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Thousands of Montana snow geese die after landing in toxic, acidic mine pit

Snow geese migrate in huge, honking flocks, each bird winter-white except for a beak and wingtips smudged black. A single flock may comprise tens of thousands of birds. When the geese land en masse, bird hunters call it a swirl, as though a twister were touching down rather than four pound animals.

On Nov. 28, a great flock of snow geese traveling south came upon a small body of water in Butte, Mont. They swirled.

This was no ordinary pond, however. It was the 700-acre Berkeley Pit, a former mine now submerged in water as acidic as distilled vinegar. From 1955 until operations ceased in 1982, miners extracted nearly 300 million tons of copper ore from the pit. They left behind an immense crevasse, which filled with water 900 feet deep. Concentrated within the floodwater are arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, copper, iron, zinc and other inorganic compounds.

After it was abandoned, the pit became a federally managed Superfund site. It also became a tourist destination, where visitors observe the mine’s toxic, reddish water for an admission fee of $2. And microorganisms able to survive in the pit became an object of scientific study.

But snow geese, unlike extremophilic green slime, cannot tolerate acid water heavy in metallic compounds. Roughly 10,000 geese landed in the Berkeley Pit at the end of November, turning the water “white with birds,” said a mine official with Montana Resources, which jointly manages the pit with the Atlantic Richfield Company, to the Montana Standard. On Tuesday, investigators could not give an exact measure of how high the death toll would go. But a preliminary estimate, via drone and flyover counts, found thousands of dead birds.

“I can’t underscore enough how many birds were in the Butte area that night,” Mark Thompson, a Montana Resources environmental affairs manager, said to the Associated Press. “Numbers beyond anything we’ve ever experienced in our 21 years of monitoring by several orders of magnitude.”

Snow geese fly along the bank of the Berkeley Pit’s toxic waters, in Butte, Mont., on Nov. 30. (Walter Hinick /The Montana Standard via AP)

I have this half written Zimbits The Vow AU in my head where Bitty gets amnesia from a hockey accident or something and doesn’t remember anything since graduating highschool. And his husband Jack just tries everything to help him remember from redoing memorable dates and checking practices and trips to Annie’s. But Bitty just doesn’t remember and he’s like, sure this greek god with a great butt being into me is great but he doesn’t remember any of it so being thrown into this relationship with a side of SMH team friends is a little overwhelming.

All the SMH tries to help trigger Bitty’s memory as well in any way they can think of and then just when it looks like he’s never going to recover something completely random brings it all flooding back like a picture Jack took of the Samwell geese or something. Cue Shitty yelling in the background, “THATS WHAT BRINGS YOUR MEMORY BACK??? NOT EVEN WHEN I HAULED THE DAMN GREEN COUCH FROM THE GODFORSAKEN BASEMENT FOR YOU TO SEE??? BUT THE FREAKING GEESE???”

But I have finals coming up so this will probably Never Get Written.
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WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME????? no but seriously what do you want.

hello, goose eggs!!! technically “goose eggs” means “nothings” but i want you to know that i use that term to mean “tiny unborn geese,” which for some reason my brain has decided is a cute nickname. look, i can’t control what goes on up there, i just have to live with it.

so: here is my question.  you guys may remember that like 1,000 years ago i wrote a draft of a book called “the blue line” for NaNo. to be up front and honest: it’s … not a very good book. like, it’s fine. but it was written in a month, you know what i’m saying?

i started writing a second draft of the book, and then what happened was, i got bored of it, and i’m still bored of it, and i’ll never be unbored of it, so i am not going to finish the second draft. it’s never going to see the light of day.


i know a lot of people liked what they had read of it, which was kind of them. for those thinking of or already donating $10/month, that’s 12 fancy sandwiches, and part of what you’re entitled to is “secret stories.” this isn’t really a secret but it IS unpolished enough that i don’t want to put it on the Real Internet. as part of that pledge, would you like to read it? i ask because it would temporarily replace any secret stories. i mean, they’d come back once it was all up, but it would postpone them.

there is no right answer here!!! i don’t have to put it up. but 12 fancy sandwiches is a lot. so, message me or comment here and let me know!



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Add Life History to the list! It's narrated by David Attenborough and it's about different stages of life and challenges that a variety of species face. Lemme just say: barnacle geese are badass

OH SHIT yes, I forgot, that chick scene, omg

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Can you do Stevepop headcanons?

I love stevepop sooo o much ok aY you don’t have to ask ah h. Okay but I have done some stevepop before and I’m sorry if I accidentally repeat those.

-soda was the one who did steve’s tattoo. that’s why steve is so okay with how AWFUL it is.

-okay this is kinda obvious, but steve is obsessed with making soda happy and will do anything, no matter how dumb it is to make him laugh or smile

-they hug after they kiss. always. they they just kinda slowly rock back and talk quietly

-they can’t get away with anything more than kissing at the curtis house unless EVERYONE else is gone

-they love to go to the park together and steve gets chased by the geese on the lake

-soda sings ALL the time and steve can’t get enough of him

-no one wants to fuck with them, because no one wants to face darry

-modern!stevepop would do all of the internet challenges

-modern!stevepop where soda is the lead in every school play and steve is right there in the front row