Cowplant WIP

Finally started painting! :) Which means I am nearing the end of this project. I already started on something else a while ago so that is what I will be working on next. But for now I will be busy painting. After I have painted the plant I will make fake dirt to fill the rest of the terra cotta pot with. I put some paper towel around the pot so it wouldn’t get paint on it while I am painting. 

Here’s my next Human Ahsoka look, this time with another hairstyle :). My hair was inspired by this art piece by @kyleeann1996!

My other Human Ahsoka look

Taking Requests

Trying to start up my passion for art. Send me any art requests about Pokémon, Undertale, Skyrim, etc. and I’ll draw it (at least attempt to).

we should just kiss (like real people do), a sterek high school au

by @moonwasours | i_am_girlfriday

an auction fic for @unightfog

with commissioned art by @geeky-sova​!!! give her some love for this beautiful piece!

complete, 9+k, rated t

read at ao3

Stiles is the social zero of the sophomore class. Derek is the much cooler junior who befriends Stiles anyway.

Need blogs to follow

My dash is very dead lately so I’m looking for some new blogs to follow! Reblog this and I’ll check out your blog ^o^ looking for blogs related to some of the following:

- League of Legends
- Magic the Gathering
- Elder Scrolls
- Fallout
- Life is Strange
- Indie games
- Dragon Age
- Harvest Moon
- Zelda
- Pokémon

Nerdy stuff generally:
- Comics (mainly a Marvel girl myself)
- Cosplay
- Literature (love me some Jane Austen, Tolkien, Shakespeare etc)
- Fantasy movies
- Fanart

I don’t normally follow blogs that post 100 times a day or do shitposts soooorry! Hope we can end up being mutuals!