geeky stitching

Finished my Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy cross stitch!

I was inspired by the whale of a time  pattern in Etsy, which I quickly purchased, embroidered, and created a design to surround it based on my favorite line in literature. 

Of course, I did not forget the bowl of petunias!


More custom nerdy cross stitch in the Etsy store! I really wanted to get this done by N7 day. Garrus, your proportions are crazy hard to render in large-size cross stitch. The Shepards I tried to figure out are my Jenna and @theherocomplex‘s Eliza, and after trying those out, I think I’ve got the hang of customizing them.

The whole idea behind my Etsy shop is nerdy cross stitch that you can look at and feel motivated to take on whatever challenges you’re facing, be it vexing bosses at work or aliens invading the galaxy. I couldn’t have one and not have a place for these two. This game has brought a lot of hope, joy, and positivity into my life.