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My Etsy shop is back up and I’ll be adding new plush later today. Watch for Hulk, Bebop, Rocksteady, Hellboy, Winter Soldier, Harley Quinn, Harry Potter, Snape, Voldemort, Skeletor, Han Solo, and Ninja Turtles! (Wow, I better get to taking pictures!)

fic: And I’ll Be With You (Or Without.)

and I’ll be with you (or without.)

genre: angst/romance

warnings: mentions of smut and swearing

word count; 2500

excerpt:  They’re a car going at one hundred miles per hour, scorching the road and heading for a wall. Nobody will nudge the brakes and nobody will tell the other to slow down because they’re a crash waiting to happen, and they know it, but the thrill is intoxicating. The debris will scatter aand embed in their hearts but they keep going because the loud reality of attheir dead-end romance is drowned by the desperate screeches and cries of ‘I need you.’

summary: 2012 angst, where they settle for the truth and realise what they have to be now. 

For Koleen (dauntlester​), because she probably wouldn’t shut up about it if I didn’t do this. 

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kriegerblog  asked:

Hay buddy! Just wondering if you had any advice for someone who will be attending comicon as an artist fir the first time? Any big no-nos or yes-yeses? -purple-pixel

Things I do but there are no rules just things…

1. Don’t be aggressive. Don’t have some “hilarious” pick up line for customers. People don’t wanna feel obligated into buying your stuff. Try and work out if the person in front of your table wants to be talked to or not but a little “hello” is always welcome.

2. YOU’RE AT WORK. Put away your phone, don’t just talk to the person next to you all day. If you can switch up standing and sitting. But treat it like a word day. Be professional. Don’t look as if you wish you weren’t there. You’re selling yourself as much as your work.

3. LABEL PRICES. Fucking … HAVE THE PRICES THERE. Some people think you shouldn’t because people might decide they want something before they find out the price but that beats “Oh? I didn’t think it’d be worth that” *puts down book* reaction.

4. Have freebies and deals. Business cards are fine but maybe just encourage people to spend if they get some extras. 

5. Have things in a range of prices. Some people might be your fan but only have £2 left.

6. Comic Con does not let you sell fan art. DON’T SELL FAN ART. If the con lets you do it that’s fine but if you can’t, even if you get away with it your fellow artists will hate you because they’ll have left all their fan art at home.

7. Speaking of which - your fellow artists are not your enemies or competition. You’ll be seeing the same faces at every con you go to so make friends.

8. Bring lots and lots of change.

9. Bring water, food. 

10. Comic Con is the same every year, the geeky toy you just saw is cheaper online. You’re there to work. Get yourself something if you want but don’t spend all your on con purchases.

11. KEEP THINGS HIGH. Don’t just have everything laid out flat on your table, nobody will see that unless they’re directly above your table. Think about shelves, stands, banners, things that can be seen from a distance.


13. DON’T UNDERPRICE. If you’re unsure, look around the con a bit and see how much someone is charging. Sometimes a higher price makes people more attracted to it.

14. Don’t be afraid to shake up your display during the con itself.

15. Ask people to leave if they’re being annoying. Some people will just talk to you for hours (LITERALLY HOURS) and when that’s happening, selling gets harder. So just be polite and try and wrap things up and say “Hey, I gotta get back to work, see you around”

16. Don’t overcrowd your table. Don’t just put everything you’ve ever done there. Know what your sellers are gonna be and plan accordingly. And work out what’s selling and what isn’t and make a note and adjust next time.

17. Yes make sure you’ve written out all your products in a table so you can track sales well.

18. GET A TABLE CLOTH. A nice one. 

19. Card machines are becoming more and more expected but I can never seem to get mine to work so don’t worry too hard. But ask if they have a paypal app on their phone. 

20. Bring the lowest amount of stock you would be delighted with selling out of. What i mean is… I’ve dragged home WAY too many horrible heavy boxes of products home over the years when I should have just brought less. If you sell out - amazing! You just got a ton of money. But you probably won’t.