Children and Swearing

#100daysofrants day 2

Not a day goes by when at school (my school’s a mixed high school with middle school and elementary school) I hear some little kid swearing louder, and with more frequency than ever I have. What the legitimate f%#k?

When I was their age I swear my parents would’ve scrubbed my mouth with soap for at least 5 minutes just to make sure I wouldn’t swear even once; if a teacher ever caught us swearing he or she’d make sure we didn’t forget we swore by having us make a public apology at the front of the classroom (when you’re 5 years old that right there’s some scary stuff). 

Anyways sadly I have to keep today’s rant short and sweet because I have a crap ton of homework to write up by tomorrow (have I ranted about homework yet?) So I’ll just conclude it here: Why are we allowing newer generations to have a lack of respect for everything and everyone?

Again, sorry about the short post, I promise later rants will be longer