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got7 react ෴ their s/o is a geek

anon asked: Could you do a got7 reaction for your being a big fan of Harry Potter and Star Wars (those one’s who knows every phrase of the movie and buys toys, t-shirt)? Thank you,

⁂ mark:

mark was very impressed by this fact. when you both were watching the harry potter series, he always heard you mumbling the lines under your breath, even re-enacting some of the scenes unconsciously. it was quite funny to watch you be so into something like this; he didn’t know you were the kind of person to be such a fan of harry potter. he loved the merch that you bought from the franchise, all of the clothes looked comfortable, and the toys always seemed fun to play with. he was very fond of you and didn’t mind that you were such a big fan of the book and movie series.

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⁂ jaebum:

i’m not so sure about his initial reaction to this, but i’m sure he would warm up to it right away. he liked how you loved star wars; probably getting into the franchise once you showed him all the movies, (not shitty) games and of course, your merch. i think your merchandise impressed him the most because of the bobbleheads and the light sabers. he also loved the darth vader helmet you kept in your room and would try to put it on himself whenever he got the chance. his favourite character is probably han solo.

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⁂ jinyoung:

he was fine with you being into this kind of stuff, but he didn’t like how your merchandise was always making a mess in your room. so, he took it upon himself to sort out your toys and figurines, carefully putting them on your shelves. he took your larger toys and hung them on the wall using sturdy pins so that they wouldn’t fall off, and also made a section in your closet just for the costumes. whenever he heard you reciting the lines from a scene in your favourite movie, he would quietly smile to himself and would ask you to re-enact the scene for him just so that he could have a good laugh.

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⁂ jackson:

he would be so fond watching you recite the lines to your favourite movie. he would even try his best to memorize some lines himself so that he can recite them with you. he even sometimes used your clothing merchandise since they were big enough for him, but liked the clothes more when they were put over your lovely figure. jackson also loved playing with your figurines – whenever you let him into your room, he would go straight to your shelf and check if you got new ones. he is very supportive of your geeky lifestyle and admires you for it!

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⁂ youngjae:

youngjae plays league of legends (and other games) at internet cafes so he doesn’t mind you loving the movies you watch. he’s addicted to playing games and spending money at the internet cafe so he isn’t allowed to say anything if you use your money on merch. i’m not sure if he’s interested in what you like, but he knows that he should be supportive of it because you’re supportive of his gaming habits. eventually, he warms up to the idea of watching the movies you watch and – suddenly he’s a big fan just like you.

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⁂ bambam:

bambam is the same as youngjae, but probably a little worse at playing LoL. he doesn’t play too much, so he enjoys watching movies with you; wrapped up in your star wars blankets. bambam really enjoys doing the things you like to do so he never complains whenever you want to have a movie marathon or you want to buy a lot more merch to add to your collection. he’d appreciate it more if you kept your merch tidy though.

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⁂ yugyeom:

yugyeom definitely loves that you’re a geeky person. he watches whatever you watch and sometimes buys you merch when you’ve seen something you really like. just like bambam, he has movie marathons with you and never sleeps through any of it. he does his best to properly understand your lifestyle and eventually joins in with you. yugyeom buys his own merch too and both of you sometimes share your shirts if you like the other’s.

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