Dat een verschillende mening al kan leiden tot het blokkeren van mijn account. Ik wilde de discussie aangaan, en dat heb ik gedaan. Ik wilde de discussie aangaan omdat ik vond dat er met twee verschillende maten gemeten werd en dat haar uitspraken onrechtvaardig en respectloos waren. Nu ik geblokkeerd ben kan ik dit niet meer duidelijk maken aan haar, maar dit wilde ik nog wel toevoegen:
‘Verkrachting wens ik niemand toe, en ik vind het heavy dat je ermee omgaat door er grappen over te maken, maar I guess that’s like, your opinion, man.
Bedankt overigens voor de bijnaam “migraine op twee benen”, zal het overwegen als geuzennaam op te nemen. Wat fijn dat je me erop wijst dat ik een bekrompen gedachtegang heb, ik zal er in het vervolg op letten, dat kan wel handig zijn als ik volgend jaar op de universiteit zit. Ben blij dat ik je niet namen heb hoeven noemen, want in een discussie vol Geertjes, blijf ik graag een Pechtold.’
Jammer dat het zo moest eindigen.

               Getting to Know You (CtM 2017 Hiatus Edition)            

Since we have nine months of lunacy, I thought it’d be fab to get to know everyone, if you lot are keen. So if you are, you can fill out these questions and reblog the post!

Name: Geertje
Fandom Nickname (if applicable): I’d love to know ;)
Location: The Netherlands
Ship(s): Turnadette/Patrick & Shelagh
Favourite Trope: Not sure if it is a trope, but I like hand-kissing
Favourite Friendship: Shelagh and Sister Julienne, though that may be a bit too maternal for a friendship. Trixie and Cynthia are great, too.
Character You Are the Most Like: I wish I was like Shelagh (smart, brave, compassionate and kind), but I often feel a lot more like Jane (awkward, though I’d say that Jane is hella great at times too)
Do you create fanfiction/fanart/gifs/videos/essays/collages/hiakus/songs/etc?: I write essays. Might try some fanfic if I feel particularly brave
Do you have a prompt for others to create? I have to admit that I would LOVE to read a fic of 02x05, but then one in which Sister Bernadette and Doctor Turner kiss and Sister Julienne walks in. I’d love to see what happens next.
A random fact about yourself: I’m one of triplets.
Profession/What you do with your time: I study English and German at uni.
Biggest wish for series 7: Turnadette loveliness. Oh, and some background on both Shelagh and Sister Winifred.
Favourite fanfiction/fanart/fanvid/gif set/essay/etc: There are so many, dear god. @snoopctm and @like-an-officer-and-a-sergeant write great analyses, @swearronchanel has hilarious commentaries, @kienova66 writes awesome fics, @miss-ute makes lovely Gifs and I probably forgot a whole bunch of other awesome people…

feel free to write that prompt into a fic guys ;)

About populism, far right, xenophobia, and racism...

… but not about Trump.

I know that those words are often associated with Dildo Tabletop (rightfully so), but this won’t be about him. This will be about the (somewhat milder but still idiotic) Dutch equivalent of Dudley Tinyhands: Geertje.

Because I am fed-up. I really am. 

For the ones not familiar with Dutch politics (I don’t blame you), last Wednesday was voting day. In the Netherlands, it’s completely different. We do not have electoral college or whatever, but we have proportional representation. Second, we have a multiple party system. Instead of, for example, Democrats and Republican, the Dutch decided to give us the choice between 28 different parties. Yes, you’ve read that correctly: twenty-fucking-eight. Third, even though we have people representing those 28 parties, it is not as big as the whole Hillary vs. Diabolo Tombleroneblok thing. It’s party against party, instead of person against person.

And just like every country, we have the Dinkleberg Tactless supporter. In the Netherlands, we have Geert Wilders, leader of the PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid, Party For Freedom, which is fucking ironic).

Maybe you’ve heard of him. He’s the dude who yelled: “MORE OR FEWER MOROCCANS?” and then his followers shouting “FEWER! FEWER! FEWER!”

In the past years, the entire world has been living with growing racism, mostly towards Islamic countries. Unfortunately, these people still have the inability to understand that ISIS is not representative of the entire Islam, but well, they’re not that intelligent.

The other day, I also heard a father talking in a shop about how he feels uneasy, since his wife wears a Hijab and his daughter, despite being born in the Netherlands, have been facing more hate.

So, here’s the thing.

I am Chinese. Chinese-born and adopted into a white family at the age of 11 months. My sister is adopted too. Also Chinese-born.

And I was talking to my fellow Asian Cilla, who is born in the Netherlands, but she had a more Chinese upbringing (I guess). Someone asked her: “Why are you against Wilders?” in which she replied something among the lines of “I am a foreigner, but apparently I am ‘lucky’ that I am the right foreigner. If the colour of my skin were a bit darker, he’d want to throw me out.”

And I feel the exact same. Over the past few months, I had to watch people get more racist and racist, while knowing it wasn’t directed towards me. Sure, I still have teenagers yelling racist slurs towards me, and underrepresentation in the media, and the representation that we get is very stereotyped, and well… racism exists.

But I don’t have to worry about people calling me terrorist.


There’s no “Go back to your own country!” 

Or “All men ‘of your kind’ are rapists!”

There are no politicians actively campaigning against my existence.

And really, am I supposed to feel lucky about that? How can I feel lucky about this? Like I said, I walk around knowing that people are being unfairly hated for the same reason that I could get hate for: because we don’t look white.

I am not any better than other people of colour. They are not better than me. White people are not better than us. We are not better than white people. Period.

But yeah, apparently I am one of those ‘good’ foreigners, but things have changed, even for us ‘good foreigners’. I am not even remotely kidding when I tell you I don’t want to go to America (sorry Broadway). Sure, cities like NYC and LA will be fine, but as a person of colour, I would not feel safe there. I might be wrong, but I have the feeling that the amount of hate against poc has risen sooooo much.

Four days ago, something shocked me. At dinner, my sister turned to me and she asked: “Yuè, with all that PVV stuff and the hate towards foreigners, do people hate me?”

Can I say that I was shocked?

That I still am?

That I feel myself tearing up while even thinking about it?

Here she is, my sister, a ‘good’ foreigner, genuinely wondering if people hate her only because of the colour of her skin and the shape of her eyes. Who to blame? 


Thank you, dude, fuck off.

My parents and I told her some history shit and about how Chinese people are seen as hard-workers and so on, and sure, it is absolutely not okay that other poc are being hated for no reason, but we don’t have to worry about this. We are ‘good’ foreigners. We will be okay.

But you know?

There are hard-working Turkish people. And Moroccan people. And Pakistani people. And black people. And Iranian people. And so on.

And there are slacking Chinese people.

Is this really what those people want? Is this what the PVV stands for? They claim to protect the Dutch or whatever. But is this what they stand for? Making young people feel unwanted and feel bad for being different?

When a little kid yells something racist, we can tell each other: “Just ignore it. They’re an idiot. We will fight it later, but they are just stupd. Their IQ is not larger than their shoe size.”

But when a man like Geert Wilders, a very popular and respected politican, says something like that, we can’t say that he’s just a stupid little kid. I don’t agree with him at all, but he’s not stupid (unlike Diarrhea Triangle).


Ha ha ha.

We are the ‘good’ foreigners.

People who are behind the PVV will probably yell: “Oh, no! We don’t mean to hurt your sister, only the bad foreigners!”

Well, a) you did. You hurt me and my family. And b) what about my classmates who wear a Hijab, or my classmate with Pakistani roots, or that girl in the shop whose parents don’t feel happy. They are, in the PVV’s eyes, ‘bad foreigners’.

Then they will say: “No, we don’t mean them either! Only the bad BAD foreigners!!!!” And yet, everywhere in the Netherlands (in the world even), people are being hated for no reason except for the colour of their skin. 

Wilders. Le Pen. Deadzone Triplets. Everyone who shares their point of view.

Fuck all of you.

PVV, I ask you out of genuine curiosity: Is this what your party stands for? Is this an achievement for you? Young foreigners, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, are feeling the hate towards them. Are you proud of yourself now?