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D-Don’t yell at me I’m sensitive

I mean what do you guys really need me to look at—

He-!! Christine come over here right this instant now Ican’tbreatheohmysnickerdoodlesheremembersme


Shawn in geeky glasses appreciation post 🤓

I wish he wore these all the time I have SUCH a thing for Shawn in glasses omf

Heathen: Star Wars isn’t even possible, the physics would be wrong, the mathematics that hundreds of brilliant men figured out–


Need blogs to follow

My dash is very dead lately so I’m looking for some new blogs to follow! Reblog this and I’ll check out your blog ^o^ looking for blogs related to some of the following:

- League of Legends
- Magic the Gathering
- Elder Scrolls
- Fallout
- Life is Strange
- Indie games
- Dragon Age
- Harvest Moon
- Zelda
- Pokémon

Nerdy stuff generally:
- Comics (mainly a Marvel girl myself)
- Cosplay
- Literature (love me some Jane Austen, Tolkien, Shakespeare etc)
- Fantasy movies
- Fanart

I don’t normally follow blogs that post 100 times a day or do shitposts soooorry! Hope we can end up being mutuals!


This is a 14th century style hood I was commissioned to make a few months ago for another member of The Royal Court of Chesterwick. I seriously love making hoods and I seem to have a knack for designing them, so I thought I’d have a go at making one for someone else.

The main body of this hood is made from brown wool, with the gussets being a beautiful wool/ silk blend. The lining is green 100% linen. Interior seams for this one are machine overlocked (because it’s for LARP, not reenactment), with all exposed stiching hand finished with silk and wool threads. Around the face it’s finished with a green silk blanket stitch, with an overcast stitch in brown wool along the bottom.  I made this hood to fit snuggly around the neck, with a relatively short liripipe that sticks out the back when worn up.

I’m super happy with how this turned out, and Peter was also pretty thrilled. he accessorised with some cast pewter pins which worked really well.

Last photo credit to @theprohobby, taken at Swordcraft Spring Quest 2016.

ID #25512

Name: Meghan
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hello! My name is Meghan and I’m in my second year of college! I’m very shy and I figured that this would be a cool way to meet new people. I’m kind of geeky and enjoy watching anime as well as playing video games and DnD in my spare time. I am also an avid cosplayer and convention goer!

Preferences: Anyone 15-22, gender doesn’t matter.

Sterek fic - Yield - 1k Words, Rated M

Yield (967 words) by frek, sova
Rating: Mature
Additional Tags: Kissing, Making Out, early morning, Early Morning Make Outs, Naked Cuddling, Morning After, Collaboration, Illustrated, Art
Summary: It’s early in the morning and Derek wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

- - -
Check out the art that goes with this fic at geeky-sova’s blog here!

As always, you can read the fic below the read more or check out the art and fic together on AO3 via the link above.
- - -

It had been a good night. A very good night by anyone’s standards, Derek reasoned. And when he stretched out, warm and content from the rest he had, finding Stiles’ body pressed up alongside his, Derek knew that he was wrong. It had been an incredible night.

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crash bandicoot: tumblr edition
  • crash: immediately got hacked after making his blog. it is now run by a scam bot
  • coco: geeky aesthetic. loves superwholock and is the most popular fandom blog on tumblr. she is also under another alias known as "the xkit guy"
  • crunch: posts really weird fitness memes all day. also spends the rest of his time making posts on his positivity side-blog
  • tawna: beauty blog. loves making diy and self-care posts, and her selfies all get 10k+ notes. also loves reblogging other's selfies to spread the love. the tumblr mum
  • cortex: constantly vagues about crash and how much he hates his guts. he is somehow the tumblr daddy and owns a secret daddy kink blog
  • nina: anime horror blog. loves tokyo ghoul and elfen lied. she's also crushing on whoever is behind that geeky fandom blog
  • n. brio: science blog. makes posts about how to do really dangerous experiments that you should not try at home. his blog is a mess and he never tags anything
  • n. gin: shitposter. nobody really knows what his posts mean but they all get 100k+ notes and are always tagged as #relatable or #me
  • n. tropy: runs an anti-SJW blog. his url is timemasters-4-real-justice and he composes really long formal arguments which make no sense if you actually read them
  • victor: owns a callout blog which keeps a record of everything terrible that cortex has ever done. also posts petitions for mutants against animal testing
  • moritz: food blog. reblogs graphics that say "fries before guys" etc. co-owner of the cortex callout blog and always spreads misinformation about him for fun

anonymous asked:

Because you should really ask before reposting their art, even if you post credits doesn't mean everyone's comfortable with it, and they are well within their rights to report it if they want to, it's their art and their copyright

The problem with that thought is that I don’t post art from peoples portfolios or things like that. I post products that are for sale in online stores. If people do not want their products shared around then, sure, fine, but that’s really bad for marketing yourself. I get where you’re coming from but this blog is, in general, a geeky merch blog where people can go to find things to buy.

Like I said in the post, I’ll take stuff down if people want me to but it’s free promotion so I don’t know why people would choose to say ‘no, I don’t want you to post the products I’m trying to make money off of to your thousands of followers’. That doesn’t make any sense. I will take things down if they want, but it still doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint. 

These are things for sale that I am promoting, not personal fan art, and that makes a big difference. Does that make sense? I hope I’m explaining this well…