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Geeky Weekly

Hello, guys. As I’m a geeky girl and I know many fandoms I’d like to share with you some interesting things.

Today I’m gonna show you 10 geeky nail arts. I tried to choose the best ones, though it was pretty hard. This set represents in my opinion the main geeky tendencies. So, let’s start.

Socials are an important part in geeky culture. I’d like to have such nail art myself.

Harry Potter. Those books and films made my childhood. You can feel youself a wizard with such nails.

Pikachu^^ So cute these nails are.

And can’t forget about pokeballs too.

Little Mermaid. These are not so comfortable to wear, but how pretty they are.

Breaking Bad is a popular series mowadays. I think this design is quite interesting.

Silence. I still can feel gooseflesh.

Dr.Who nails are gorgeous. Simple and cute.

Wonder-woman design. Everything the gilr needs.

The Lord of the Rings at one time was one of my favourite books.

Hope you, guys love this set! If yes, like this post and follow me. Next week will be something interesting.