Dr Sketchy

So tonight I modeled for the local Dr Sketchy as a mermaid.

It was a really fun and interesting experience, but my burlesque portion was a gongshow XD

Literally every single possible thing that could go wrong went wrong haha.

Overall though, I had so much fun and I really hope I’ll eventually get invited back.

Also may have booked another opportunity as a live art model with a semi well-known artist!

YAY for new gigs!

As for this week? Making my Ewok costume to be a stage kitty at Geeks After Dark: A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy, and getting ready for the BC Ren Fest.

So far, so good!

OKAY. So there's another 'Geeks After Dark' (A nerd themed/cosplay/burlesque nightclub meetup) NEXT FRIDAY. I didn't have a costume when I went last time and really want to do something this time. Obviously I'm limited by time, budget, and how sweaty it can get in the club, but PLEASE SEND IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT I CAN DO.