PAN GALACTIC GARGLE BLASTER LEMON MINT LIP BALM *Our best seller All of our lip balms and sugar scrubs are based off of my Fictional Brews art line. So not only do you receive an awesome tin of lip balm, you have a bit of art work to go with it. Pan Galactic (from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) is described as like being smashed in the head with a lemon wrapped around a gold brick. One of the ingredients in the drink is hypermint. So that’s why I chose lemon mint for this item. (via Geek Makeup Lemon Mint Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Lip Balm Tin by Nerdtastic on Storenvy)

Gasmask Showerhead

Showers are great and all, but sometimes I wish they could be more terrifying. That’s why I like this Gasmask Showerhead. It strikes fear deep into my soul, which is what I look for in a bathroom appliance. It’s the details that make it special: the eye-holes hold your soap, and it appears to be coming out of the wall rather than being simply attached to it. Unsurprisingly, this is a one-time project and isn’t available for sale. I guess I’ll stick to not peeing myself in fear every time I bathe. Dang.

Not For Sale T_T

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TA-DAHHHHH! finished majora’s mask. i’ll be putting this up for sale on my etsy shop (along with a bunch of other stuff) really REALLY soon. i’m also thinking of doing some prints of it too if people are interested…

in case you missed out on the progress photos and want to take a look, they’re over here

Any Agent Carter fans out there? “Dressed To Kill” by daletheskater is one of this week’s newest designs, and is inspired by the show!

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