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I have a crush on this guy... he lives halfway across the world. He noticed me and proposed to me during a concert saying "Tinkerbells I've found my Wendy" to the fans.... and then I woke up. LOLOL :)


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Lol so i stalked ur blog OUO i hope u dont mind xD

omg I will never mind lol.  Thanks so much for the follow!  You just became my 70th! :D <3

Feel free to talk to me, I don’t bite (and this goes for the other 69 of you guys, I know you see this

geekybear said: it’s okay… and i know the feels.. you do them a favor but when you need them they just ditch? happens to me too. :| and you’re welcome :)

I always help her no matter what. When she had problems with her boyfriend, I ran over after work just to make sure she is okay. She vents her heart out, I was there. I feel stupid. It’s just. I don’t even know any more. Again, thank you and sorry for ranting.