geeky and i know it

Dear younger people who follow me,

I know there’s a lot of politics going around right now that you don’t really understand and that’s okay. Things are kind of confusing and really scary right now and you don’t need to fully grasp what’s happening right now. You don’t need to fully understand.

What you need to do is know that you need to treat people, especially people who are different from you, with respect and dignity. Treat others like they’re people and your understanding of politics will come later, trust me

kriszti just described me as geeky and soft and futch and i think if i ever try to d*te this is gonna be my d*ting app description, im gonna say im geeky and soft and futch, i know every girl on tumlr probably says that so idk how useful this is at this point but it actually captures many different things about me with crystal clarity so whatever.. lilla / 22 / soft geeky futch / dont msg me if you wouldnt die for tea tree oil body scrubs


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Name: Beamie (as far as you know)

Nicknames: ….I played myself

Zodiac Sign: i think the one with the sheep on it

Height: 5’7″ ish

Orientation: potato


that (Canadian edition)

Favorite Fruits: Nectarines, Peaches, dark cherries!! But I like mostly all fruit

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Books: Artemis Fowl or die

Favorite Flowers: Plumeria!!!

Favorite Scent: Vanilla Bean, ripe nectarines, this one lychee perfume i have, plumerias, Febreeze dryer sheets

Favorite Color: slightly orangy pink and mint green

Favorite Animal: sloths!! but I like them all

Coffee, Tea, Hot Coco: Tea and Cocoa!!

Average Hours of sleep: If I can get a solid 8 im good

Cat or Dog Person: CAT

Favorite Fictional Characters: This is a terrible question that cannot be answered in a concise manner

Number of Blankets: 4

Ideal Trip: Somewhere warm and humid, or somewhere where a friend lives

Blog created: maybe 2012? I made it at the same time as my sewing blog so I could check out all the ygos

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500+ notes in a couple hours of people screaming about Charles Jeanne surviving the barricade despite his best efforts? I’m so happy right now. This shit is what I live for. Falling down research holes on my own is fun, and sharing giant hunks of unfiltered primary-source text that almost nobody’s gonna read is still a necessary public service in terms of making the raw materials available and findable, but like–flailing about why this stuff is so great, having a bunch of people agree that it is a delight, and knowing I’ve probably helped bring some geeky joy into someone’s life over something that also gives me geeky joy? Dude, that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

It seems like such a simple thing, but there’s an artistry to getting the why across that’s effortless and fun when you can put your finger on it, and endlessly frustrating and elusive when you can’t, which makes it both easier and so much harder than the vital grunt work involved in making stuff available. Such a simple thing. But I’ve been stanning Charles Jeanne on-and-off since 2006 and I’ve never been able to get across my feelings of oh my god, look at this amazing ridiculous motherfucker in a way that made people spit out their drinks and have the exact same reaction before. IT’S SO GREAT.

“When I first met Leo I was quite shy and nervous but he was very easy to get along with, he wasn’t a big star as such back then, but he had certainly been noticed. Infact I found him quite geeky…but an entertaining geek (laughs). I don’t think many people know this, but I met up with him a few weeks ago, before he started filming his new movie with Martin Scorsese and I hate to say it but I have noticed a dramatic change in him, not so much his personality as he is still the same geeky Leo and a great guy, he really is, don’t get me wrong, but I have noticed a change in the way he carries himself, he is more aware and I guess..more untrusting.”