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* = smut

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Hey Emma, just wondering if you could please rec me fics that like, have an existing plot from a movie/book/tv show? So like fics based off of movies etc, if that makes sense. Thank you love! Have a good day xx

I made a list of fics with plots that are based on existing plots from films or TV shows, but since it’s not a very long list, I also made a second list of fics that are inspired by or based in the same universe as TV shows or films, but that have an entirely unique plot. Hopefully something here will strike your fancy.

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Outfit idea help.

Need outfit ideas for 3 of my ocs as I suck at drawing clothing and can’t really get much help looking at outfits online ^^; I have ideas what I want but I’m not very good at finding decent looking clothes.

Ruby Splash: she is loosely based on myself so Gothic/ geek / anime related stuff

Ocean bloom: He loves flowers and girly clothing pastel colours mostly ^^

Ink Heart: Punk but still saficicated looking

No. Don’t never go looking for love girl. Just wait. It’ll come. Like the rain fallin’ from the heaven, it’ll come. Just don’t never give up on love.

 Sonia Sanchez, Shake Loose My Skin: New and Selected Poems

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Havoc -  Earth-2 Harrison Wells xreader (sort of)

This was my first time writing in the Flash Universe. I hope I did it justice.

ITS 3000+ words long… I’m so sorry! 

 I wanted to make this an E-2 Wells x reader, but I got distracted by my own thoughts. I would really appreciate if you told me if you liked this or not.


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The Flash was zipping through the streets of Central City. A new metahuman that arrived three weeks ago was on the loose again. Cisco Ramon, the geek genius, had nicknamed the new metahuman,“Havoc.” Havoc was wading through the Central City’s general hospital. Chaos broke out with every step Havoc took. The lights were flashing on and off, and the entire vibe of the building seemed off as soon as she stepped foot on the property. She was looking for something. Or someone. No one knew Havoc’s motives. She kept to herself, and avoided any kind of human - or metahuman interaction.

 Behind Havoc, patients, doctors and, nurses began to act like rabid animals. Havoc came to an intersection inside the hospital. She assessed all her possible routes, before deciding to head down a hallway to her right. Electric wires began to spark to life, and fire sprinklers burst behind her. A fire from the electrical wires burst into flames and alarms were blaring everywhere. Anyone who tried to help stop the madness was caught up in it, thus adding more to the chaos. Everywhere she went, havoc broke out - hence her name. Just as Havoc was arriving to the room she was looking for, the Flash zapped behind her.

 "Havoc!“ He shouted over the roar of a nearby alarm. 

She stopped, and raised her hands to show she wasn’t a threat. 

 "You don’t have to do this.” The Flash said. 

 "You don’t understand Barry.“ Havoc said, with her back still facing towards him.

 "Barry? How’d she know your name?” Asked Cisco over Barry’s headset. He began to run Havoc’s voice through a voice recognition software system. 

 "I don’t know.“ The Flash said in a hushed tone.

 "I need you to stop this.” Barry said in his Flash suit.

 "I can’t control it.“ Havoc replied, turning around. 

 "Let me help you.” Barry offered. 

 "I doubt you can help this. “ Havoc said gesturing around her.

 "Please. Let me try.” Barry pleaded, holding out his hand for her to take. 

 "I’ll hurt you.“ Havoc said, backing away.

 "Please.” Barry said taking cautious steps towards her.

 "No.“ she said, sounding pained. 

“What is she looking for?” Asked Caitlin.

 "What are you after?“ Barry asked. 

 "A sedative. It would keep me in a sluggish state, so Zoom wouldn’t be able to manipulate me.” Havoc explained.

 "Barry it’s (Y/N)!“ Cisco said, as her face popped up on the computer monitor, after the voice analysis was complete.

 Information on (Y/N) came back to Barry as he looked at her. How could Barry have forgotten about one of his best friends that was trapped on Earth-2, because Zoom wanted to make the Flash suffer even more.

 ”(Y/N). Please let me help you.“ He promised.

 "I don’t want to hurt anyone.” (Y/N) replied. 

 "We can help you.“ Barry offered. 

 "Barry if you don’t get her out of there, there won’t be a hospital anymore.” Dr.Wells said. 

 "You better have a cell ready.“ (Y/N) said shifting her weight. 

 "It’s ready don’t worry.” Caitlin replied.

 "Barry, you’re going to have run me as fast as you can to STAR Labs and lock me in that cell.“ (Y/N) instructed him. 

 "Ready?” He asked.

 She nodded.

 In the blink of an eye, (Y/N) was scooped up and rushed through the streets of Central City. A few seconds later, (Y/N) was placed inside one of the containment cells inside the pipeline in STAR Labs. When Barry set her down, her shirt caught fire. She jumped in surprise, and quickly ripped it off. Barry zipped off and got her a STAR Labs sweatshirt. After handing (Y/N) the sweatshirt, Barry closed the glass cell doors. Barry hated closing the cell on one of his best friends.

 "How’d you get powers?“ Barry asked, taking off his mask. 

 "Zoom. When he created Velocity 6, he managed to make another serum. He called it Creativity 7.” (Y/N) explained. 

 "Does anyone know how our metahuman friend who can’t be affected by other metahuman powers got metahuman powers?“ Cisco asked as everyone came into the hallway that led to the pipeline. 

 "That wasn’t confusing at all.” (Y/N) said.

 "Zoom did this to her.“ Well said walking up to Barry. 

 "On my earth. Earth-2 there was this drug going around in the worse parts of Central City. They named it Creativity 4. Zoom must have altered it to give regular people metahuman powers.” Wells said. 

 "When did you get back to Earth-1?“ Barry asked.

 "Three weeks ago, after you saved Jesse, Zoom captured me and kept me on Earth-2.” (Y/N) explained. 

 "We’ve been back for about seven weeks now.“ Wells said.

 "How long have you had these powers?” Caitlin asked, ignoring Wells statement.

 "About six weeks. Zoom injected me everyday, building up the drug in my system so it would seep out until he could return. Zoom had a plan for me.“ (Y/N) replied 

 "Zoom left about three weeks ago. While he was gone you must have been one of his last ways to hurt us.” Cisco said.

 "These powers aren’t permanent are they?“ (Y/N) asked, looking at Wells. 

 "No. Most drug induced fake metas died in the first twelve hours of consumption.” Wells said. 

 "Way to make a girl feel special.“ (Y/N) snarked at him. 

 "You said most. What about the others?” Barry asked.

 "They weren’t full metas if that’s what you’re asking.Their emotions being out of sync helped them recover faster. They went back to normal after awhile. “ Wells said. 

 "We might just have to wait for the Creativity 7 to burn out of your system.” Caitlin said.

 "You can go do what you want. It might take a while.“ (Y/N) replied as the lights in her cell flickered. 

 "We can take turns keeping her company.” Cisco said.

 "I’ll take first watch.“ Barry offered.

 "No. Go away.” (Y/N) snapped.

 ”(Y/N).“ Barry said as he took a seat on the floor just beyond the glass doors.

 "Ugh. Fine.” She groaned, giving up.

 For the next two hours, Barry and (Y/N) sat inside the pipeline, and talked about life. Then Cisco came and replaced Barry for two hours, then Caitlin replaced Cisco, then Wells came to replace Caitlin. (Y/N) was dreading her two hours with Harrison Wells. 

 As Wells’ sat down on the ground in front of the glass cell doors, (Y/N) avoided all eye contact with him. Harry sighed and looked at her with a cold piercing gaze.

 "What did…the other Wells do to you?“ Harry asked. 

 "What do you mean?” (Y/N) asked. 

 "You avoided me when I was here to get Jesse back and you’ve avoided all eye contact with me since being locked in here..“ Wells said.

 "It’s a long complicated story.” (Y/N) laughed, humorlessly.

 "We’ve got the time.“ Harry replied, his gaze still hard and cold. 

 "No offense Doppelganger, but I don’t want to share.” (Y/N) snapped at him, the lights in her cell flickering frantically.

 (Y/N) looked around her cell and sighed. Even the Earth-2 Harrison Wells had some kind of affect on her emotions. They were quiet for a while, until (Y/N) caved in.

 "He tried to murder me.“ She said at last, breaking the silence. Wells’ facial expression didn’t change. He seemed un-phased by her words.

 "I had been living inside the pipeline for a few months after the particle accelerator exploded. When Barry woke up from his coma, I revealed to the team that I had been living down here. Wells – the other Wells – he got really close to me. He tried to keep me safe from everything, he grew to care for me.” (Y/N) said, in disgust.

 (Y/N) looked up at him for a brief second, Wells nodded for her to continue. She looked away as fast as she could. 

 "While the Man in Yellow - the Reverse Flash - was still our greatest threat, I stumbled across the Time Vault that he had hidden inside STAR Labs. I found out his secret. Wells was the Man in Yellow. I sent Barry a text, telling him Wells was the Man in Yellow.“ (Y/N) said, her eyes glazing over as she remembered everything that happened. 

 "I tried to keep it as vague as possible so Wells wouldn’t figure out I knew his secret.” (Y/N) said.

 "But he knew. He was furious.“ (Y/N) shuddered. 

 "What happened next?” Wells asked, sounding nicer than ever.

 "He was so fast. I had managed to make it back to the Cortex, and as everyone came in that night, the Man in Yellow appeared. I froze and looked like a deer caught in headlights.“ (Y/N) said, as she began shaking. Her voice trembled a bit. As Wells looked at her, he could sense her fear. She was terrified of the Reverse Flash. 

 "Barry wasn’t fast enough. Wells ran me all over Central City. While running, he apologized. He wished he didn’t have to kill me. He was rather fond of me, told me, that he admired me. ” (Y/N) spoke softly. A few tears fell from her eyes.

 "Then he took me to the top of STAR Labs, and held me carelessly over the edge.“ (Y/N) said. Wells could see her skin pale, and her pupils dilate.

 "The Reverse Flash… he told me that if I survived the next few minutes, that he’d tell me his biggest secret.” (Y/N) shivered, her skin prickling with goosebumps.

 "Barry managed to chase after us, and he begged the Man in Yellow to let me go. He said that Barry used a poor choice of words. The Reverse Flash threw me down towards the ground. I was moving so fast, that Barry couldn’t get to me in time. By some miracle, Kyle Nimbus caught me in his gas form.“ (Y/N) sniffled. 

 "He’s The Mist.” (Y/N) said wiping her eyes. Harry nodded. (Y/N) raised her head and held Harry’s gaze. Harry nodded, knowing who Nimbus was.

 "Kyle set me on the ground, then fled the scene. When Barry caught up to me, he was as surprised as I was. In that moment, the Reverse Flash escaped. We tracked him down after he kidnapped Eddie. Then you know the rest of the story.“ (Y/N) said as she pulled her knees up to her chest. 

 "What was his secret?” Wells asked. 

 "Hmm?“ (Y/N) asked, looking into his eyes.

 "His secret. What was it?” Wells asked. “Before he died, he told me…” (Y/N) hesitated. “He told me he loved me. Or the idea of me.” (Y/N) said, as if it confused her. Wells drew in a short breath, which caused (Y/N) to look at him.

 "He said he loved future me. The AI, Gideon, that Barry creates in the future. He bases her off of me.The Reverse Flash grew to love Gideon.“ (Y/N) explained. 

 Harry and (Y/N) were quiet for a long time. (Y/N) felt as if she’d shared too much with Earth-2 Harrison Wells.

 ”(Y/N).“ Wells said, looking at her. 

 She dragged her gaze to meet his.

 "Look.” He said motioning with his eyes to the cell around her.

 The lights were no longer flickering, and everything seemed to be normal again. “Caitlin?” (Y/N) asked out loud as she stood up, and looked up at the security camera. A minute later, Caitlin arrived with a blood sample kit, and asked (Y/N) to draw her own blood. Caitlin would have done it herself, but they had to make sure (Y/N) was safely contained in the pipeline. If she got out, she might hurt everyone. After (Y/N) drew her blood, and Caitlin left to analyze it, Wells stared at (Y/N). 

 "You’re staring.“ (Y/N) commented as she pulled down her sleeve.

 "When we went back to my Earth, to get Jesse, Barry typed you into a search database. Nothing came up.” Wells said. 

 "What’s that got to do with anything.“ (Y/N) asked.

 "Everyone has a doppelganger. You do not.” Wells stated.

 "How is this relevant?“ (Y/N) asked, Wells point, grazing over her head. 

 "I’m not sure, I think when this Zoom thing is over, you have some tests and questions that need to be answered.” Wells said.

 Caitlin came back into the pipeline and smiled at (Y/N). “You’re clean. No more Creativity 7 in your system.” Caitlin said as she opened the cell. As (Y/N) stepped out of the cell, Caitlin removed one of her metahuman handcuff, and gripped (Y/N)’s arm. Caitlin’s hand frosted over, but didn’t affect (Y/N) at all.

 "Back to normal.“ Caitlin smiled. 

“Thank you.” (Y/N) said, hugging Caitlin. 

 Everyone walked back to the Cortex, and tried to think of a way to stop Zoom.

 "I think I have an idea.“ (Y/N) said as she walked up to Barry and whispered in his ear. She was sure that Zoom had eyes and ears inside STAR Labs. 

 "You sure?” Barry asked when she pulled away. She nodded. 

 "It’ll work.“ (Y/N) promised. 

 Later that night, (Y/N) – dressed as Havoc – was in the middle of downtown, causing - well havoc. Thanks to Cisco and his high-tech gear, he managed to recreate an illusion of Creativity 7 still being active inside (Y/N). As Havoc "destroyed” downtown Central City, The Flash went around, trying to stop her. “Havoc!” Barry yelled at her in his distorted voice, sticking somewhat to the script they rehearsed earlier.

 "The Flash!“ (Y/N) chuckled as she spun around and shoved her hand at him, causing a building to crumble and crack.

 "You don’t have to do this.” Barry tried again.

 "I do. Zoom wants to burn this world just like Earth-2. There’s nothing you can do to stop him.“ (Y/N) said trying to hit him again.

 Barry moved out of the way.

 "You don’t have to follow Zoom’s orders. You’re your own person.” Barry yelled.

 "I want to follow Zoom. He’s powerful and fast. You’re nothing but a snail.“ (Y/N) scolded, sending Barry an apologetic smile, before trying to attack him again.

 Barry ran at her, and knocked her over. 

 "You shouldn’t be so loyal.” Growled Zoom as he stood above (Y/N) body.

 She was surprised to see him, and she feared for her life. 

 "I thought you weren’t affected by metahumans.“ Zoom growled.

 "Creativity 7 has a small side effect.” (Y/N) said, as she sat up.

 Zoom grabbed her by her throat and held her above the street. 

 "Pity.“ Zoom shrugged. 

 ”(Y/N)!“ Barry yelled as he saw Zoom.

 "Hello Flash.” Zoom said, in a gravely voice. 

 "Stop!! Your fight is with me.“ Barry said. 

 Zoom ran off with (Y/N), dragging her to the top of STAR Labs. Barry was right behind them, trying to save (Y/N)’s life. 

 "Guys! This is not how the plan was supposed to go.” Barry said into the intercom. 

 Zoom held (Y/N) by her shirt, holding her over the edge of STAR Labs. Flashbacks of the Reverse Flash flickered over (Y/N)’s eyes. 

She was scared, and about to cry. 

 ”(Y/N).“ Barry called. 

 "Flash.” Growled Zoom.

 "Let her go.“ Barry said as he cautiously stepped towards Zoom. 

 "Poor choice of words, Flash.” Zoom said, before hurtling (Y/N) towards the ground. 

 Barry anticipated Zoom tossing (Y/N) to the ground. (Y/N) let out a piercing scream as she fell. 

  Barry ran down the side of STAR Labs, and leaped out to catch (Y/N). Zoom was two steps ahead of Barry, and pushed (Y/N) downwards, increasing her speed towards the ground.

 "NO!“ Barry yelled as he missed her.

 (Y/N) slammed into the ground, cracking the concrete around her. Barry landed on the ground, and looked at where her body crashed. Zoom stood behind her, and looked at the Flash. 

“Until next time, Flash.” Zoom said, before zipping off. 

 ”(Y/N).“ Barry cried as he flashed over to her. He ripped off his mask and stared down at (Y/N)’s broken body.

 "I hate metahumans.” (Y/N) groaned, blood trickling from her mouth. 

 "Caitlin? What do I do?“ Barry asked, tears clouding his vision. Barry wiped away the blood trail from (Y/N)’s lips. Caitlin was quiet, the whole Cortex was quiet. 

 "Caitlin?!” Barry stressed even more. 

“Barry, she’s dying.” Caitlin said quietly. 

 "How can I save her?“ he asked, his voice breaking.

 "I don’t think you can.” Caitlin whispered.

 "Bare.“ (Y/N) coughed, her voice cracking. 

 "Hang on, I’m going to get you help.” Barry promised as he picked her up and rushed her inside STAR Labs.

 Barry set her down on a hospital bed, and began to hook her up to all the necessary machines to keep her alive. Caitlin and Wells walked in, and tried to help, but Barry refused their help. 

 "Bare – let Caitlin try and save (Y/N).“ Joe said, catching Barry’s attention.

 "I can’t lose someone else.” Barry said, still rushing around the room.

 "Barry.“ Joe said sternly, tears were in his eyes.

 Barry stopped and walked over to Joe, letting Caitlin and Wells take over.

 "Metas suck.” (Y/N) groaned. Ten minutes later, (Y/N) was stable – for now. After Caitlin made sure (Y/N) was on the proper meds to cease her pain, she left to analyze some tests on (Y/N)’s broken body. Wells sat by (Y/N)’s bedside, and held her hand. (Y/N) was cold and deathly pale.

 She fell asleep due to some of the drugs in her system. 

 "Come on,“ Wells whispered. 

The heart rate monitor was beeping at a steady pace.

 "You’re a fighter, you sacrificed yourself for this Earth, for Barry, for Jesse. You’re a hero.” Wells said quietly. 

The heart rate monitor jumped up a beat, which caused Wells to look up at the screen. (Y/N)’s heartbeat registered like a person in pure fear. It was fast and sporadic. 

 "Honey. I need you to calm down. I won’t hurt you. I promise.“ Wells said.

 The monitor beeped faster, before slowing down to a normal rate. Barry walked back into the right side lab, and sat down on the other side of the bed, staring at (Y/N). Wells stood up, and began to leave the room.

 "You lied to her.” Barry said. 

Wells stopped at the door frame. 

 "You told her I didn’t find her on Earth-2. That she doesn’t have a doppelganger.“ Barry said as he gently took (Y/N)’s hand. 

 "What was I supposed to say? That she was my dead wife?” Wells asked, shifting to look at Barry and (Y/N). 

 "She deserved to know.“ Barry said. 

 "She doesn’t need that burden, especially after what the Reverse Flash did to her.” Wells said quietly. 

 Barry zapped Wells out of the right labs, and slammed him against the wall, near the Flash suit. Wells wasn’t surprised by Barry’s outburst.

 "Why do you care so much for (Y/N)?“ Wells asked. 

 "I – I cant tell you.” Barry said. 

 Suddenly, (Y/N)’s heart rate flat lined. Barry flashed into the room, and looked around frantically for a way to save her. Wells rushed in, followed by Caitlin, Cisco and Joe. Wells tried to revive (Y/N) with CPR, but nothing was working. Barry ran his hands frantically through his hair, and tried not to cry. He couldn’t lose (Y/N), he couldn’t lose any of them.Wells stopped the chest compressions, and backed away from (Y/N). 

She was gone. 

 Barry ran forwards, and continued where Wells left off. He was not about to let (Y/N) leave him. A large shock of electricity zapped (Y/N)’s chest, restarting her heart. (Y/N) shot up, and gasped for air. Everyone held their breath as they stared at their revived friend. Barry pulled (Y/N) into a bone crushing hug, and refused to let go. When Barry did let go, Caitlin immediately began checking on (Y/N)’s vitals. She ran test after test on (Y/N), trying to figure her out.

 Twenty minutes later, Caitlin walked back into the right lab, and looked up from her tablet. 

 "(Y/N)’s body is recovering at an impeccably fast rate. Faster than Barry’s cells.“ Caitlin said, showing everyone in the right lab her findings. 

 "I don’t understand.” (Y/N) said, her voice a bit sore.

 "When Zoom dropped you, there was so much speed rushing around you, you absorbed a bit of the speed force.“ Barry said, following what Caitlin was beginning to explain.

 "So you’re saying that (Y/N) has the speed force in her?” Joe asked, patting (Y/N)’s blanket covered feet. 

 "Yes, but she’s not a speedster.“ Caitlin said. 

 "At the rate you’re healing you should be fully healed in a few hours. Just take things slow. You broke nearly every bone in your body.” Caitlin said. 

Everyone was quiet for a bit. Barry’s hyper-active mind was trying to connect all the pieces together. His eyes lit up like a christmas tree. He figured something out. 

 "I think that this is the beginning of the future.“ Barry said.

 "I may have the speed force in me, but I’m slow. What are you talking about?” (Y/N) asked, sitting forwards. 

 "I can’t explain, but what happened earlier has a giant impact on the future.“ Barry falsely smiled at (Y/N). 

 Everyone inside the lab smiled, and felt like they could breathe freely again. They began to talk about how to defeat Zoom and save Earth-2. Things went back to their definition of normal rather quickly. The talk of the future made everyone feel sort of safe again.

 "Well, here’s to being alive in the future.” (Y/N) smiled, joking about the recent events of the day.

 Barry plastered a fake smile on his lips, but it didn’t reach his sad eyes. Wells watched him. He knew Barry had knowledge of the future. And the sad look that Barry held in his eyes as he stared at (Y/N) told him the truth.

 (Y/N) wasn’t in their future.

Send in a symbol for a starter based off these AU scenarios!

Send 🔄 for mun’s choice!

🎓 - Muse A just found out that they’re going to be valedictorian, while muse B just found out that they’re not going to graduate unless they pass all of their final exams. Muse A decided to take pity on Muse B and tutor them.

💍 - Muse A is going to be deported because they forgot to renew their visa. Muse B, their best friend, offers a solution; marriage, so that Muse A gets instant citizenship.

👓 - Muse A is a tech geek who works in IT at a business company. They loose their glasses one day, and Muse B, the CEO of the company, returns them to Muse A.

💪 - Muse A is a fitness trainer, and Muse B is someone who wants to get in shape.

👑 - Muse A is a prince/princess who wants nothing more than to rise to power. In order to become king/queen, they must marry Muse B, a prince/princess from a rival kingdom.

🚔 - Muse A is sometimes commits crimes(okay, they commit a lot of crimes), and Muse B is the police officer who always gets stuck booking them.

🔞 - Muse A is a stripper, and Muse B is their most generous patron.

⚖ - Muse A is a criminal defense lawyer, and Muse B is a law student studying underneath them.

💋 - Muse A gets lonely one night, and decides to order a prostitute. Muse B shows up.

✋ Muse A tries to hit on Muse B, but alas, Muse B is mute.

🎤 - Muse A is an upcoming artist, while Muse B is already mega-famous. Their managers want them to fake-date as a PR stunt for publicity.

🎰 - Muse A decides to go to a casino while in Vegas one night, and get super drunk. They wake up in bed the next day with Muse B, and find out that they got married.

⚽ - Muse A and Muse B are from rival sports teams(add which sport, or mun will choose!)

✈ - Muse A gets upgraded to first class and sits next to Muse B, a rich entrepreneur.

Badass- Peter Parker Imagine

requested by @youreverydayzebra :61. “Why didn’t he come and talk to me himself?” + 64. “He doesn’t understand you like I do.” + 87. “For some reason I’m attracted to you.”  (prompts from this post:

A/N: So I swear a lot in real life; usually I try not to in my writings because some people dont like that but there is some swearing on the reader’s part in this one. sorry not sorry??

gif credit to: @tomhallond

You were sitting joking around with your friends when you looked past them and saw Peter Parker rambling towards you. Normally, this wouldn’t have bothered you; Peter was rather shy and if he wanted to talk he would be somewhat hesitant in grabbing your attention. But as you looked, he flashed you a hand signal. Rolling your eyes, you grabbed your backpack and said goodbye to your friends, walking over to him.

“What now?” It was the third time that week that Peter had been sent over to talk to you by one of his friends. You and Peter had an odd friendship; he preferred to sit by himself or with the less popular kids, but you were known for being on many of the sports teams and being quite sociable. Once his friends found out you two were rather close, he had become the carrier of many messages from them to you.

“It’s getting annoying for me too. But Sam had a question for you.” Peter opened his mouth to continue, but you interrupted him. “Why didn’t he come and talk to me himself?” It was extremely frustrating putting up with the odd things they were making Peter tell you.

“Please don’t kill me, I don’t wanna say this but I’m too nice to say no.” Peter held up his hands in surrender as you folded your arms and glared. “He wanted me to tell you ‘For some reason I’m attracted to you.’” He winced as you pushed past him, your fury directed squarely at the offensive boys. 

You slammed your hands down on the table, causing all the boys to jump (one of them squeaked?) as all eyes landed on you. “Alright fellas, let’s get one thing straight here. If you wanna talk to a girl, fucking talk to her. Don’t be a pussy; no one likes that. It’s not the fucking fourth grade, so grow some balls.” 

You stalked away, a group of freshmen parting as you walked out of the cafeteria, Peter trailing behind you. “It’s so fucking infuriating!” You shouted, ignoring the stares you received as you walked through the foyer. Peter finally caught up with you, putting an arm around you and veering you to the side doors so you could rant in peace.

“It’s just so ridiculous! In what world does that tactic work?” You glared at you felt Peter’s arm tightening around you, afraid you were going to lash out. But by the time you had made your way to a clearing of trees just outside the school, you were running on fumes. There was something calming about Peter’s arm around you; it almost made you forget his idiotic ‘friends’.

Peter’s arm fell off you as you threw your bag down, on the ground and sat next to the tallest tree. Head in your hands, you groaned in exasperation as you felt him sit next to you. “I hate this.” Peter looked over at you, unzipping his bag and bringing out his own lunch as he threw you an apple.

You caught it without looking, tossing it around as you stood up. Pacing back and forth, you ranted. “Why do you do that, Peter? Let them use our friendship to fuck with me.” You bounced the apple off your elbow, watching as Peter caught it and threw it back while reading his textbook. 

“He doesn’t understand you like I do.” Peter chewed on his sandwich and scribbled a note in the margins. “Well, none of them do really. Maybe they think by using someone you’re comfortable with you’ll associate that feeling with them? I’m taking biology, not psychology.” 

You took a bite of the apple, wiping away the juice on your chin. “It’s just… so stupid!” Peter chuckled as you searched for better words to express your anger. “I’ll tell them to stop. I didn’t know it bothered you this much. If it were me, would kind of be a compliment.” 

“A compliment would be them telling me themselves, not fucking with you to get under my skin.” You put the apple in your mouth and went to the other side of the tree, climbing up until you were far into the branches.

“You know, at least you get people that like you!” Peter shouted, shielding his eyes as he searched for you in the leaves. “People like you too, Parker! You just don’t see it!” You shouted back down. Even from that high, you could hear his laugh. “Point them out then! I don’t see anyone lining up to date the socially awkward geek!” 

“Look up then!” You scurried down the branches, causing loose twigs and nuts to fall all around Peter. He laughed as he tried to find you. “Maybe I would, if I could see through all this debris!” He laughed as the rustling stopped, shading his eyes as he struggled to see you still. 

An apple flew out of the tree, bouncing off Peter’s head into his hand. You swung down next to him, your legs on the branch like a bat as you took the apple back. “Found you.” You smirked, blood rushing to your face as you hung in front of Peter. 

“You know, one day you’re going to fall out of this tree. I just hope I’m there to say ‘I told you so’.” Peter said, leaning forward slightly. “Not today.” You swung back and forth, but the branch snapped under your weight. Luckily, Peter caught you. Or rather, he broke your fall attempting to catch you. The two of you rolled down the hill, eventually reaching the bottom, groaning as you attempted to disentangle your limbs. Your head lay on his chest, rising and falling with his pants as you moved your legs away from his.

In between breaths, Peter managed to gasp out. “I take back what I just said.” You lifted your head slightly, looking up at him. “Same.” 

“Although-” He held his side, offering a hand to you. “I did think of an actual compliment for you,” he said. You grabbed the outstretched palm, jumping up and facing him. “You’re pretty badass.”

anonymous asked:

what are some cute tops/blouses/sweaters etc?


1. Red Batwing Long Sleeve Loose Knit Sweater
2. White Long Sleeve Striped Knit Sweater
3. Red Long Sleeve Deer Print Knit Sweater
4. Black Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Sweater
5. Black Lapel Long Sleeve Ouch Cardigan Sweater

6. Black High Neck Long Sleeve Vintage Knit Sweater


1. Turquoise Collarless Dipped Hem Long Sleeve Blouse with Front Pocket

2. White Off The Shoulder Lace Blouse

3. White Contrast Lace Long Sleeve Loose Blouse


. Black Long Sleeve Zipper Split Slim Blouse

5. White Short Sleeve Hearts Print Chiffon Blouse

6. Red Long Sleeve Color Block Blouse

7. Green Gradients Lapel Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouse


1. Grey Short Sleeve GEEK Print Crop T-Shirt
2. White Short Sleeve Beedo Print Loose T-Shirt
3. Blue Short Sleeve Watermelon Print T-Shirt
4.Grey Short Sleeve Cartoon Dinosaur Print T-Shirt
5. Paris je t’aime print Shirt

6. Parental advisory explicit content Shirt

Hope I was able to help a bit xx

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It's almost summer here and I need new summer clothes like dresses, bikinis etc. but my taste in fashion is lame. Can you help me?

Aw, sure. So I can highly recommend to check out ROMWE, they also ship worldwide (they pay all duty & taxes) + 60% off on your first order!!

For dresses I think these are quite cute! :

I really love their jumpsuits, here are just some examples:

Tops I would love to buy (I can’t bc no money lol)

this Off the shoulder tassel blouse is my absolute fave! I really need this omg. then I’d recommend this long flower loose chiffon kimono, because it’s nothing that a lot of people already have.
I especially love this Spaghetti Strap Embroidered Cami Top !!! Also this casual and loose GEEK Crop Tee, it’s amazing for school.

AND what I’ve acutally bought is this black cropped Kimono with a beautiful flowers pattern <3 I just think it is perfect to slip on.


They have so much more beautiful things, you must look trough their webside! you cannot go wrong with romwe! ;) I hope I could help you. Good shopping<3

Then and Now

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, Fluffy

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: Confession. It’s sucha daunting word. It just dominates the airspace after you say it. Its three syllables puncture a room like a 30 gauge needle to a fingertip. Okay, I need to shake off this mindset if I’m going to do this.
Do what, you ask? Oh,it’s nothing big. I’m only planning to tell my fellow pea in a pod that I absolutely adore almost everything about him. People do this kind of thing everyday, right?

Present for @xdrawings-x, enjoy you dummy ~

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Conti near Chartres, New Orleans

(Warning - my inner plant geek is loose) The tall upright grass-like plants on the rail are Equisetum, (variety is probably hyemale, aka rough horsetail or scouring horsetail which is sold in many nurseries as both a container and a marginal water plant. I can’t tell without seeing it closer) known as horsetail rushes.

Equisetum is essentially a living fossil, the descendent of the once-large genus Equisetaceae. It is a vascular plant that reproduces via spores rather than seed. (Thus endeth the lesson.)

Tricked By Twins

Harry has a twin and Niall doesn’t know so Harry’s twin makes Niall have sex with him and then Harry comes back and Niall is so confused and Harry is angry with lots of dirty talk.

Christmas With Chocolate

Niall and Harry were spending their Christmas evening baking pastries for the boys. But when Niall gets a taste of what Harry’s making, things get out of hand.

Crossing Paths

a demon Harry and angel Niall where Niall is God’s top angel And Harry is Satan’s right hand man And they end up crossing paths on earth and fall for each other.

Belong To Me

Niall and Harry are visiting Ireland when they run into Bressie, a friend of Nialls. Niall invites him to have dinner with them and by the time their done, Harry’s feeling jealous and has to show Niall who he belongs to.

Geek Charming

Niall looses his contacts and has to wear his glasses all day and Harry cant control himself.