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So my friends paid for one of the SPG photo-ops at Youmacon and I didn’t, so while they were setting up for their shot I was taking pictures too, and it was important to me to share all these expressions with you

The amount of derp here

Is risingto the next level

And then we have Rabbit on the far side like


For spookydarjeeling and the-freakofthe-week especially who co-star in this next level derp fest.


I had some vague requests for these photo ops, but everyone went above and beyond my expectations.

Also, David and Bunny are experts in, among other things, making a guy feel really short. I still have trouble comprehending how this band is made of real people and not cartoon characters.

Photos courtesy of Beth and James of Geekshot Photography. Say hi if you see ‘em at a show, they’re super nice!

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Good news: Steam Powered Giraffe will be at The Steampunk World’s Fair next week!

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Okay guys, I have a theory. You all know the new Cavalcadium logo? The one which represents Science, Magic and Art? well, when I was looking at it I thought “…some of those elements look familiar” Then I remembered, they’re in the costumes. The Blue Matter core of Hatchworth looks like the art symbol, and the new Gear bracelets that Rabbit wears look like the science symbol. Following this trend, there must be the magic symbol on The Spine. I think, it might be the two lines of blue lighting along his spines, if anything.

But that’s just a theory. I thought it’d be cool to share it with you guys :) I’m probably looking too much into it. Give me your thoughts?


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FREE Photo Shoot - Exhibit Hall - 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM, 
Saturday July 5th

The folks at Anime Midwest just did something amazing for their guests.
They have purchased all of our photo ops for this weekend and are letting us give them away for free to you guys!

The convention is providing the ops as a free service for fans, so we hope you will make use of this special arrangement!

All you need to do is show up to our photo booth at 3:45 PM in the Exhibit Hall and you can get a free professional photo op with the robots. Each photo op includes an 8×10 print and a digital copy. At no cost!

This will be a first-come-first serve basis. Due to the time restraint, we cannot guarantee photos if there is a large turnout. At 5:30 PM we have to stop, so get in line early!

*The photo ops are with the three robots only.

*Maximum 2 people per photo

*If you already paid for a photo op, your refund will be processed next week!
You will be given front of line passes (stop by the photo table before the ops begin). You will still get your photo op.

*We will honor Walter Worker photo ops for those who pre-paid. You will get one photo with them and also be allowed another photo with the robots right after.

There will be NO paid-photo ops at this convention, we will only be offering the free opportunity at the designated time.

We will have more details in the following days leading up to the photo op.
Please look over the Photo Op FAQ here:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact GeekShot here: