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Text message exchange between me and my good friend @dibsonthat1d that made my morning a whole lot better.


He looks like the nerdy lab partner you get stuck with in chemistry and end up falling for after the jock breaks your heart.

Who’s annoyed all class because you keep looking at the jock asshole rather than paying attention to your lab assignment.

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Bad Tutor.

Prompt; Louis is Harry’s innocent tutor and Harry is horny and Louis the only person there

Warnings; Anal sex, fingering, gay sex.

”Harry” Anne frowned, Harry looked up from texting on his phone and stared at his mum waiting for her to continue. ”I’ve just had a phone call from your math teacher telling me your grades are slipping and you need a tutor” Anne explained, disappointed in her son.

”You didn’t agree did you?” Harry asked. Anne nodded ”I did” Harry glared at her.

”why mum?” Harry yelled.

”Because I had to! I want what is best for you I want you to get a job Harry. Your math teacher would like you to go to her after school to meet your tutor then you will come back here for him to tutor you for an hour.” Anne explained.

”Do you know the tutors name?”

Anne shook her head. ”But his in year 10.” Anne explained. Meaning the boy was around 15, where as Harry was in year 11 and was a couple months away from turning 17 also a couple months away from going into year 12. 

”Great now I’m gonna look fucking stupid!” Harry said storming upstairs hearing Anne moan at him for swearing.

The next day Harry went to school, meeting with his two friends Niall and Zayn and the gate before heading to first lesson. At lunch Harry had told Niall and Zayn that he would be getting a tutor. ”His in year 10!?” Niall asked, eyes wide. Harry nodded. ”I bet its someone really geeky.” Niall had said. Thought it wasn’t.

When Harry went to his math teacher at the end of the day there was a year 10 standing in there. Short, tan and blue eyes.

”Ah, Your finally here.” The math teacher said to Harry. Harry rolled his eyes, this teacher had always hated him, she was probably giving him bad grades on purpose. 

”This is Louis, he will tutor you twice a week for an hour each time. Be nice Harry.” The teacher explained. Harry rolled his eyes, leaving the class room with ‘Louis’ following.

”We’ll go to mine yeah?” Harry asked as Louis walked beside him, carrying a few text books in his arms. Louis nodded smiling at Harry. Harry didn’t smile back. He didn’t want or even need a fucking tutor he wasn’t gonna be all buddy buddy with him when he didn’t want him to be there.

When they arrived at Harry’s, Anne was at work so Harry headed upstairs, taking a few text books from his bag and slumping on the bed as Louis stood awkwardly at the door. ”You can sit down y’know” Harry said, rolling his eyes. He seemed to do that a lot lately. Louis awkwardly walked to Harry’s bed sitting at the other end to where Harry was laying but sat up as Louis sat down.

”So, tell me about yourself.” Harry said, trying to do anything apart from learn math.

”Um, I’m Louis. I’m 15, in year 10 obviously and I’m gay.” Louis said, blushing as Harry stared at him as he spoke.

”Your gay?” Harry asked, raising a brow.

”Yeah, is that a problem?”

”No of course not” Harry frowned. ”I’m bisexual.”

Louis nodded. ”So we don’t have to learn a lot, we can just do a few equations if you want.” Harry nodded and they got started. 

Harry sighed. ” I don’t even understand! Since when was letters anything to do with math!?” Harry said. 

Louis giggled quietly. ”We can stop if you want, do it another time?” Louis said, putting his text books away and standing up to leave. 

”Sure but you don’t have to go, wanna play FIFA or something?”

Louis nodded, putting his bag on the floor and joining Harry at the top of the bed. Harry switched on the game and handed Louis a control as they played. 

”You can’t have that many goals!” Louis scoffed. ”Your cheating!”

”How am I cheating!? your sitting right here!” Harry chuckled. 

They started joking about before they put some music on and sat on the bed, facing each other and talking. 

”So are you a virgin?” Harry asked. 

Louis nodded. 

Harry’s eyes went wide, he had a few girlfriends and boyfriends. His had sex with about 3 girls and 2 boys. He topped. 

”Who was your first kiss?” Harry asked.

Louis shook his head, ”I haven’t had my first kiss.”

”Your 15 though” Harry said. 

Louis chuckled, nodding. ”Yep” He murmured. 

”So do you wanna kiss?” Harry asked, casually. 

”What?” Louis asked, shocked. 

”I said, do you wanna kiss?” 

Louis shrugged and Harry chuckled, leaning forward pressing his wet, red lips against Louis’.

“Wow” Louis said once Harry pulled away. Harry chuckled at him.

Every single day for two weeks Louis would go over to Harry’s after school and on the weekend whilst Harry’s mum was at work. They would watch movies, snuggle and occasionally kiss. They had been flirting a lot too and of course Harry being cheeky would grope Louis and smack his bum making him blush.

“So. I was gonna ask you something.” Harry said, slumping on his bed beside Louis.

“Go on then”

“You’ll probably say no but like do you wanna um I dunno, fuck?” Harry said, smirking at Louis’ shocked face.

“Seriously?” Louis said, blushing.

“Yeah. I mean why not.”

When?“ Louis asked considering the idea.


“Now?” Louis repeated. Harry nodded. “Alright then” Louis said, nodding his head, he was really nervous what if Harry fucked him then just stopped speaking to him? What if Harry told everyone. 

“So, strip and get on all fours yeah” Harry said, pulling off his shirt and pulling his trousers down, kicking them off his ankles. Harry grabbed his lube from under his bed along with a condom before turning around to find Louis’ tight pink hole facing him. Harry hummed.

“so i’ll prep you first.” Harry said, sitting on his knee’s behind Louis, pouring some of the cold substance on three of his fingers. Harry pressed his index finger to Harry’s hole, pushing it in. Louis didn’t hiss or make a sound of disapproval so Harry added another. This time Louis hissed of the stretch.

“It’s okay babe, relax. It’ll feel better if you do.” Harry said, moving his fingers around, stretching Louis’ hole. Harry added a third finger making Louis squeeze his eyes shut. Again, Harry moved his fingers about, making sure Louis was stretched enough before taking his fingers out and wiping them on his bed cover. He pulled his own boxers off before picking up the condom and tearing it open and rolling it on his thick, semi hard cock.

“If you want me to stop, tell me.” Harry said, squeezing lube into the palm of his hand to spread over the condom. Harry made sure the lube was spread and that there was a fair amount on it before pushing the tip to Louis’ fluttering hole. Louis tensed, biting his bottom lip.

“Relax babe” Harry said, putting his hands on Louis’ hips rubbing circles with his thumbs. Louis relaxed as Harry pushed the tip and a little bit more in, he hissed, gripping the bed sheets making his knuckled white from how tight he was gripping them.

“so tight babe” Harry murmured, pushing the rest of his cock in gradually. Louis hummed, his eyes squeezed shut. 

 Once Harry was all the way in he waited a few minuted for Louis to adjust before pulling out so only the tip remained and pushing back in. Louis swallowed thickly as Harry repeated the action, breathing heavily.

“You can go a little faster.” Louis said, Harry nodded even though Louis couldn’t see him because he was facing the other way. He picked up the pace, thrusting in and out faster. Louis let out a loud moan and Harry grinned, he succeeded in finding Louis’ prostate.

“Right there!” Louis moaned, pushing his bum back into Harry’s dick. Louis lent on his left elbow, placing his right hand on his cock, stroking it in time with Harry’s thrusts.

Each time Harry thrust back in he hit Louis’ prostate making Louis moan louder and louder that they didn’t hear the door open. 

“OH MY GOD HARRY!” Anne yelled.