point… we’ll see…  :)  :)



FOR PSYCHEDELIC PSUNDAY:   The newest single from Montreal, Canada’s Elephant Stone, featuring Alex Maas, the vocalist from The Black Angels.  This is expected to be released as part of their 4th album, “Ship Of Fools”, to be released sometime in 2016.

ProgTracks Note:  Besides Maas, Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre) and one of my favorite guitarists, Peter Holmström (The Dandy Warhols), are expected to appear on the new album.  Score! 

The Musicians:   RISHI DHIR - vocals, bass, sitar, keys; MILES DUPIRE - drums, backing vox; GABRIEL LAMBERT - geetar, backing vox; With:  Alex Maas (The Black Angels) - vocals

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Doing some practice in open D and figured out this Dan Reeder tune.. Love singing to my “fans” #punny #geetar #danreeder