geeky black girls

Trying to be body postive! 🌙 I’ve been so horrible to my body in the past and treated it like it was something in my way, rather than a vessel and home for my soul. I want to reclaim my body after so long hiding in the dark. 🌟


Haha trying to Cosplay out on my patio was an awful idea because:

1)it is 102 degrees out and a full body black vinyl catsuit with fur is not a very comfortable outfit to wear in this Hellfire weather yet looks pretty hellish.
2)my backyard is a park- weird girl on the patio..
3) I was stung by a Bee on my back- my second Bee Sting ever since I was 5 years old lol

Dorky dork dork.. Dorkkkkkkkkkk

and now back out there to grill steaks…

Maybe it’s just me but there aren’t many nerdy/geeky Black girls portrayed on tv or in movies. You get the nerdy weird white boy who salivates over the pretty popular girls, the brunette white chick who has a heart of gold and gets transformed by the end, the stereotypical geeky Asian kid who’s good at math or the nerdy Black side kick who’s into gadgets and gizmos. Like where are my Black STEM ladies at? Where are my MATHletes/Science club/Chess club ladies? Where are my cosplaying anime nerds? I need some good representation.