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We believe in a new kind of computing. Simple, affordable, fun. Where anyone, anywhere can create with technology. The Computer Kit comes with everything you need, including a Raspberry Pi 3, step-by-step story book and hours of coding challenges. Our kit is trusted by over 700 schools worldwide.

Batman AU where Tim Drake doesn’t go knocking on Bruce Wayne’s door, no, jeez what is this? The 1980’s? No, instead geeky, technologically gifted millennial Tim Drake does what every other kid does when they have something to say: they put it on the internet.

He’s probably already made thousands of posts online about Batman and Robin sights and theories (until he really does find out their identities, then he spends his time covering up for Bruce and the others). But when Jason dies and Bruce begins his downward spiral, Tim knows he has to do more. So he puts on a mask and makes videos, dozens of them all with the same idea: Batman needs a Robin, he needs that balance and that light in his life. He gets mocking comments from  fuckboys people about Batman being badass and not needing a sidekick but Tim keeps at it hoping that maybe, just maybe, Batman will see i

And Bruce does, he’ll be sitting down there in the Cave, grieving and angry, watching these videos Dick keeps sending about this kid who tells Batman that he’s concerned for him, that he knows Batman is hurting but he needs to find a new Robin, not just for himself but for Gotham. Tim then gets into videos musing on the qualities in ideal candidates and, against his better judgement, Bruce is ticking off the requirements in his head as this mystery kid helps renew his faith. He is reminded again of why he began this journey as Batman, why he took in Dick and Jason; because he wanted this to be a better city where hope and goodness can find a way. It’s nice, it helps with his grief, but it’s not bringing Jason back.

 Until Bruce starts getting the videos sent directly to his email, his private Bruce Wayne email along with these little notes of encouragement and offer to help in anyway to finding a new Robin. And Bruce is just so charmed and impressed by this kid who’s making these videos and then sending them directly to him to ensure he sees it. He’s already halfway to adopting this kid. So they begin an email exchange which of course has Tim over the moon and slowly helps Bruce channel his anguish. After a time, Tim is officially invited over the Manor to be introduced. He’s shy and quiet because it’s one thing to be big and bold on the internet another to be standing in Batman’s study. But Bruce is smiling, truly smiling for the first time in a long while and asks if Tim would be interested in a job: long, late nights, risk of injury, poor benefits, but one that would suit you perfectly. He laughs at Tim’s surprise. You’ve been sending job interviews for months, this shouldn’t be that shockin

BONUS: Once Tim trains and hits the streets as Robin, the public immediately hones in on the mystery video kid as the new Robin seeing as the videos had stopped not long before robin appeared. Tim is so embarrassed that he could have potentially compromised Batman. Bruce isn’t worried, Tim was very careful in the videos not to reveal his identity and the solution is easy, make more videos. After some convincing, Tim is back making videos, explaining away his absence with other stuff and getting into the new Robin. So Timmy has to sit there with a straight face and speculate, talk about, praise the new Robin. Because of course he’d be happy for the new Robin, he’s been promoting it for months. So tiny lil low self-esteem Tim Drake has to make and post videos of himself talking about the new Robins skills and how good he is for Batman. It diverts suspicion and has the added bonus of boosting Tim’s tragically low confidence. 

ADDED BONUS: All those videos… are saved on the Batcomputer. Hundreds of videos of teeny, baby faced Tim in a homemade mask talking about how great Batman and Robin are… Can you even imagine the blackmail??? Like Dick and Jason pull that shit out constantly, they have most of them memorized and quote them all the time, complete with starry eyed enthusiasm. Stephanie makes recordings and plays them back at Tim who is cringing so hard. Damian goes so far as to make an opposing account talking trash about Tim’s online persona and Robin in general. They get into a video war that escalates out of control, lines are drawn and it gets brutal real fast.