geeky dresses

Today I learned that if a character is blonde and has glasses it’s a Felicity ripoff. I don’t know about you, but that annoys the hell outta me. Blonde with glasses is not a Felicity thing, hacking is not a Felicity thing. Hackers helping superheroes existed long before Felicity in the character of Oracle and Chloe (Smallville). Felicity doesn’t own the geeky girl helping to catch bad guys. She is not special and it would be nice if her fans would see that. Felicity Smoak hasn’t started a trend. There are a lot of characters who do exactly the same thing.

Oh look, that is Oracle. Helping superheroes thru her computer skills oh and her wheelchair storyline which was almost given to Felicity.

Let’s not forget about Chloe Sullivan. Oh looks, she is blonde and has computer skills. Felicity totally ripped off her hair color. 

Don’t forget about Nell Jones who helps the NCIS team since 2010 thru her computer skills as well. Madness isn’t it? 

And let’s not forget about Penelope Garcia who’s blonde hair and clothes style scream Felicity Smoak. Some would argue that Arrow also stole from Penelope’s past storyline and gave it to Felicity.

My point is: Felicity Smoak is not a special butterfly who started a trend with geeky hackers in pretty dresses. It’s not necessary to scream ripoff when a woman hacker appears because your beloved is a character patched with attributes from various characters who were popular long before her.

She has nothing original.


At Abbey Festival in Queensland for work. So exhausted that we went to bed at 7pm last night. It’s insanely busy, and I’ve met so many people!

Wearing a dress for the first time in ages, and I have a couple of new rad hats… so I guess I’m happy. One more day until we go home!

how society treats sports fans vs how they treat nerd fans

sports fan: i’ve been to all of this team’s games in the last year 

society: wow !! you are so dedicated


nerd fan: i drove two hours to get my favourite book signed by the author

society: do you work? who has the time for that??

sports fan: the player i idolise tweeted he had oatmeal for breakfast this morning, i think i will too

society: it’s so good to see you have a positive role model!


nerd fan: i like to keep track of my favourite actors’ social medias, their lifestyle fascinates me

society: !! stalker alert !!

sports fan: this sport is gender inclusive, look at this tiny newspaper article about the womens’ sports team

society: wow this is exactly the kind of thing that makes us a superior species


nerd fan: umm quiditch has teams filled with both girls and boys, and they play on the same pitch. this applies in the real world because quidditch is technically a sport

society: lol it’s not a real sport it’s just a bunch of geeky freaks dressing up and running around on brooms how about you join the real world

sports fan: i watched a documentary on my favourite sport!

society: sports is so educational !! 


nerd fan: i read a lengthy article about my idol author/artist, they’re life story is so complex and interesting

society: how about you channel that energy into doing something more worthwhile

the issue that a lot of the nerd fanbase community has with sports lies in the general attitude toward sports compared to the attitude towards “geeky” interests. we don’t have a problem with sports, we do however have a problem with society not treating our interests the same as an athlete/sports fan’s interests.

Little One Headcanons

because I’m complete trash  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

alec at first going completely insane because holy crap he’s now in charge of taking care of an actual baby

him calling an emergency lightwood meeting at 2 am

jace and izzy reassuring him (bc he basically raised them and they turned out alright)

magnus calling catarina whenever something’s ‘wrong’ (”magnus, they just hiccuped” “but cat what if it’s like a terminal illness?!?!”)

little one instantly liking their auntie isabelle more than anyone else

jace has to bring a new stuffed animal whenever he comes over in order to even hold them

resulting in alec tripping over the ridiculous amount of toys

(magnus thinks he does it on purpose sometimes to make little one laugh)

(he does)

magnus teaching little one to magic up ducks before they can even talk (jace cant get a break can he)

simon giving them all these geeky baby clothes and dressing up as a superhero his night to babysit

clary being the most requested babysitter as magnus and alec can deal with coming home to piles upon piles of drawings

little one being named after raphael.