geena koriz

Froyo // Geena & Evan

Evan looked at himself in the mirror, letting out a hefty sigh before running his right hand through his shaggy hair. Looking himself over, he contemplated whether or not to shave, eventually deciding against it. It was a dark, cold, and wet night in New York City, not exactly the perfect weather to get all put together. Evan figured the prim and proper gods would let him slide just this one night. 

Evan turned to face his desk chair, grabbing the thick jacket that hung over it. Throwing it over his shoulders, he immediately eyed his navy blue beenie that was thrown onto his bed earlier in the day. He quickly snatched it, putting it on his head. He looked around his room once more, making sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, his iPhone in his jean’s pocket and his keys in the other. With a nod of the head, he left his room and made way to Pink Berry.

After about a ten minute walk, Evan found himself in front of two glass doors that read Pink Berry on them. He walked into the store, scanning the room to see if Geena was there yet. With no sight of the girl, he walked over to the tables and took a seat at one. He decided it would only be polite to wait for her before he got his frozen yogurt. He tapped his fingers on the white, plastic tables to pass the time.