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10. are you good at hiding your feelings? Extremely well. If I don’t want someone to know they wont. Example, a coworker who was the biggest piece of scum in the world, somehow thought we were buds.  Other times the skill isn’t so useful.

11. are you listening to music right now? Nope, I’m watching South Park, but music sounds legit. Going to turn on Eyedea right now

13. how do you feel right now? Sick, tired, nervous, sweaty, sad, but okay.

21. age and birthday? 26, Jan 2.

24. height 5’6” I always get made fun of for being short, but I’m not THAT bad.

36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill? Become a professional entertainer, create something that people will jive with, be a good person forever. I’m making good progress on that last one.

55. tumblr friends I have like one friend I only know through Tumblr. she’s hella rad, makes movies and junk.

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I just want to clear up any confusion I cause with my 4th doctor rant. I don't hate the people who actually love the 4th doctor. I am annoyed by the people who say they love the 4th doctor just because everyone else says they do. I love the diehards, dislike the posers. I realize that my post was a misleading and can see how people may have gotten the wrong idea. I don't judge people by their favorite doctor I love all whovians :D

Hi! No, I totally understand. I guess I just don’t agree with the idea that there are “poser” Doctor Who fans. Why does it bother you when people say they like the Fourth Doctor when they haven’t seen any or much of his stories?

I mean, it’s all just a bit of fun I think. Sure, anyone who parades around saying that Four is awesome and if you don’t agree you’re stupid, is incredibly childish (and not in a Fourth Doctor approved kind of way). Then again, this is the internet, it’s full of trolololols. People tend to say inflammatory statements to get their jollies.

But back to your original point, about how people who say they love the Fourth Doctor just because everyone else says they do… who cares? How is that an affront to you? I don’t… I don’t get it. Let people like what they like, and if they say they like Four, and have never seen a single episode of his, hey, that’s their loss.

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14. What’s your favorite movie?  Star Wars, if I had to be more specific Empire Strikes Back.

36. Do you have any phobias? I flip the fuck out if there is something near my eye.  I can’t touch my eye or have my finger threaten to poke it, but I can rub and stuff when the are irritated.  Also, heights.  I’m too small to be up super high.

65. What are three things most people don’t know about you?  I’m nowhere near outgoing and confident as I seem.  I mean I can do it. But on the inside I’m so different.  I’m really good at putting up a front like I’m okay.  I seem like nothing is bothering me, everything is bothering me.  I’m very anti-social, you see, I complain about not having friends but its my own doing. I hate people, and I’m very picky about how I chose to spend my time with.  I suppose that’s why most of my favorite people are scattered across the world. :/ I used to be super athletic.  My mile time was under 6 minutes.  I played basketball and was pretty good at it.  I stopped doing all that when I discovered music.  I started playing guitar and playing punk, then I didn’t do so many anthletey things.  I should get back in shape though.

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I just went back to find that video. HOW DID I MISS IT!!! Actually I probably missed it because I was away from tumblr for a few days BUT STILL!!! Kids are awesome

Also you are awesome….I forgot that part

Hahaha aw you are so sweet! AND ALSO AWESOME! Yeah I thought they would have forgotten about it over the weekend….but NOPE.

Anecdote: A kid told me yesterday that “I saw a momma cow push a baby cow OUT OF ITS BUTT.”

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are you drunk? :p

Hahahaha nope! Although that was pretty similar to my drunk posts lol. I’ve been having trouble getting to sleep so I end up sleeping like 5 hours a night and it is just not working for me haha. I got some non-habit forming sleep aid pills (the main ingredient being melatonin) and THEY WORKED. I slept 8 whole hours!

I should have gone to bed earlier than I did though because it resulted in that post and an email to a friend who’s never seen Sherlock containing a link to the clip where John says ‘NOOOOO IT’S NOT!!!’ and talking about how funny it is haha.

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yuck :(. Try heating up some honey and lemon in water. that always seems to help me

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:( hot water with lemon and honey

MAN why do I not own honey! I think at this point I just need like a numbing agent to numb up my whole throat lol. Buckets and buckets of ice cream would be a good second option, though. I think McDonalds needs to start delivering. If not to everyone, at least to me. BECAUSE I AM THAT IMPORTANT, MCDONALDS. I AM.

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Because we are silly enough to want things which we need money to buy…well frankly I’m not even getting money for my internship but it will lead to me getting a job in which I can receive said monies. Can we go back to being 5 again?

I wish this EVERY DAY. Seriously that was the best. Loving school, playing all the time, not worrying about ANYTHING except whether I was going to have to be Princess Leia at recess when I really wanted to be Han Solo and would settle for R2-D2 (ohp that was a real life problem! baha). Seriously, those were the best days.

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Donna is my fav companion! I was so sad when she had to leave

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IT IS THE SADDEST EVER :( i am thinking about it and now am sad. gahhh.

RIGHT GUYS? RIGHT?!?! I am watching Arthur now so I can recover because that episode just BREAKS MY HEART.

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47. Do you replay things that have happened in your head?  Constantly, I have a hard time letting things go.

76. Are you a jealous person?  I don’t think I am, but I probably am more jealous than I think I am.

82. Is there someone you will never forget?  There are a lot of people that have special parts of my heart.  I can attribute so much of who I am to these people.

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blargh I want my tonsils out! I’m so prone to throat sicknesses, I have strep so bad right now. My tonsils are so swollen that I can;t even see the back of my throat. I have to go get a prescription to ease the swelling so I can swallow again :(

GOOD LORD WOMAN YOU NEED SOME ANTIBIOTICS UP IN THERE. Ugh isn’t it the absolute worst though? I would come take care of you if I could! Getting my tonsils out was not a fun recovery process, but if it keeps me from having strep, totes worth it!